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Chapter 19

Extra Story : The One Who Was Made To Be A Villainess

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


It’s fluffy.

Like being gently lifted from the feeling of being wrapped in something warm.

It was like waking up from spending the day under a lukewarm winter covers and being exposed to the crisp morning air.

I was gradually becoming more and more aware of the slight chill in the air.

I felt as if I had been asleep for a very long time.


When I found out that… I was standing in a field of flowers.

Before I could wonder where I was, my eyes were glued to a beautiful woman in front of me who looked like a goddess.


「Nice to meet you… I guess.

This is the first time we have seen each other and exchanged words.」


「Emi, it is me.

Remilia… You used to be inside me, Remilia, the villainess.」


She has fluffy, melted and pinched blonde hair and clear, deep blue sky-blue eyes.

A face that I remembered seeing many times in my memory through the mirror existed in front of me.

No, she is more mature and more beautiful than I remember.

And she looks 100 times more beautiful than the somewhat out of place face I had when I was in there.



「Yes, this is Remilia you were protecting.

Emi, how much do you remember Do you remember being inside me and living as Remilia」

「Oh, oh… yes, I, at the soiree, broke off my engagement to Will-sama… No one believed me that I didn’t do anything, Claude, David, Stefan, everyone…」

「Yes… I knew you were losing consciousness there.

Emi, listen to me calmly… Since you went into shock and lost consciousness that night and I came out into the open… It’s been 15 years.」

「15 years!」


I wonder if 15 years is too long to be in shock and lose one’s mind.

Remilia looks so young and looks about 20 years old even though it’s been 15 years, but let’s leave that aside for now.

…Why now, after 15 years, have I woken up And out of Remilia-tan, too.

If I could have gotten out, I would have returned it to her earlier, I have to say… Come to think of it, what’s happening to me now Remilia-tan is right in front of me.


「You don’t have look so apologetic… I was very happy that Emi was with me, and I was very happy just to see her living happily.

Emi saved me, and I am who I am today because you saved me.」

「I was…」


While I spent time behind Emi’s back out front.

I was shown Emi’s memories and I knew what you were thinking.

Emi loved me and wished me happiness.

That’s why I didn’t feel lonely at all.」


Hyooehh…! That’s the thing about being able to see memories, isn’t it! Did she see all the times I said,「Uhoooh— Remilia-tan is so cute, lick, lick,」in my previous life! I love Remilia-tan too much, but I wanted to make her happy so much that I bought all kinds of adult doujinshi that loved her so much that she ended sadly in the original story, right

Hieek, I’m embarrassed I could die…! Someone please erase my memory…! Please erase the fact that embarrassing memories ever existed, I really don’t want this goddess to know everything about me, this and that, all sorts of things I can’t tell anyone, please forgive me, I’ll do anything!


「Emi wants me to be happy… I know you thought of me before you came to be reincarnated in my body.

I was so happy to hear Emi’s thoughts… Because even my own mother never loved me that much.」

「Remilia-ta… R–Remilia-san…」

「It would be sad if you call me distantly now.

I want you to call me as you have always called me.」

「Uuh… Okay, Remilia-tan…」


I was so confused when I woke up and saw the goddess that I tried to secretly correct myself by saying「Remilia-tan」as if I had just been calling her, but it didn’t happen.

I’m a little embarrassed, but if Remilia-tan wants me to do it, I’m willing to do it.

It’s true that I liked Remilia-tan, as you can see.

She was a female character in a rival position in an Otome game, so there were very few goods available, but I bought all of them, and if I could find her in a group picture, that was great.

In fact, I once wrote a slightly yuri-like novel in which Remilia-sama is saved by the Star Maiden.

I wonder if that has been read as well.


(TN : Japanese sound produced for the crying emoji)

F–For now… I can’t believe that my mere feelings of「I love Remilia-tan,」and「I want to make Remilia-tan happy,」as a fan were bigger than the love my own mother showed me.

In the fan book, it was mentioned casually that there was no affection between Remilia’s family members, but she must have been really lonely as a child.

I was only five or so when I became Remilia-tan, I almost cry when I think about it.


「I don’t know how Emi got inside my body or why I couldn’t get out until you lost consciousness, but it must have been fate.

God must have given me a gift, because I was supposed to spend my life lonely and sad and become a villainess who wants to destroy the world.」

「Remilia-tan… You didn’t like the fact that I had to take your body, did you」

「No, not at all.

Back then, I was happy to see Emi, who loved me, spending her time happily.

I am as happy now as I was when Emi was with me.

It was Emi who taught me how to be happy.」


Isn’t your heart too beautiful

Too much charity in that smile.

If I didn’t know it was Remilia-tan, she would look like a goddess or a holy mother.

I see, I’m glad… Remilia-tan, I was happy.

