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However, such a peaceful and happy time was also destroyed.

The Star Maiden entered the academy.

At first, the Star Maiden were not well-received by Williard and the others, contrary to Emi’s concern,

Rather, even though she was the Star Maiden, she casually approached the children of high-ranking nobles especially men that fiancées, and touched their hands and arms, until anyone with common sense was shunned by both men and women alike.

For me, who learned everything from common sense to education as an aristocrat from Emi, it was only because the story was in a story that the narrative was allowed to exist independently, and I think it would be a natural result if the same thing were done in the real world.

Williard and his entourage, Claude, David and Stefan, who were charged with sheltering the Star Maiden at the academy also complained often at first about the Star Maiden.


Emi was deeply relieved that Williard was not immediately attracted to the Star Maiden and that her encounter with the Star Maiden did not turn out to be a self-serving abuse, as in the story.

I know Emi better than anyone that she is a kind-hearted girl who is willing to help others, and I am glad that she is not in a world where hardship is inevitable for her.

Just that, the Star Maiden… a former commoner girl named「Pina Blanche」in this reality.

The woman, like Emi, had memories of this story.

When there were no followers of the Star Maiden in the school yet, she would come all the way to… Remilia’s school to rant at a time when Remilia was alone.


「You’re a reincarnator, aren’t you Unlike in the game, you seem to get along with Will, you don’t quarrel with Claude, and David and Stefan are on your side! This is the worst! You’ve been using your knowledge of the game to cheat your way because you’ve known it since you’re a kid.

You’re a villain and everyone likes you, so you’re planning to do it the way around, huh Will, Claude, David, Stefan, and even Angel, I will never give them to you!」


Saying that one-sidedly, the Star Maiden… Pina glared at Emi and ran away from the scene.

To me, it seems that Pina is the one who is trying to use her knowledge of the story to seduce the men, and I think it is she who is more interested in the opposite sex than me are in calling names and saying that「she won’t give everyone back」to me.

From then on, Pina was actively trying to recreate the story.

Rumors were frequently heard that she was eager to recreate the events and the interactions with the men, as Emi had called them.


I heard that she suddenly came to Stefan in the music room where he was practicing the violin, and she was talking about something one-sidedly.

She only said that she was offended by the completely different impression she got from the piece he was playing.

She also talked to Claude, who was in the library, while he was reading.

She told Claude, who had a book in politics in his hand, she wanted「to ask about his opinions on the policies of the Cassandra dynasty,」but the book he was holding was from a different country, and when he replied,「Well, let’s hear about your opinion first,」she fell silent without saying anything, then ignored him and disappeared.

David, too, who was training in the training hall with the other students when he was suddenly confronted by someone who was running up to him with a towel and water bottle in its hand.

Williard oftens falls down when he is with me, and he won’t even get up unless I reach out to him instead of his escort.

As far as I could tell, everything I heard seemed to be an unsuccessful attempt to recreate the passing events necessary to raise the likelihood of a positive outcome by regular means.

In the story, Stefan was fond of the Star Maiden who told her impressions with sparkling eyes, saying that「she understood his musical talents,」but the superficial praise did not resonate with Stefan, who was already working hard to be both a magician and musician and had been invited to small but musical concerts.

The event with Claude was also described in the story as the first time he spoke to her, but… on the screen, it just says「we had a good time talking about politics」and there was no dialogue.

If she wanted to follow the story, she should have been educated like the Star Maiden in the story.

She needed to be cultured and educated to the status of the Hero in the story in order to get close to Claude.

The event with David should also be an invitation to「come to the training grounds next time if you like」when the likability is raised through conversations and choices made up to that point.

She doesn’t seem to understand that in the real world it would be annoying if someone came in without inviting them, and that even if it were true to the story, there is no reason to move on if there is no interaction to get to that point.

As for Williard’s story… She probably wants to replicate the one about the「injured Star Maiden being carried to the emergency room in a prince’s arms.」In the story, a schoolgirl had caught the foot of a former commoner who had been allowed to come near the Dauphin.

The Star Maiden, severely twisted and unable to stand up, was being carried to the aid room by Williard, who had evaded the guards’ attemptys to restrain her.

He even went so far to say,「Let me at least patch you up to atone for my failure to recognize the malice surrounding you.」Well, I can’t complain about the story, but I wonder if the Williard in this story couldn’t imagine that if he did such a thing, the people around him would become even more jealous and harm the Star Maiden.

Unlike in the story, the other students would not be inclined to do anything if they were besieged by the crown prince and his family.

In the first place, they cannot harm the Star Maiden who are protected by the state in front of the Dauphin.

