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Mustering the bridal candidates



 The morning after I filmed Camilla's apology rehearsal, I went to the garrison's quarters to pick up the chairman.


 Today, together with the chairman, I planned to make a petition to Reese-san, the Guild Master of Headquarters.


 I thought it would be troublesome if I went too early, so I took it easy in the morning before heading out.



 In front of the gate of the garrison, the chairman, with whom I was meeting, had already arrived and was talking with the member who was on duty as the gatekeeper.


 For some reason, I got the feeling that the expression on the young member's face was really sloppy and relaxed.


 Also, the two of them are talking to each other near the chairman, but don't they usually stand on either side of the gate and stand guard


 The chairman seemed to have a smile on her face, and it was making me feel angry in the morning.

 As I walked with a slightly displeased feeling, the chairman saw me and waved at me.


 Until then, I could see a smile on her face, but the moment she saw me, her smile changed to that of a blooming flower.


 When that happened, the young member of the garrison had a bitter look on his face.


 Fufun, don't make that face, because the chairman is my chairman.



"Good morning.

Yuika, did I keep you waiting"


"Good morning Kento, umm, I just got here too."



 The chairman leaned closer to me and gave me a tight hug.


 The garrison member she was talking to in front of us returned to his post with a sense of despair.


 But, in this situation, it might be better to show up at the clinic once and show off my relationship with the chairman.



"Well then, shall we go"


"Yeah, first of all, it's the guild."



 The chairman wrapped her arms around my right arm with a natural gesture.


 On the main street leading to the guild, many shops were preparing to open, and it felt like it was time for the city to wake up.



"The city of Volzard is lively, isn't it ..."


"Have you looked around, Yuika"


"Hmm ...

I started working at the garrison's clinic, so I hardly ever leave the garrison's grounds.

They talk about how delicious this is and how cheap that store is."


"Is that so.

To tell you the truth, I haven't looked around the shops much either, so I only know the shops that Manon taught me and the magic tool shop."


"Is that so Even though you've been around here longer than us"


"Yeah, most of the places are work or trouble related.

Yes, here too."


"This is ...

what kind of shop"


"The shop Takayama burned down."


"Ah ...

Marcel-san's shop is here."



 When I was talking with the chairman in front of the store, the door opened and Herman-san appeared.



"Good morning, Herman-san."


"Oh, good morning, Kent, who is that with you"


"This is Yuika, my lover.

This is Herman-san, who is building Marcel-san's shop."


"Nice to meet you, my name is Yuika."


"Ah, I'm the carpenter Herman, you don't need to be so polite.

You are someone other than Manon-chan and Beatrice-chan ...

Kent, aren't they all beautiful women"


"Gufuu ...

Yes, I'm unworthy of them."



 Herman-san, you are very strong, so please don't hit me on the back like that."



"But, since you have black hair, that means you also came from the same world as Kent, right"


"Yes, that's right."


"Does that mean that you and Kent have been in a relationship since you were in that world"


"No, I was taken to Lastock, and Kento supported me the whole time I was in trouble, so ..."



 The chairman put strength into her entwined arms.



"Then, since you came to this world, you've gotten into a relationship with three girls, right ...

not bad, Kent!"


"Gufuu, n, no, it's just a coincidence.

It's really a coincidence ..."



 That's why, please don't hit me so hard ...

I feel like I'm going to get a lot of hand-prints on my back.


 Or rather, just like Marcel-san, does Herman-san envy me, who is in a harem state, and is strictly prohibited from cheating as a hen-pecked husband



 We parted ways with Herman-san, who was returning to the warehouse to pick up materials, and headed to the guild.


 While we walked down the main street, I saw adventurer-like people pointing at us and whispering to each other.


 Since the chairman was with me, I couldn't even move in the shadows, so I'll try to be a little careful.



[ Reinhardt, please let me know if there are any suspicious persons.



[ Understood.