It made me happy.

I’m glad.

She was inside me… The girl who wished for happiness over and over again through the game screen, but could do nothing about it… Before I knew it, I was laughing at her figure in the game as well.

I knew Remilia-tan was just lonely.

I made a mistake in the game, but I’m sure the original Remilia was such a loving and kind person.

Just as I thought.


「Ah, right! Umm… Remilia-tan, what’s this world… What happened The miasma that was starting to flood the world, the evil god…」

「Fufu… It’s like Emi to worry about this world first and foremost, not about herself.」


No, to be honest, I don’t think I’d put the fate of the world in the hands of that Pina girl… I just think it’s a little too much to ask… I don’t deny that there is a personal grudge involved because I was falsely accused of doing that to her.


「Rest assured.

Emi’s knowledge taught me everything I need to know and saved the Demon Tribe from going crazy… I’ve rescued the Goddess of Purification from the heavens, and we’ve restored the evil gods to their true form.

No one suffers from the miasma anymore.」

「Th–Thank goodness…」

「And this Pina person has also been charged with a crime after her lies were exposed.」


「So she lied and fabricated a crime, lied to the royal family and disgraced the then Crown Prince’s fiancée… She couldn’t just say “nothing.”」


That’s right, the whole thing… The penalties were more severe here than in my previous life.

In this country, if you steal something, you get beaten with a stick as punishment… In this feudalistic country, cheating the royal family would normally be punishable by death.

I wasn’t used to that part of this world, as I hadn’t gotten used to it before.

But when I asked for more details, I was relieved to hear that she was only imprisoned and not allowed to go outside, and that she had no plans to do terrible things or be put to death.

It seems that Remilia-tan, who saved this world on behalf of the Star Maiden, wanted to use her position to get her sentence reduced.

Seriously, she’s a goddess.

It’s like she hurt herself… My guess is that my heart is too beautiful to be bad.


And I heard that Will-sama and the others lost their positions as the Crown Prince and his entourage after being reprimanded by His Majesty for not seeing the truth at the time.


「I’m glad…」


「I’m glad I didn’t do it because I didn’t like it and it got in the way… I was just fooled… I’m glad…」


I started to cry and Remilia hugged me and patted my head.

I was nudged with a gentle whisper,「It was difficult for you, wasn’t it」My tears wouldn’t stop flowing as if my lachrymal gland had collapsed because she was being so gentle.

To be honest, I liked Will-sama a lot the more we spent time together, and… It’s sad and painful that Claude, who I really thought of as my brother, and my childhood friends didn’t believe in me, but… I was a little scared because I thought that I was in the way of them and Pina getting together and that Will and the others had orchestrated it.

It wasn’t like that… I’m just glad, it wasn’t like that.


When I finally recovered, Remilia-tan told me about herself as well.

After conquering dungeons around the world by herself, collecting items necessary for the story, and finally getting closer and closer to Angel, with whom she purified the evil gods, they got married.

Remilia-tan was too much of a goddess to talk about the process in shame, so I just clenched my fists and said,「Then Then what’s next」I asked her, urging her to continue.

She also has a five-year-old boy now.

The color of his hair and eyes is that of the Demon King, but he looks just like Remilia-tan.

What’s that I bet he’s a beautiful shota and will grow up to be a bewitchingly beautiful young man… haah… Thank goodness for preserving the genes of my favorite for future generations!!

Remilia says that’s why her appearance doesn’t match her actual age at all.

She says she’s in a state similar to immortality in order to spend the same amount of time with someone important.

The important person is the Demon Lord, right I’m too embarrassed to ask it, and the cuteness is not good enough.


I was able to confirm that Remilia-chan was now happy, and I felt at once relieved and relaxed from my body.

If I had been a real ghost, I probably would have become a Buddha now.


「Emi… what would you like to do」


「That’s why I asked the Spirit King to take this opportunity today to awaken Emi’s soul that had been locked up inside of me.」


I heard that this place is called the Spirit World.

Each ball of light that can be seen around it is a spirit.

And if I look closely, I can see a white cord extending from around my breastbone from my ghostly, pale, translucent body that you often see in games, and the other side is buried in the cleavage of Remilia’s big breasts… Maybe both of our sternum… I think we are connected at the heart.

Remilia’s side is just invisible because of her boobs.

She has grown beyond her teenage years…

When I looked down, I saw that I had a body and limbs like when I was alive, when I first woke up, I only recognized myself as a dimly glowing light.

Not Remilia’s, of course, but mine.

It is the same plain, ordinary clothes that I wore when I was「Emi,」which I recognize as me, and which I probably wore when I was dead… Ugh, it’s been more than 10 years, not including the time I was unconscious, so it’s a fuzzy memory.


