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After the problems of miasma and rabidness were resolved, the demon world was at peace for the first time in the history of the demon world.

He suggests that I go around to various places to apply the purification because he is worried about the miasma that still seeps into the land.

When Angel balked, saying,「You can’t be much that trouble,」he offered,「Well, I have something to exchange.」

If he can get what I want with this level of effort, I’ll be glad.

The entire system of the demon tribe’s pharmaceutical technology is very different from that of humans, and it would take too much time for me to learn and master it from scratch.

If it is something that only I can do, then that is not the case, but in this case, we should ask for the cooperation of the already existing demon tribe’s medicinal researchers.


In that story, there was an「item that reduces likelihood of likability.」When a character’s likability reaches a certain level, a short episode can be read, but this was implemented due to the passionate opinions of the core group of players who wanted to see the episodes on their own game screens, although some characters were added later and can be viewed from the picture book screen if they have already been likable.

This item was implemented in response to the passionate opinions of the core group of players.

Some devoted players even used the item over and over again, using it in adjustments to prevent their likability from rising too high, such as「Dill-kun is the cutest with his tsun-tsun reaction at this time of the year.」


I was going to use this on Williard and others to reduce their liking for Pina, but I also don’t want the feelings for「Remilia」that Emi has built up to disappear.

So, after prefacing his proposal with the words,「In order to uncover the plot of the evil entity that falsely accused me,」I consulted with Angel,「I want to erase only the false feelings implanted by the love potion made by the demon tribe.」Since we have something similar, we can make this one too.


「Does… Remilia still have feelings for this… Williard guy」

「No…… even though they had been falsely implanted with favors, if they had been brainwashed…… to deny all the trust we had built over up to that point, or if they had been brainwashed, I might have been able to forgive them, but……」

「I see.」


I caught a glimpse of Angel out of the corner of my eye, who let out a small sigh of relief.

I deliberately pretended not to notice it at all and continued my words.


「However, the one who lied with such malice is a girl named Pina, who is called the…… Star Maiden.

She has won the hearts of my brother and other lords and ladies, including my fiancée, His Royal Highness Prince Williard.

For my part, I would have accepted breaking off the engagement if His Highness Prince Williard had wished to do so, but I cannot overlook the fact that he remains by the Dauphin’s side with several of his highness’ aide at his side, including the future of the country……」

「Remilia is very generous for what she’s going through.」


I snickered with a huff because I was too blind to see Angel.

His expression remained mended, so from Angel’s perspective, it would have looked like I was smiling sadly.

Generous Is that what you think But I wonder if he is generous enough to let her stay alive without killing the woman who had so maliciously wronged Emi.

Yes, I’m not going to kill her, but I’m not going to let her get away with that.

I would not feel better if I didn’t have to watch her suffer until they die in their lifespan with a punishment that makes death a rare thing.


In addition to requesting the development of an item to counteract the「love potion,」I recommended that several items that existed in the story as items to increase the likability of demons be made prohibited for handling,「I found this in the memory of the maiden who saved the world…….」When I told him that the knowledge existed in the memories that was given to me, and that it was a dangerous thing for the demons to manipulate my emotions and ultimately destroy me, Angel must have seen that I was telling the truth and he immediately listened to my advice.

There were some materials that could be used to make high-quality potions, but Angel said they would never export the stuff because it would make the demon tribe vulnerable.

This move deprived Pina of the means to get in with the demon tribe.

With sincere joy in my heart, I thanked Angel, who had a big smile on his face and some color in his cheeks.



He also mastered the magic used by the demon tribe and searched for evidence stored in the royal palace that was once used to condemn Remilia.

Oh, that woman was really good at fabricating charges.

For example,「In the courtyard, the Duchess Remilia struck the Star Maiden Pina on the cheek, and then she wiped her hand with her handkerchief and threw it away and retreated.」

In addition to the testimony of the Star Maidens, there are「a letter calling the Star Maidens to the courtyard,」「a witness who saw the Duchess Remilia crowding the Star Maidens from the hallway,」「a witness who passed a grumpy looking Duchess Remilia leaving the courtyard at that time,」 and「a witness who picked up a handkerchief that fell before a cowering and crying Pina.」 The one who picked up Duchess Remilia’s handkerchief that had fallen in front of the cowering and crying Pina.From a third-party perspective, it would appear that there are unshakable witnesses and evidence.

However, I can assure you that Emi did not do this, as I was clearly watching from the inside.



「I know there are people who saw her beat her, but is there anyone else anywhere who can testify that the Duchess Graupner was there… 」

「Oh, by the way, I think I may have seen the Duchess Graupner walking away from there at that hour.」(If someone witnessed the scene of the beating, this much wouldn’t be perjury.)


「I have a handkerchief that she threw away after wiping her hands「dirty」 when she hit her, but there was no one who conveniently saw the actual hitting scene… Remilia-sama’s maid of honor promised me that she would testify that Remilia-sama called her by letter… Do you know anyone who was「looking at the courtyard from the crosswalk」at this time」

「That time yesterday was my class mobile classroom, you saw her in the courtyard at that time」

「Yes, has Remilia seen it」

(If the hired handmaidens testify, is the king’s order at work, or is it more beneficial to side with us, since we have all the circumstantial evidence)



「Duchess Graupner! Please wait!」

「Ah, oh… Is that you, the Star Maiden, Pina」

「Count Reifonse…」

「What’s wrong with Duchess Graupner」

「A few minutes ago, this expensive-looking handkerchief was left behind… I’m pretty sure this embroidery belongs to the Duchess Graupner……」

「Ah yes, only Lady Remilia of the Dukes of Graupner is allowed to stick this emblem on her belongings… Now it looked like you had your hands on the ground, what’s going on」