However, it seems that it's more that they are afraid of Kent-sama than they are aiming at you.

You don't need to worry.



[ That's fine, though.




 By the time we arrived at the guild, the hustle and bustle of people looking for work had already ended, and it should have been time to take a breather, but there were many people in the space in front of the counter.


 But even so, the people there weren't adventurers, craftsmen-like people, or people who came to ask for work.


 They appeared to be children younger than us, and they were lined up in front of the bulletin board at the urging of the accompanying teacher.



"I wonder if it's something like a social studies field trip."


"Maybe so.

That's the bulletin board where requests are posted."


"Hee, so that's what it is ..."



 As the chairman and I were looking at each other, red hair approached us as if pushing through the crowd.



"Good morning, Kent-sama."


"Good morning, Rise ..."



 Beatrice approached and hugged me without stopping her steps.


 Some girls who seemed to be classmates of Beatrice raised shrill voices, and the boy classmates groaned with resentment.



"I wanted to meet you, Kent-sama."


"That's no good, Rise, aren't you in the middle of a school event"


"Muu, even though I met you after a long time, Kent-sama is cold."


"Ofuu ...

Wait a minute, Rise."



 Beatrice kissed me on the cheek.


 Ahh, the Orlando Store young master, Nazario is glaring at me with a terrifying expression.


 It'll break, if you let the blood rush to your head that much, your blood vessels are too small.



"Look, Beatrice, the teacher is troubled.

Good morning, Kent."


"Ah, good morning, Manon."



 Manon tapped Beatrice on the shoulder and pulled her away from me, and then she kissed me on the cheek.


 A roar erupted again, a mix of shrill voices and groans of resentment.



"Kent, can I go with you"


"Manon too Yes, that's fine."


"Kent-sama, Manon-san, where are you going"


"Yuika and I are going to meet the Guild Master of Headquarters together with Kent."


"Eh, Yuika-san is going with you too"



 Seeing the chairman nod, Beatrice looked a little flustered and then opened her mouth to me.



"Kent-sama, could you wait a moment"


"Huh Yeah, I don't mind, but ..."


"Here, please wait here."



 Beatrice pushed her way through her classmates and hurried to her teacher.


 And, after she pointed at us, she seemed to start asking for something.


 Hey, it looks like I'll be cursed to death by Nazario's glare.


 The teacher who was talking to Beatrice nodded after looking at me.


 I don't think she invoked the Feudal Lord's daughter privilege ...



"Thank you for waiting, Kent-sama ...




 Beatrice came back with a smile on her face, but when she saw that my right arm was occupied by the chairman and my left arm by Manon, she puffed her cheeks in dissatisfaction.



"Kent-sama, I will go with you."


"Eeehhh ...

Rise is in the middle of a school event, right"


"It's okay because I properly declined the teacher."


"You used your position as the Lord's daughter to get your way, didn't you"


"No, I will participate in the meeting with the Guild Master of Headquarters as the fiancee of the 'Monster User' ...

that's what I said."


"Once again, the teacher wouldn't allow it for that reason."


"No way.

The teacher and the students all know how much Kent-sama played an active role in protecting Volzard, and I also talked about my relationship with you."



 According to Beatrice, my achievements became known because Meisa-chan boasted about them.


 Especially since she came to the guild to see the Salamander, she says she boasts every chance she gets.



"There is no one who goes to school that does not know Kent-sama."



 Beatrice, who snuggled up to me, turned around, and when I looked at her classmates, almost everyone was looking at us.


 Among the boys, like Nazario, there are some who look at me with resentment, but about 70% of them gave me a sparkling look.


 Most of the girls were whispering to each other as if they were watching idols.



"Manon ...

isn't this a bit awkward"


"Yuika, I thought so too ..."


"No, this is because Rise is here ..."



 When I started to say that I wasn't the only one who was popular, three girls approached me with a timid look.



