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Chapter 331: Demon Strike Captain Demon Noodles

[Bro Noodles! I would like to call Bro Mian the number one person in the outer region!] [A husky appeared among the demons, hahahaha!] [Brother Noodles, I want to be a demon with you.

I am willing to follow you and attack the other world.

I am willing to serve you!]

The live broadcast room was filled with bullets, but what was even more shocking was the group of players.

“Bro, this is… The otherworldly gate”

“Hold the grass, Brother Noodles actually ran to the Myriad Demons Realm Bull**!”

“F*ck! I’m waiting for my death in the War Chariot! Bro Noodles has already activated the plot of the outer region expansion.

F*ck, how did you design this dog game Damn it, it’s unreasonable!”

The players were in an uproar!

Especially those who had not been able to show off in front of the girls from the beginning to the end!

They didn’t participate in the second round of sect assessment.

They didn’t even have the intense experience of survival.

The only thing they could do was cut the useless ones using the Cataclysmic Seal!

“Hold the grass, I’m not convinced! I want to go out and show off!” The Strongest Fire Spell couldn’t hold back any longer.

He opened the door of the Spirit War Chariot and rushed out.

“That’s right, as a gentleman,100 Ice Palace sisters are still waiting for me so we could eat 6 yuan spicy hotpot… Ah pei, it was the six yuan spicy hotpot that protected them… That’s not right, it’s to show off my 6 yuan spicy hot… Fuck! Today, I will become an old player!!! Roar! Roar!” Handsome Sanji couldn’t help but burst into flames and burst out in flames.

“I want to go out and show off too!”

“And me!”

“Count me in!”

The other players were all excited and prepared to charge out.

“Damn it, sit down! I beg you, don’t go out!” Star vomitted.

He really did.

D*mn, is it not good for everyone to hug each other and sweep with invincibility Was it not fragrant

Why did they insist on going out to show off

Although most of the players thought about it, they listened to Star and sat down.

However, there were still over a hundred players who indicated that they were going out!

But soon, an incense stick’s worth of time passed.


Almost ninety-nine percent of the more than a hundred players had all died and were crying.

Motherf*cker, why are the enemies so strong

What the f*ck!

At the same time…

But in reality, after 12 hours had passed, the ones who were still alive were all extremely strong! That was why Star had tried so hard to persuade him.

At the door of the otherworldly gate.

Zi Zi Zi Zi!

With a flash of light, Beef Noodles suddenly appeared.

Following that, nine figures walked out at almost the same time.


As soon as the Nine Demon Guards appeared, they saw the corpses on the ground.

Too miserable!

There were more than a thousand corpses, and almost all of the demon cores had been dug up.

Even the demon blood had been sucked clean!

The scene was extremely cruel and terrifying!

“So many corpses of demon warriors… Are the humans of this lower plane so powerful” The captain of the Nine Demon Guards could tell at a glance that many of the corpses had been beaten to a terrible state.

It was as if they had been crushed by an unstoppable force!

Just as the captain of the Nine Demon Guards wanted to take a closer look at what the attack was.

Suddenly, the grass nearby trembled.

“Not good! There is an ambush!!!” At this moment, Beef Noodles suddenly shouted!

“” Before the Nine Demon Guards could react, Beef Noodles activated the Demon Lord’s Grand Seal and teleported!

Zi Zi Zi Zi!

With a turn of the light, Beef Noodles disappeared along with the guards.

After the grass swayed for a moment, a little hen came out and ran away after a few grunts.


With a flash of light, Beef Noodles and the Nine Demon Guards appeared in a ruin, inside a tall tower.


“It was so close, just a bit closer.

We were going to be completely annihilated!!!” Beef Noodles had an expression of having survived a calamity.

“” The Nine Demon Guards were dumbfounded.


Why didn’t I see a single person

Where did the ambush come from

“Haha, you guys are too young!” Beef Noodles smiled enigmatically.

“Lord Mo Kiniu, it can’t be.

Are you trying to trick us”At this moment, the seventh ranked Demon expert spoke.

The twenty-one demon marks on his body sparkled!

“Everyone, I, Mo Kiniu, swear that this place is extremely dangerous.

Enemies are lying in ambush everywhere, and there are terrifying traps.

There are also life and death dangers!

