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Chapter 21.3

Extra Story — What The King of Demons Thinks, Part 2

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


In the end, the soiree was cancelled because of that fiasco, not just the last dance, but all plans after that.

It was not surprising, since the woman made more ruckus than expected.


In other words, I haven’t been able to confess to Remilia yet either.

Recently, not only Klimt and Misery but also Miss Sofia have been slandering me as a「slacker」and today she even told me,「I won’t let you go through the gate to the demon world until you tell her how you feel about her.」


Today was… Remilia is summoned to the royal castle to meet with her former fiancé, Williard.

The name was held up as an apology, but it was obvious that the man would ask for his reinstatement.


I, who had been eavesdropping using magic, let out a sigh of relief that Remilia had rejected the Crown Prince.

I had heard it from her own mouth, but I was a coward, and I had a lot of nightmarishly bad imaginations about the「what-ifs」until I saw this place today.


「Remilia… I was going to tell you this again when you and the prince are done… I want you to marry me.」


After it was over, I make excuses as if I had intended to do so from the beginning… It’s not cool to tell a woman you’re in love with that you’ve been procrastinating because you’re afraid to confess your feelings to her.

I’m sure Klimt and the others will forgive me for this much.

Moreover, I was supposed to just tell them how I felt, but the next thing I knew, my mouth was proposing.

I am too faithful to my desires, or rather, I am so far ahead of myself that I am appalled.

We were going to take the time to confront the differences in race and lifespan in a romantic relationship and then have ourselves consider marriage.


「Only one man showed up before me… I like Remilia, who is good-natured and vulnerable, but can’t leave people alone.

I want to protect Remilia like that and… If I could, I would make Remilia happy with my own hands.」


I was so flustered that after I had said everything, I started talking about things that were now out of the question.

It turned out to be a dumb proposal, but Remilia was happy with tears.

I feel like she can be happy with me, and I can see that she haven’t healed from the wounds in her heart yet… That was terribly painful.

I will definitely make you happy.

No, we will be happy together.

I vowed so strongly and kissed Remilia for the first time in the dreamy, beautiful and peaceful garden.



The wedding ceremony of Remilia and I was the first celebration for the existing demon tribe, and it was a grand event.

Remilia’s pure white wedding dress, following the customs of her home country… Remilia is so beautiful in her bridal gown that I don’t want anyone to see her.

The wedding ceremony is a royal tradition, with the swearing of oaths in the Temple of the God Of Creation, which had not been performed for a long time, followed by a standing reception in the hall in front of the temple, where the people are invited.

Those closest to us are then gathered on the balcony.

Klimt and Misery were both crying and happy from this morning, and Miss Sofia, who serves as a bridesmaid and the female knight to protect Remilia, cried and said to me,「I’ll give my utmost thanks for the good fortune and happiness of marrying Remilia-sama!」 She made everyone around her smile.


「Of course, Remilia is a woman who is too much for me, but I am grateful for my good fortune to have met her and to have her accept my feelings for her, and I want to love her… with all my might and be happy together!」


As I unabashedly said it out loud, everyone here, who knew how I once lost my Father and Mother, sent me a heartfelt「congratulations.」Now I can understand the despair of Father, who lost Mother by his own hand and took his own life.


「You can’t… Angel, my lipstick is coming off.」

「Miss Sofia will fix your makeup.」


Not hearing any protests, I kissed Remilia in front of everyone as if to show her off.

Her blue eyes, as if looking at a child in trouble, made me feel pampered and happiness filled my heart.


「Remilia… I love you.」



Without hearing her reply, I kissed her again.

I knew what she was going to say without asking.



「Oh my, Angel.

Are you watching wedding videos again」

「Yes, why do you think that is」

「Is it because you miss it」

「No…! Because you haven’t been giving me much of attention lately!」

「Ohh… It can’t be helped, isn’t it With two kids, I don’t get a lot of alone time with Papa.」

「I’d love to make out with Remilia a little more…」


My oldest son, Anri, is now five years old, and I finally have the time to leave him with a nanny and somewhat more hands-on time, but it’s the second one.

No, I’m happy… I’m happy for her, but I think she could spend a little more time with me.


When I think about it, it felt like a lot of work since it was my first, but Anri was an untouchable kid.

I had heard that the ease of raising a child really depends on the child, but Emi cries easily if Remilia is not holding her when she is awake, and she does not accept milk from the nanny, so Remilia has to feed her every time.

Inevitably, there is almost no alone time between me and Remilia.

Remilia is a good mother, so she doesn’t allow a little strong flirting when she had the kids.

They say it is bad for education.

Kisses on the cheeks and hair and hugs are a little too much skinship.


Even now, when I was messing with Remilia while she was breastfeeding, she kicked me out of the room… I know it’s my fault that I missed the softness of Remilia’s breasts, which are full even in normal times, because of her breast-feeding, which makes me look even bad.

I know, I know…


My wife scares me because she gets angry with a smile on her face.

She is completely behind on me.





Still, I wonder when Emi will get used to her dad.

I can’t breastfeed her, and when I try to participate in childcare between my duties as king, she won’t stop crying, and eventually she gets so exhausted from crying so much that poor Emi, who is red in the face, stops crying in no time when Remilia, who was out of her seat taking a bath or something, takes her place.

It is very shocking.



「Father, Are you being selfish with Mother again」

「…Anri, I didn’t mean to embarrass myself… This is an important conversation to resolve family differences…」

「Anri, Uncle Klimt baked an apple pie, and he said to bring Nicholas from the Sofia’s place to eat it for a break.」

「Really! Yay!」


As soon as we returned, my sweet son ran to the kitchen to grab an apple pie that my little brother had made.

Anri is a boy, but he has the same hair color and eyes as me, but the rest of his… face and other features are exactly like Remilia’s.

When Anri makes me feel cold, I get the illusion that Remilia is making me feel cold and my heart is aching.

W–Well, at that age, he treats me more of a friend than his father… I consoled myself desperately.

Incidentally, Klimt and Sofia married after us and had children before us, so Nicholas is two years older than Anri.

His mother, Sofia, is raising him as a knight to be in Anri’s entourage… in the future, but for now they are just childhood friends.

How nice… Klimt is currently the chief cook in charge of the castle’s kitchens, and unless it’s a dinner party, his workday ends relatively early.

And there are dedicated personnel for the night shift.

On the other hand, the head of a country has a hard time making time to relax with his family.


Remilia sat down next to me when I was being kicked out of my room because my break time was interrupted by Emi’s breastfeeding.

With Emi sleeping peacefully on her chest… I drop a light kiss on her cheek.


「You’re a very lonely Papa, aren’t you」



She sits next to me and strokes the head of a man who is taller than she is, as if to pamper me.

I can smell the soft scent of milk from the freshly nursed Emi… I felt too happy now.

It was as if the old me, who could do nothing but watch my Mother die and my Father commit suicide in this same castle, was slowly being healed thanks to Remilia.

I never thought I would have such peace and happiness.

I never thought I could be so happy.

A happy home, children who are my treasures, everything, everything Remilia gave me… She saved not only me, but the whole demon tribe.

We vowed to marry and be happy together.

Before I could return the happiness I received, Remilia gave me more happiness.


「Remilia, I love you.」

「What’s with that, suddenly… I love you too, Angel.

Second only to our children.」


Somewhere along the way, Remilia’s number one spot was taken after our babies were born.

I feel happy about that too.


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