「Does Emi want to be reborn Or do you want to continue to spend your time as a spirit」


It was an option that Remilia-tan had prepared for me out of concern.

As it is, with all the memories and stuff… It is something where I remain myself and only my existence changes.

In the case of reincarnation, all memories are lost, she says.

I heard that memories are inevitably lost if the body is not somewhat grown up and the brain is already developed, like when I was in Remilia-tan’s body.

But… I don’t think I would want to intentionally take over someone’s body either, so reincarnating again as a memory bearer was not something I intended to do from the moment I heard about it.

Remilia-tan didn’t seem to think I would choose it either, she just mentioned it as an explanation.

Other than that, she also said she would try her best to research if I could go back to the world I was in, but even if the same time had passed, 25 years… There would be no more room for me.

I declined to do that.

It seems that if I want a body instead of a spirit-like being, I can inhabit a doll-like golem, but I don’t want to choose that either, and I don’t know what to do when I hear that it doesn’t lose its memory.

So I decided to speak my mind and discuss my true feelings.


「I don’t want to just disappear.

I still want to be with Remilia-tan.

But… The fact that Will-sama and Claude and the others didn’t believe me, the fact that they came on to me like that and accused me of being a liar… It’s so hard to remember the happy times we had together… I want to forget it.

Remilia-tan, what should I do…」

「I see… So Emi can forget about what she didn’t like, but still want to be with me.」

「It would be nice if…*」

「Not at all.

I’m so glad… I have a feeling that it might happen.

I just thought it would be nice if that happened.」


「Hey, Emi.

Do you want to be my child」




And if Emi was inhabited from the beginning, it won’t take away the body.

In the undeveloped baby vessel at the time of conception, most memories are lost from the soul, so Emi’s painful memories can be forgotten.」

「Is it fine That’s…」

「I am hoping that Emi will choose this option… I told you I have one child.

That child is the reincarnation of a child who was originally the Star Maiden.」


「She was protected in this Spirit World by Pina, who has now taken her body.

She had a lot of bad experiences, too, and she said she’d like to forget them, but she’s afraid of being reborn… When I came to pick her up, I said she could be my child, and she forgot all the memories of being the Star Maiden and now she’s just a normal boy.

His favorite food is still apples, though.」


I see… The Star Maiden said in her settings book that she wasn’t born and raised happy.

I never cared much about it in my previous life because it’s so common for game protagonists… I don’t know when it changed, but then like Remilia-tan who was inside me… If she had to watch everything from inside Pina’s body, that’s pretty stressful.

I think it was harder than for me.

I’m glad that she’s happy if she was Remilia-tan’s child.

Naturally, I enjoyed the main character because she was like my alter ego and I was emotionally invested in her… I also liked the Star Maiden.

Remilia-tan, you’re a real goddess for even thinking about the original soul of the Star Maiden and saving her… I never thought of that… It’s true that right now I’m thinking,「Thank goodness Remilia-tan noticed, that was a super fine play! As expected of Remilia-tan!」 I think.


「It’s like a dream come true to be back in a family with Emi, who saved my heart when I was a little girl.

Emi saved my life, and now I want to be happy with her… is it a no」


That’s… no way! If my beautifully grown-up favorite asks me,「No」How could I refuse that!!

I’m so scared that I’m going to forget all the bad things I’ve done and that I’ll be reborn as the child of this beautiful and kind mother in my next life without ever disappearing.

As the one that promised her happiness…

I’m so happy, I feel kind of sorry.


「Does Emi want to be a girl in your next life Or do you want a boy」

「I… I want to be a girl again, I guess.」

「I see.

Then I would like to cook with Emi like your mother did.」


When you say that, I realize that I will forget my mother, my father, and my sister, too.

I feel sad when I realize that.

Perhaps noticing my anxious face, Remilia-tan smiled at me as if she could read my mind for some reason and said,「I’ll ask Emi to try to remember as much as possible about your previous family.」


「Is it alright…」

「That’s alright, I remember all the things that Emi did for me in this world because she loved me and worked hard for me.」


So sleep in peace, my lovely child.


A sweet voice whispers this to me as I was embraced.

She must have understood that I accepted her wholeheartedly, and the spirits flying around me touched my cheeks and shoulders as if blessing me, and each time they did, my body shrunk and became smaller and smaller, and was swallowed as if melting into the root of the cord that was connected to it.

Ahh, that’s right.

The warm feeling of being wrapped up all the time.

It was in this that protected me while I slept.

I surrender everything in peace.

I will surely never forget this joy of being given love, which seemed to overflow from within my heart.

From beyond the warm touch that enveloped me… someone stroked it lovingly.



「I’m so happy… I’m so happy, I’m so happy! Finally, I can spend time with Emi again.

This time… we’ll be always together.」


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