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One day, Emi appeared in front of me.

When I was a child, when I was still just me, I caught a cold and developed a high fever, and without warning, I… woke up and abruptly lost the freedom of my body.

It was in Emi’s knowledge.

The event of possession is probably the closest thing to it.


At first, I was very angry.

I was furious that I had been deprived of my body and a complete stranger was living, manipulating my body, and speaking as me.

I would be a fool, beyond a saint, if I didn’t feel anger while watching and being unable to do anything about it.

I was angry that my dignity, which should not have been taken away from me, was forcibly taken from me, but I was not able to speak or move freely from within the body that was mine, and I was not able to see, speak or move as someone who had taken over my body was watching, speaking, and moving, cursing childishly in a voice that no one could hear and which was appropriate for my age and which was not a voice that anyone could hear.

I could do nothing but watch, crying out inwardly.


After a few days, I became a little calmer and had more time to observe the object that had taken my body.

This is also the result of having arrived at the conclusion that I would take it back.

The person who entered my body seemed to have been in a daze for a few days, still groaning the effects of the high fever, but by the time I was able to calm down, she was feeling somewhat better.

It was then that I realized for the first time that the unvoiced consciousness of someone else currently inside my body was flowing into me.

The other party seemed to be quite confused, and there were many things that my young mind could not understand at the time.


I pieced together what I had vaguely learned, and I realized that what was moving my body now was the spirit of a woman「Emi,」an older woman who had lived in a different world from this one, who had died once and awakened in my body when she came to.

Emi seemed to be very much unmoved by her former life, and gradually lost my anger at Emi as her grief-stricken thoughts without falsehoods flowed into my mind:「I want to go home, 」「Obaa-san, Oto-san, Onee-chan,」「I’m scared of being alone in a strange world.」Maybe it’s because I heard a concerned voice said,「I’m worried for Remila-chan, the real owner of this body… and I wonder what Remilia-chan is doing now in the first place.」It was as if I was being hugged, for it was the first time I had ever been directed to such a pleasant feeling.

I cursed God or the Devil who had committed such a tyranny, but my anger for Emi for being involved was gone from my mind.


After I started to hear Emi’s mind and my anger towards her disappeared.

I found out that I could touch「Emi’s memories」with the same awareness as if I were recalling my own memories.

Emi’s memories were very tender and warm, full of happy thoughts that I, as a young girl, had never known.

Emi had often wished「to see」her family at a moment’s notice.

When the maid is talking about my family in the hallway, when I have to call my family「Okaa-sama and Oto-sama,」when I sleep alone in my room, which is much larger than the room in Emi’s memory.

I had never known love from my family, nor I had ever been loved.

My mother and father sometimes go a day without seeing me.

I don’t remember much of what they said to each other when I was alone with them.

When Emi started to move my body, I was angry that my body was taken away from me, but I did not feel「sad」at all like Emi.

Even though I can only see and hear from inside my body, if it were the other way around, if I were in… Emi’s body.

Emi, who loved her family, would have felt very sad that she could only watch them, unable to speak with them in their own language.


I learned about love by touching Emi’s memories.

In Emi’s memories, I found many tools that I did not understand and many customs and cultures that I did not know, but I gradually understood their contents with Emi on her childhood days by peeking into her memories… her knowledge.

The memories spun from Emi’s point of view were as if I was experiencing them myself.

The memories of each moments of her life were so rich, heavy and loving that I felt as if I had grown up being loved.


「This Remilia, is this Remlia-san The Villainess- Remilia Rose Graupner…! Seriously I can’t believe it, I was reincarnated as Remilia-san!!」


By the time Emi had spent a few months in my body, I became obsessed with seeing and knowing many things in her memories.

I would occasionally adjust my consciousness to her actual vision, because her memories were filled with stories that I, as a young child’s mind, was fascinated with, and happy memories of her family and friends that I wanted to dwell on for a long time.

I knew that Emi was taken by my mother to a tea party at the royal palace, and apparently it was there that she was told of my engagement to the second prince Williard, to whom the crown prince has been unofficially promised.

There, Emi felt a strange coincidence with a certain in her memory, and on the carriage ride home, she asked a few questions to the extent that she did not get scolded by my mother.

The name of the first prince, the son of the commander of the Dominici Knights and the Chief Mage of the Royal Palace of Leyva.

My mother smiled with satisfaction that she knew the names of the high-ranking nobles and even their sons, whom she had not yet taught, but Emi’s heart was stormy and her fingers and toes were cold.


Sent to my room in a daze, Emi walked up to the mirror without uttering a word and flicked it to touch her reflection in it.


「Remilia-tan Ahh-it’s definitely her reflection, rather, it’s what a child would look like if it were a faithful live action version of that illustration…」


The disordered language is muttered only in her mind, so the maid of honor waiting in the room does not hear her.

She only gave a quizzical glance to Remilia Rose Graupner, who was staring at her reflection in the mirror.


To summarize the matters that Emi shouted to her mind, it seems that this place where I was living as myself is in the story that Emi knows.

The story in which Emi was living and in which she was playing with a tool called「smartphone」is the story of a game.

Since I had not yet seen the memory of the story, I searched for it in Emi’s memory and looked at its contents as if it were someone else’s.

I felt that Emi’s daily memories were much closer to mine, even though I myself seemed to appear in the story.



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