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Chapter 11: The Accident

Eight years ago, Tang Tianyuan was only fourteen years old, a young boy who had just entered his adolescence.

There was a maid who served him then.

Her name was Lizhi[1], she was only two years older than him and had beautiful hands and feet.

At that time, Tang Tianyuan had already discovered his certain ‘special preference’, and subconsciously treated this maid a little differently.

Considering his age, to say that he was in love with a girl would definitely not be possible, but at least Lizhi was a beautiful thing, which could satisfy the needs of a lascivious teenager.

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Probably because of his tolerance, she was frivolous and willful.

The fourteen-year-old Tang Tianyuan, began to develop soundly and began to think about the matters between men and women.

Coincidentally, Lizhi wasn’t without intention, she always teased him in private.

Finally, one day, Tang Tianyuan could no longer hold the flames in him.

The two of them were so bold and started to mess around in the study room.

That day, the Madam went to the study room with delicious food because she was distressed that her son may be too tired studying.

Mothers didn't need to knock on the door, so she directly pushed open the door and went in, only to see that her son was not studying, but peeling the maid's clothes.

Madam was furious.

Her son was only fourteen years old, and he was about to be seduced by a vixen! She ordered Lizhi to be dragged down and beaten to death.

Tang Tianyuan was frightened, knowing that his mother was really serious, he pleaded hard, but to no avail.

Not only that, because Madam wanted to make this lesson more profound, she deliberately had her executed right outside the study room, and Tang Tianyuan could hear Lizhi's screams clearly in the room.

He didn't know how long he listened for, but her cries gradually weakened, and finally became silent.

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Lizhi died and the flesh and blood under her body was blurred.

Her once-beautiful fingers had buckled too hard on the bench, breaking her nails, and the flesh had cut open, bleeding.

That picture stimulated Tang Tianyuan so much and since then he has never been too close to the maids.

Even as he grew older, the situation did not improve, and Mrs.

Tang soon realized she may have overdone it before.

She found a better woman for her son, but no matter what, Tang Tianyuan never faltered.

He wasn't holding a grudge on his mother.

What a person experienced as a child will be preserved and affect them throughout their life.

In short, since then, he was always reluctant to get close to any maids.

When a boy from a wealthy family reaches the age of seventeen or eighteen, they would have already tasted the clouds and rain.

Tang Tianyuan was an anomaly in this regard.

He didn't want to touch maids, let alone play with prostitutes, he kept a distance from women who took the initiative to molest him, and he never took in a concubine...

The combination of these factors made him a twenty-two-year-old virgin.

It was not a shameful thing, but it's not glorious either...

This matter was kept private, but the people who served him closely naturally knew, such as Xianggua and Xueli.

Xianggua knew that she was the concubine maid appointed by the Madam to the Young Master.

She had stayed by the Young Master's side for more than two years.

Everything was ready, but it was a pity that the Young Master refused to act upon.

If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from puretl .com

Xianggua and Xueli had similar identities.

She was not as thoughtful as Xianggua, but she firmly believed that the reason why the Young Master was not close to women is because he wanted to practice Tongzi-gong[2].

Back to the present: 

Xianggua and Xueli arrived at the courtyard where Tang Tianyuan lived.

At this time, Tang Tianyuan was still in the Retreat Hall and was not back.

They saw that the courtyard was quiet and there wasn't a single servant.

They really didn't know how the young master lived these days.

While cleaning, the two discussed helping the young master recruit a few rough servants.

Xianggua took a broom and tried to clean up the fallen leaves in the yard, but found an embroidered shoe lying under the laurel tree.

Surprised, she bent over to pick up the embroidered shoe, and looked at it carefully.

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The embroidered shoe was very small, with a pink silk surface.

It did have any flower embroidery on it, but instead, two large gold ingots were embroidered in the front of the shoe.

She wasn’t sure which girl dropped it, but she questioned her tastes.

It was truly questionable.

Having said that, this is the yard where the Young Master lived alone, how could a girl break in Shoes were the personal belongings of a girl, so how can they fall off so easily

Could it be that the Young Master was having a tryst with someone here

The more Xianggua thought about it, the more suspicious it became.

When the Young Master was at home, he was not close to any women, and practiced like a monk.

He had only been here for a few days, but actually...

She was a little angry and a little lost, but ultimately put away the embroidered shoe secretly.

She had to figure out who this girl was first, and then deal with it.

After Tan Lingyin was blocked last night, she finally realized her own strength, so she ceased actions for a couple of days.

She didn’t wander around at night, and didn't probe during the day.

That new maid named Xianggua guarded her like a thief.

Sydney was okay though.

She was stupid and dumb, but always called others stupid.

On this day, Zhao Xiaoliu came and informed Tan Lingyin that the county magistrate was going to go out for a private visit tomorrow.

He asked her to disguise herself tomorrow and follow him out.

Tan Lingyin didn't understand what she had to disguise as, could it be that he didn’t want others to know she was a woman This was a bit difficult, her breasts are not very easy to wrap.

Moreover, the clothes were thin in summer, and it is not easy to cover up.

Then there was only one way…


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