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Chapter 1: Wyverns in the Sky 

In Emperor Jing Long’s seventh year in reign, the country is currently in an orderly peace.

translat ed by pure tl.

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Early in the morning, Tang Tianyuan, as usual, was going to Hanlin Academy.

The summer days had arrived and the day was long.

When he went out, the sun had already peaked out half of its head, its bright, red glowing light was like a hot hand gently caressing the world.

You asked him how he was watching the sun

Well, it was because he was standing on top of the wall...

No, Tang Tianyuan did not have any special hobbies, he used to love going through the main entrance.

But now, looking towards the east...

as he expected...

It was crowded by multiple carriages.

Some were simple, while others were luxurious; one carriage had a pink tassel hanging, which was decorated with flowers, as if it was not already obvious that a female was inside it.

Rather, all of these carriages were occupied by females.

Tang Tianyuan placed his hands behind his back, although he was standing on the wall, his elegance and poise was not lowered.

He looked up, silently looked at the sun, which was slightly covered by passing clouds.

With a breeze slowly blowing, it stirred the ends of his robe, bringing with the air, a scent of an unknown flower.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, his mood was slightly better after taking in the floral fragrance.

His mouth bent into a small arc, but with a flashing thought, that small arc was quickly repressed down. 

Two years ago, when Tang Tianyuan was 20 years old, he had earned Tan Hua (third place) in the imperial exams.

It was needless to say he was proud of this achievement.

According to the usual practice, the top three scorers —— Zhuang Yuan (First place), Bang Yan (Second place), and Tan Hua (Third place) were to parade in the streets together.

It was said in plays that the Zhuang Yuan’s name would be known throughout the land, but this time the Tan Hua had stolen the Zhuang Yuan’s limelight.

There was one simple reason: it was because out of the three, the Tan Hua was the best looking.

Tang Tianyuan was originally already quite attractive, especially his countenance which gave off a heroic spirit.

No matter in which crowd, he would always stand out.

The Zhuang Yuan was a 40 year old bearded man, the Bang Yan was a tan man with flat features.

So, when the two men stood by Tang Tianyuan, the foil caused him to look more handsome. 

At the same time, Tang Tianyuan was discussed enthusiastically by the common people, and deeply imprinted onto their minds was his family background: He’s the son of the Chief Minister of the Cabinet.

The Chief Minister of the Cabinet was similar in power to the prime minister of a nation, holding great power; there was only one man more powerful than him.

Even though Tang Tianyuan had this kind of father, he still managed to work hard and pass the imperial civil service examination.

It showed that he was eager to learn and very self motivated.

In comparison to the other sons of powerful parents, who spent their days watching cock fighting, hunting, and going to drinking parties with female entertainers, Tang Tianyuan’s image was unfathomably bright. translat ed by pure tl.

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His appearance was good, his family background was good, and his character was also good.

And yet, he still has the talent to keep on improving.

He was simply the ultimate dream husband for girls. 

Fortunately, Tang Tianyuan had yet to take a wife. 

As a result, the number of matchmakers arriving at Tang Tianyuan’s home gradually increased.

That didn’t matter because when a man gets married, the woman needs to move in.

But from who knows when, a group of fangirls would start gathering at the Tang Residence, so that when Tang Tianyuan exits his house they would be able to see his heroic appearance.

They all sat in carriages, not showing their faces, and only when Tang Tianyuan passed would they lift up the curtain and take a look, accompanied by their youthful, sweet smiles. 

And every time, Tang Tianyuan would always bow his head, and walk past at a furious pace.

Pretending as if he was ignorant.

Some girls were more daring and wherever Tang Tianyuan passed by, they would purposely throw their handkerchiefs and purses in front of him.

At these moments, he could only pretend to be blind. 

He thought this was only a temporary craze, and after a while, it would all be peaceful and quiet again. 

However, he soon discovered that he was too naive. 

The carriages in front of the Tang Residence’s entrance only increased, even the back door wasn’t missed.

Their composition became more complicated, even girls from brothels would come look at him.

Finally, there were a few shameless girls who didn’t want to only be able to see him from afar, so they started leaving their carriages to molest him. 

It really was taking liberties, not only were their words coquettish, they even reached out and felt his face.

The pitiful Tang Tianyuan had lived for more than 20 years, and yet he had never touched a woman, so these actions made him extremely embarrassed.

However it was also hard to report this to the authorities, he’s a big man, and he shouldn’t argue with women.

He could only hide far away, and if he couldn’t hide, he would just climb over the walls. 

In fact, no matter how incredibly striking Tang Tianyuan was, just by relying on himself, he couldn’t have caused such a bizarre situation.

There was another reason for Tang Tianyuan’s growing popularity and admirers.

Thinking about the reason, he felt even more powerless.

He really didn’t want to mention it. 

Tang Tianyuan stood atop a wall in distress for a moment, and then quickly jumped down, taking the backroads to the Imperial Hanlin Academy.

His home is not far from the Hanlin Academy, and it is not worth riding a horse nor does he like sitting in a carriage.

Facing the Imperial Hanlin Academy was a bookstore.

It had not yet opened, but there were already a lot of people gathered at the door, and there was a long queue.

Probably wishing to frenetically buy something that had limited stock.

Tang Tianyuan looked over the crowd with curiosity, and was shocked to see his former classmate at the forefront and current colleague, Brother Bang Yan (second place). 

Tang Tianyuan walked over, and greeted Bang Yan. 

Bang Yan was eating baozi[1], when he saw Tang Tianyuan, he asked him cheerfully if he wanted to eat one too.

Tang Tianyuan shook his head as he asked, “What are you guys lining up here to buy” 

“A good book!” Bang Yan’s eyes glowed, “It is Miao Miao Sheng’s newest book .” The name of the book was a bit tricky, like a tongue twister, Bang Yan spoke the name with great difficulty, spraying out quite a bit of saliva. 

Tang Tianyuan fished out a handkerchief as he wiped his face, narrowed his eyes and clenched his teeth. 




His voice coming through his clenched teeth was covered by the discussions of the surrounding people.

Bang Yan’s thoughts were only about the baozi and the book, and didn’t realize Tang Tianyuan’s abnormality, “Actually, one can also buy this book at other places, but today, this bookstore is selling an exclusive poem version! The title page of the book will include a poem personally written by Miao Miao Sheng, and even has his personal stamp! The whole capitol was only allocated a limited amount, except for this bookstore, no one else has this version……… Do you want one” translat ed by pure tl.

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Just as he spoke, the door of the bookstore opened, because the number of people lined up outside was too great.

The shop assistant only pointed at a table near the entrance, upon which laid stacks of new looking books.

The few words on the cover caused Tang Tianyuan to not help but take a close look at the words ‘Records of the Suppression of the Tang Wyvern’.

There was an uproar amongst the crowd.

The person behind them in the line heard their conversation and his expression turned bad as he looked at Tang Tianyuan, “You want to cut in line Even though we know that you’re the Tang Wyvern, Tang Tianyuan, you still can’t cut in line.” 

“I’m not cutting in line, you guys continue.” Tang Tianyuan turned his head, wishing to walk away. 



[1] Baozi- stuffed steamed bun.


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