Even if it was not right in front of their eyes, the risk was greater if they thought about it for a moment, but no one would have taken the trouble to do such a foolish thing.

It seems that Pina, realizing that the harassment would not happen if she did not do so, squeezed her head and repeatedly fell down in front of him on purpose.


That’s how she was trying to make the events happen as the story, and Emi seemed alarmed, but…… that wasn’t enough.

I am most sorry that my words are not reaching her, and that she is stuck in this situation.

No matter how much I raise my voice from within Emi, she cannot hear my advice.

When Pina belatedly realized that she could not「attack」what she could, she began to use the power of the「items」that appeared in the story.

I noticed right away from inside the school, but Emi who had been thinking from the beginning of…「You cannot use an item to force people like in the real world,」couldn’t immediately come up with such a cowardly means, and when she thought it was strange, and the majority of the school fell prey to the item, including Williard, who spent most of his time with Pina.

Some of the students, who had been aware of Pina’s behavior from the start, found the scene bizarre, but they spent as little time avoiding involvement and did not take Emi’s side.

It was quick after Pina created a「crony」that she called a friend.

That woman started fabricating various「abuses」that Emi did not do.

She did so by cunning means that would not be noticed by those around her.


It was not enough for the kind Emi not to get involved with Pina, she had actively work to quash the rumors she spread and deny them in public, she had to prepare evidence to refute the accusations she fabricated, she had to offer herself to be loyal to the royal family and to have several people watching each other at all times, to put a shadow over…… where no falsehood could be reported, etc.

It never even occurred to the kind Emi.

She never thought she would be framed as a bad person for something she did not do at all.

I tried everything to see if I could do something from inside Emi’s body.

I knew I couldn’t take back control of her body, but I wondered if I could use magic inside her, if my voice could reach her, if I could interfere with her in her dreams.


But it was no use.

I could do nothing.

All I could do was watch.

I watched Emi lose her friends and people she trusted, hurt by rumors of malicious intent that she did not remember.

Even Williard and the others, who at first were aghast and said,「She’s a bit strange…,」found themselves saying favorable things like,「It can’t be helped that she was a former commoner, she’ll just have to learn little by little.」She should have been so fed up with being appalled to out of the ordinary, but instead she found herself laughing in troubled way, saying,「I was just spinning a little by mistake,」and「That’s how much he wanted to get along with me.」

Shortly thereafter, they said to her,「I don’t believe Remy could have done something like that, but she lives in a different world and sees things differently than we do, so I think we should be careful how we treat her」and soon,「Hey Remy, can’t you be a little nicer to Pina」Even Emi began to feel hurt after what they said.「I didn’t want to think Remilia would do this,」and「Why did she say that Pina was crying.」I could do nothing but watch, until they started treating it as if it were a fact.

Many times Emi denied it.

She appealed she did not do it.

She stated she said nothing like that, and she wanted them to believe her.

And yet those men, betrayed Emi’s trust.


Emi had no allies.

The traitor with the face of a friend seemed to remain on the surface was in league with the Star Maiden, stealing and providing personal items that would later be submitted as evidence of「Remilia’s abuse of the Star Maiden」and Remilia being alone… with no proof of her absence from the scene.

The Star Maiden was a pawn of the investigation of the time of day when Remilia would be alone.

The Star Maiden is skilled only in deceiving those around her and playing the victim, and this cover up was also a way of getting her cronies to「move around at different times and places so as not to alert the Duchess Graupner.」and「the letterhead used in the threatening letter that arrived in my room looks like the one used by the Duchess Graupner, and I want to be sure,」it was never brought to light because she had asked for a little of it to be divided among several people.


Soon, the composition of Remilia’s attitude toward the Star Maiden is well known in the academy: Williard and his friends admonish Remilia for her attitude toward them, Remilia refuses to admit her sins, and the Star Maiden protects Remilia and spends their days in good health.

The Star Maiden, about to pass Emi on the stairs, let out a small scream and leaned forward.

Just as the good-natured Emi reached out her hand to help her, the woman fell down the stairs with a loud scream.

On the spot, Emi, who remains in a surprised, half-hearted position in her hands outstretched, and the Star Maiden, who collapses at the bottom of the stairs.

In no time at all, a crowd formed and Williard and his entourage, who were nearby, rushed to the scene.

I immediately realized that Emi had been tricked.


I could only watch… even though I saw that woman laughing thinly at the moment of her fall.

I know best that Emi didn’t do anything, because I saw it all from the inside of her.

The only thing I know is that I hate myself for not being able to do anything about it and it feels outrageous.


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