"U, umm ...

would you mind shaking my hand"


"Umm ...

with me"


"Yes, is it no good ...



"Umm ..."


"It can't be helped.

One at a time."



 When Beatrice gave permission before I could answer, there was a loud shrill cheer, and a line formed in front of me.



"Eeehhh ...

Hey, Rise ..."


"It will have a positive impact on all of my classmates."



 It's unfair to say that ...

but I don't want to be strangely feared like with the adventurers, so let's do what Rise says.


 Even while I was shaking hands with Beatrice's classmates, the chairman held my right arm and Manon held my left arm, keeping her body in close contact, Beatrice cut in front of Manon and leaned against my chest.



"Th, thank you very much."


"Kyaaaa, I won't wash my hands anymore."


"You look cool ...

you look really kind ..."


"That's nice ...

Beatrice, me too ..."



 Somehow, it turned out to be like an idol handshake event, and from a distance, a group of boys led by Nazario were glaring at the situation with dissatisfaction.


 Those guys probably won't be able to do much, but I have a feeling they're going to spark something new.


 Furthermore, from inside the counter, Fleur-san was glaring at me with a pouting face, and at the door leading to the training ground, Ruija was clenching her fists and shaking.


 No way, the anti-Kent forces won't gather.



 After shaking hands with all the students who wanted it, and even the teacher, I was finally released.


 I wanted to ask Donovan-san if it's okay for me to visit Reese-san, but Fleur-san glared at me from behind the counter.


 I think it would be better to ask someone else to act as an intermediary here.



"A handshake event while being attended by three women ...

as expected of an S-rank adventurer, what are you here for today"



 I tried to avoid it, but Fleur-san spoke to me in a harsh tone like barbed wire.


 She usually has a mature atmosphere, but isn't her pouting face a little cute


 Oops, don't let my guard down, after all, the chairman is next to me.


 Or rather, I feel like the chairman's arms that are wrapped around my right arm are squeezing ...



"Umm ...

Donovan-san, there's something I'd like to ask him ..."


"It can't be helped, but Kent-san stands out, so you should check the situation of the guild before coming."



 Fleur-san crossed her arms to express her dissatisfaction, but ah ...

stop, the button on your uniform is screaming.


 Rather, my left arm is also being squeezed by Manon and it's screaming.



"Really, what are you playing around for so early in the morning ..."



 Oh, Donovan-san, the God of Salvation, is here.


 Did you talk to Klaus-san that you walked in from the stairs



"Good morning, Donovan-san, umm, I would like to meet Reese-san ..."


"What, are you going to take your bride candidates to help you because you can't compete alone"


"W, well, it's something like that ..."


"I don't mind, if you want to talk to her, go visit her directly.

She's the Guild Master of Headquarters, but right now she's like a tourist."



 Donovan-san waved us away, as if to make us leave quickly.


 Well, it can't be helped since we're making this much of a ruckus.


 When I tried to move to the next building where Reese-san and the others were staying, this time Ruija stood in my way.



"Wait, what business do you have with Reese-sama"


"Umm ...

I'm going to make a small request, but it has nothing to do with Ruija-san."


"There's no way it has nothing to do with me.

This 'Monster User', Ruija-sama, is Reese-sama's bodyguard after all."


"Hmm ...

As a bodyguard, if you're in such a remote place, you can't do your job, can you"


"Sh, shut up.

Right now my brother is nearby, so it's okay."


"Hmm ...

Gunther-kun ...

but he's not very strong, is he"


"Th, th, that's not the case, okay.

H, he's strong.

It's because he's really strong."



 Well, Gunther-kun has a deceptive appearance, but since Lau-san is there, there shouldn't be a problem.



"Anyway, I have something important to talk about, so could you let me through"


"Hmph, it's definitely something that's no good.

What the hell are you doing, bringing three girls with you"


"They're my future wives, and since they consented, it has nothing to do with Ruija-san."


