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Chapter 176: Return of the Army! Shocking Elves! Upgrade the castle! The dragons attacked!

She suspected that even the Elven mother tree, the patron saint of the Nature Elven Empire, did not know.

In the Angel Castle, a golden light shone brightly.

It was glittering in the Dark Forest.

Under the light of the Blood Moon, it became even more dazzling, like a pearl falling into the Dark Forest.

Finally, it took nearly half an hour.

The golden light dissipated, and Angel Castle returned to peace.

Lin Yi looked up and saw that his Angel Castle was more than seventy meters tall.

There were six sub-fortresses beside him, each with a statue of the Eighteen-Winged Angel at the top.

The entire Angel Castle also changed color.

Its entire body was Snow-White, like white jade.

After upgrading to an intermediate town, Angel Castle became even more magnificent and luxurious.

It was no less extravagant than the castles of some human nobles.

Apart from that, the territory of Angel Castle had also expanded.

Even the wall that was several meters tall expanded outwards.

At this moment.

A message came.

[Congratulations, Castle Lord!].

[Your Angel Castle has been upgraded to an intermediate town.

Its territory has expanded to five kilometers, while the castle’s territory has increased to twenty kilometers!].

[The Defense of the Heart of the Castle has increased fivefold!].

[Your Angel Castle’s influence and reputation on the Endless Continent has greatly increased!].

[Special Reminder 1: Some forces in the Dark Forest have noticed your castle!].

[Special Reminder 2: The Goblin Kingdom’s hatred for you has increased!].

[Special Reminder 3: The Forest Giant Kingdom’s friendship with your castle has increased!].

“The castle has been upgraded, and the territory has also expanded.”

“When I was in a beginner’s town, my direct territory was two kilometers, and the area of influence was five kilometers.

Now that it has become an intermediate town, our territory has increased to five kilometers, and our territory has expanded to twenty kilometers!”

The area of influence was 20 kilometers.

What was this concept

To put it simply, the territory of Angel Castle now completely included the underground Goblin Tribes.

He walked a bit further northwest.

It was Twin Mountain.

In other words, Lin Yi’s sphere of influence was close to the ‘famous’ Twin Mountain.

As long as Angel Castle would upgrade to [Advanced Town]., then Twin Mountain would also be shrouded in his sphere of influence.

The mention of Twin Mountain.

Lin Yi couldn’t help but think of the Anti-Angel Alliance army that was gathering.

Thousands of Castle Lords!

Based on a rough estimate, they were able to gather more than 50,000 soldiers, which was indeed a large army.

“Come on!”

“Whether it’s my castle or Sky City, they’re all ready!”

“Anyone who dares to participate in this expedition……”

“There’s only one result, there’s only one way to die!”

Lin Yi would not go easy on the enemy because he knew what his fate would be if he was defeated.

This time, he was going to slaughter the entire Anti-Angel Alliance!

In addition, there was a famous [Black Dragon Castle]. from the Alliance of the Gods.

It was also a warning to those who secretly coveted Angel Castle!

After upgrading Angel Castle.

Lin Yi looked at the energy stones and crystals he had stored.

Energy Stones:12,605

Crystals: 93


Lin Yi shook his head and felt a little helpless.

Fifth-ranked [Angel Rebirth Pool]. requires 10,000 energy stones and 100 crystals.

Now, he had enough energy stones, but there were still seven crystals left.

He thought for a moment and opened the [Super Space Trading Channel]. to search for crystals.

Very quickly, a huge amount of information appeared in front of him.

But the price was so high that Lin Yi couldn’t help but feel numb.

The lowest price of 1 crystal was 500 energy stones.

Are you crazy

A profiteer! A pure profiteer!

“I can afford it, but after I bought the crystals, I didn’t have enough energy stones.”

“How about……”

“Borrow someone”

Lin Yi immediately thought of Zhong Yao from the underground world.

The reason why he wanted to rank up [Angel Rebirth Pool]. was that he needed to rank up now.

When dawn would arrive tomorrow morning, the Angel Rebirth Pool would be filled with energy.

A rank-five Angel Rebirth Pool would produce more Holy Spirits as compared to the fourth-ranked Angel Rebirth Pool.

And if he would rank up tomorrow.

The number of angels and Holy Spirits would only be the same in quantity.

This way, he would indirectly lose a portion of the Holy Spirit.

It was a loss!

“Just seven crystals.”

“If Zhong Yao will have some crystals, she will lend them to me without hesitation!”

“In addition, there’s Feng Qing from the Golden Capital.”

“She won’t refuse to lend me some crystals, but she will owe me a favor.

Tsk…… This woman isn’t easy to deal with!”

He thought about it.

Lin Yi still felt that Zhong Yao was more reliable.

Just as Lin Yi opened his friend list and prepared to send a message to Zhong Yao.

A roar suddenly sounded.

Night fell, and everything was silent.

The sudden roar was extremely loud, and it was startling the countless beasts in the forest……

Lin Yi followed his reputation.

Suddenly, he discovered that a sea of fire was burning in the sky.

In the sea of fire.

A large group of figures could be vaguely seen.

They flapped their huge wings and brought a sea of flames to the sky.

Their roars were deafening.

“The Fire Dragons”

Lin Yi’s eyes widened in shock.

He did not understand why so many fire dragons suddenly appeared.

“Looks like the leader is that peak king ranked Fire Dragon.”

“So, it’s the ghost!”

“When the battle of the beast tide came, the king-ranked Fire Dragon was shocked away.

Before he left, he did not forget to show his killing intent towards me.

Now that it has returned, it has brought over twenty of its clansmen……”

“One, two, three…..”Eleven, twelve……”

“A total of 29 Fire Dragons!”

“The lowest is at the peak of the ninth rank, most of them are king rank!”


Lin Yi’s expression.

From the initial shock, it gradually became dull and finally ecstatic.

Because he suddenly felt.

He seemed to have been blessed by the goddess of fortune.

Weren’t these Fire Dragons just the crystals and experienced babies


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