「Um, …… it’s nothing …… it’s just that I’m originally a commoner and I’m in such an out of place… Uuughh…」

「! What’s wrong Your cheeks are swollen.」

「I was given the opportunity to interact with the Dauphin and his family with great trepidation, and that didn’t sit well with the…… Duchess Graupner, who was……」

「! That’s unacceptable, that’s the kind of story…… I’ll be a witness, let’s go sue her now!」

「Please wait ……Countess Lifonz did not actually see the scene, and I am sure she will say that this handkerchief is not enough evidence to charge the Duchess with a crime……」

「That doesn’t mean……」

「So, if you are asked anything later, please just answer the facts…… The Duchess Graupner said she checked the handkerchief that she dropped with her……」

「No, at least let me…… this is what I picked up and preserved as evidence ……」

「Count Reifonse…… is it alright」

「If I had arrived three steps earlier, I would have picked up the handkerchief that had fallen in front of the cowering Miss Pina, and I would have passed Duchess Graupner.」

(Like I just saw a blonde hair…… So is it still the Duchess Graupner His Highness is protecting the Star Maiden through royal decree, but I’m afraid of women’s jealousy.

I’m not going to go so far as to say I saw her hit him, so that wouldn’t be a lie.)


「I understand now…」


All perjury was committed at the academy.

In other words, if I can see the past on the school’s property, I can see exactly what happened.

Only that woman’s acting skills are so great, she would have been better suited to be an actress than a Star Maiden.

At first I wanted to look into the past of the person who was perjuring himself, but I stopped when Angel told me that 「the person would become a cripple unless they were very soul compatible.」Emi would not take such measures, even to protect someone she cares about.

Thank goodness, I didn’t learn the magic of the「water mirror of the past,」 which has been passed down to the demon tribe, or I would have had to take another troublesome step.

It is said that the demons put a spell on their living space to easily prevent this magic from reflecting their private space and time they want to keep secret, but since the magic did not exist in the human world, it was not even assumed, and everything that happened at the school was captured on film.

I have to thank Angel for telling me about this story, as it was not even mentioned in the fan book that Emi remembered.


I edit the video recording of all of that woman’s fake work and put them one by one on the magic crystal stone.

there are several names that are the same, but they belong to a special group of maidens and guards who were hired and then betrayed「Remilia.」Criminals who committed crimes with intent, such as stealing Remilia’s personal belongings and handing them over, or helping Pina fabricate a crime by leaking the time Remilia was alone.

The video evidence was too long to fit in one.

If the names of those to whom they belong are properly written and each square is filled in, the result is as neat as a specimen box.

I find it tremendously amusing to think that this will bring Emi to justice for those who ruined the「happiness of Remilia the villainess」that…… Emi wanted.


「Remilia, you look so happy.」

「Yes, now I can save His Highness Prince Williard, my little brother, and all my childhood friends from the spell of false love.」

「That’s right…… it’s reported that the antidote to the love potion was just completed, too.」

「Is it true…」

「Yes… Thank you, Remilia.

The installation of the transfer gate couldn’t have been made without Remilia.

Without Remilia, this meeting would never have been arranged.」


A transfer gate, which, unlike transfer magic, can send an unlimited number of people and things, is like the pink door held by the cat-shaped robot in Emi’s memory.

The coordinates for tying are fixed and cannot be changed, but this finally makes it easier for others than me to come and go.

Otherwise, the demon world and the inhabited continent are separated by a sea, and the only way for Angel to cross was to actually cross the sea.

Even that ancient ritual that is thought to be a demon summoning …… is for the exchange of goods, not a back-and-forth exchange, although the figures and voices can reach each other.


…Normally, only things that can be sent by transfer magic are objects, the surgeon, and beings of much less magical power than the surgeon.

Aside from those who are weak as demons who can quietly blend in with the human world, there is no one who can jump with Angel, who had no talent for transfer magic.

As one can imagine, even I can’t do it.

Incidentally, the transition gate in the story has the knowledge and materials to install it just before reaching the continent known as the demon world.

Although aerial craft and other means of transportation had appeared in the past, after the Demon World Arc, it became necessary for many people to frequently travel back and forth between the country and the Demon World for the sake of the story.

We used that knowledge to create most of the transition gates.


「We’re going to the Royal Castle of Blueflame tomorrow…… I still want Remilia to come with us, can I」

「No, I am afraid that if the great sinner who injured the…… star maiden had been with us from the beginning, after we had settled down as planned, there would be people who would think of Angel as the leader of evil, and the story would not be settled…」

「All you do is worry about the people around you, even at a time like this… Hey, Remilia.

If this alliance is successful, me and……」

「With Angel…」

「No…… fine.

I’ll tell you these things after the happy story is settled and settled.」

「What was… that」


Fufufu, I smiled like I don’t know what he’s talking about.

Of course I know that.

I am sure that Angel intends to ask me to marry him.

I sensed that he was putting off telling Remilia because he was worried that Remilia would bond with Williard, who would learn the truth and apologize to Remilia.

He says he doesn’t trust her anymore, but if he sees the person he once loved tearfully regretting and apologizing, he might change his mind, so that he wouldn’t be a burden to Remilia at that time.

If Remilia can shake off her former fiancé in a situation where they have formed an alliance and have no strings attached, Angel is going to tell her how he feels.

He doesn’t have to worry about that, there is no way I would trust Remilia’s happiness to that man who refused to believe in Emi and condemned her.

Above all, she said to Emi that the woman’s number one favorite is the demon king Angel.

I look forward to taking Angel’s arm in front of Pina.


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