"No, it's no good if I say no.

I can't let a frivolous man like you meet Reese-sama."



 Ruija looked down at me with her arms crossed and her chest puffed out.



"Kent-sama, who is this rude person"


"R, rude, aren't you the one who's rude to someone you've just met"


"I am Beatrice Volzard, the second daughter of Klaus Volzard, the Lord of Volzard.

This is my future husband, and the hero who saved Volzard from the goblin outbreak.

I will not tolerate rude remarks."


"Lord-sama's daughter ..."



 Unlike when she was dealing with me, Ruija stepped back under the pressure of Beatrice, who was in noble lady mode.


 I don't know what she's going to say ...

Ruija seems to be unwilling to lose if she's made fun of, but I wonder if there's a reason for that.



"Come on, Kent-sama, let's go."


"Just a moment ..."


"Is there something"


"Well, it would be a problem if you approached Reese-sama's room without permission."


"Then, please guide us, come on ..."


"I, I understand ...




 Just because you can't go against Beatrice, I want you to stop giving me a look of resentment.


 Or rather, it's a bit difficult to walk with the three of them in close contact.


 The guild staff guarding the entrance of the building looked at us, who had gathered into a mass of four, and after widening their eyes wondering what was going on, they gave us a lukewarm look.


 Yeah, this state is a little embarrassing.


 When we got to the front of Reese-san's room, Ruija banged the knocker and called out.



"Gunther, it's me, open up."



 The door opened quietly, and Gunther-kun, wearing a mask just like yesterday, peeked out.


 The trio including the chairman were startled by his muscular physique and strange mask, but upon closer inspection, Gunther-kun's eyes seemed to be swimming around.



"Hello, Gunther-kun, I would like to meet Reese-san ..."


"Hey, what are you saying on your own ..."


"Kent, is it Gunther, it's fine to let him pass."



 When I heard Reese-san's bewitching voice interrupting Ruija's voice, Gunther-kun moved his big body and opened the door.


 Ruija let out her complaints in an inaudible whisper as she led us into the room.



"Reese-sama, I have guided Beatrice-sama, the daughter of the Lord of Volzard, and the man called Kent."


"Hou, by the looks of it, aren't these girls Kent's favorites ...

I didn't think there were three of them."



 Although the colors and patterns were different from yesterday, Reese-san was dressed in a dancer-like costume with a high level of exposure like yesterday, and was smoking a pipe while lying on the sofa.


 Hey, it hurts ...

Both my arms are being squeezed, and I feel like my blood isn't getting through at all.



"Let me introduce them in order.

The person on my right is Asakawa Yuika, who was summoned from the same world as me.

On my left is Manon, who has light blue hair and I've been indebted to since I came to Volzard.

The red-haired girl in front of me is Beatrice Volzard, the Lord's second daughter, and the three of them are important people to me."


"Fumu ...

Guild Master of Headquarters, Reese.

Does that mean I'll join those three"



 Reese-san looked at them one by one as if she were licking them.



"No, it's not like that, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about our circumstances, and then talk about yesterday's story."


"Fumu ...

it doesn't look like I can expect a very good answer, but that's fine, let me hear your story."



 Reese-san urged me to sit down, and we sat down in the three-seater sofa in the order of, the chairman, me, and Manon, while Beatrice reluctantly sat down on the one-seater sofa.


 Only then did Beatrice notice Lau-san sitting on the sofa facing her for the first time, and her eyes widened in surprise.


 It's party because Reese-san had such a strong presence, but Lau-san is hardly noticeable when he's silent.


 Even so, Reese-san, you're wearing a costume that's hard to focus your eyes on today, and even the same-sex chairman and Manon's eyes are swimming.



"Kukuku, I see ...

They're pretty girls who suit Kent ..."



 Reese-san spit out purple smoke and licked her lips.


 I was overwhelmed by Reese-san before we even started talking, but I wonder if we can persuade her.



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