“Here, you are the weaklings!

“Therefore, don’t go overboard and listen to my orders! As long as all of you follow this demon’s instructions, this demon, Mo Kiniu, the most powerful leader of the group, will definitely take you to eat chickens… Pah, I’m going to take you to complete Lord Morisa’s mission!”Beef Noodles said seriously.

“Is that so However, I don’t believe you! Yours Truly want to go and see what is going on!!!” However, the seventh-ranked demon spoke coldly, then took a heavy step and soared into the air!

“Hmph, as long as I fly high into the sky, I’ll be able to see everything.

I’ ll definitely be able to pierce through this stupid Mo Kiniu… Pfft!” The Seventh of the Nine Demon Guards had just flown a hundred meters when he spat demon blood and looked down.

His body was riddled with holes.

Even his demon cores had been devoured by a strange power!


Save me…” the Seventh cried out in fear.

But the next moment, his head and half of his body were dug out like ice cream, disappearing without a trace!

He died at the speed of light!

“This is… Spatial turbulence!!!”

“How is that possible Why is there spatial turbulence in the air”

“Damn it, human experts, could it be that they have a great power that controls spatial power”

The Nine Demon Guards were all shocked!

“This is the power of the Immortal-Slayer’s Formation!” Beef Noodles were stunned for a moment and then said casually.

“What” The Nine Demon Guards were shocked!

“Cough cough cough. To be more precise, this isn’t the true power of the Immortal-Slayer Formation.

The human formation masters are currently gathering the power of the Immortal-Slayer Formation! Their goal is to target Lord Morisa!

“This spatial turbulence is caused by the Immortal-Slayer Formation! After all, even if this Immortal-Slayer Formation is incomplete, even if its might is less than one in ten thousand, it’s still a ferocious formation that is known to be capable of slaying immortals!” Beef Noodles said primly.

“Dammit, the humans of this lower plane are actually so terrifying” The members of the Nine Demon Guards gasped.

“Next, follow me!” Beef Noodles nodded and started to lead the team.

At the same time, Beef Noodles skillfully opened the chat group of the sect.

Not bad!

He Yiming added a group chat function after the second round.

No matter where the players were, they could still chat through this chat group.

At the same time, they could also send out red envelopes with contribution points!

Therefore, Beef Noodles sent a message skillfully.

[I’m Beef Noodles.

Quick, let’s get some actors to help me fool these silly demons!] [Bro, I’ll do it, I’m old and skilled!] [No, no, no, I’ll do it!] [Let me do it! I’m the Best Actor of the Academy!!!]

Beef Noodles gave an evil smile, so he skillfully taught the details before temporarily closing the chat group.

“Lord Mo Kiniu, there’s a lone human in front of us.

I’ll slaughter him!”The moment Beef Noodles closed, he heard a demon’s low voice.

“No, don’t go.

You’ll die!” Beef Noodles hastily exclaimed.

What the f*ck, if I met a chicken player, wouldn’t he be punctured by his bragging

“Hahaha, peak Foundation Establishment Such a weak human, I wonder what Lord Mo Kiniu is worried about” The Sixth Elder of the Nine Demon Guards laughed heartily and immediately suppressed the opponent.

In just a few exchanges, the opponent was knocked to the ground, covered in blood.

“It seems that the humans in this plane are very weak!” When the rest of the Nine Demon Guards saw this situation, they all wanted to go up.

“Don’t go! If you go, you’ll die!Retreat!!!” Beef Noodles hurriedly said, feeling flustered.

“Haha!” The Nine Demon Guards sneered.

Was he blind to such a weak human

It was just trash at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Could it be that they could resist the incomparably powerful Nine Demon Guards

What a joke!

At this moment, the Nine Demon Guards’ group began to doubt Beef Noodles.

They even suspected that the spatial turbulence here was really caused by the so-called Immortal-Slayer Formation

However, right at this moment, a burst of laughter sounded.

The Nine Demon Guards turned their heads to look.

The human who had been beaten by the Sixth Elder of the Nine Demon Guards in a single exchange burst into laughter.

Following that, the human slowly stood up and skillfully rubbed his half-meter-long black hair.

“You’re very powerful.

I’ll show you how powerful the Super Saiyan are!” This figure slowly spoke.

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