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Chapter 15: Autopsy

Tan Lingyin was dragged back to the county government office by Tang Tianyuan, and threw her a bunch of work.

In general, there were two types of head commissioners at the country office: they were the "Master of Documents" and "Master of Criminal Law".

The former was in charge of documents, and the latter assisted in handling cases.

Tang Tianyuan's subordinates were relatively simple, and only had one commissioner, so she had to work both jobs.

The county magistrate said it was because she was a capable person, but Tan Lingyin believed that he was using public office to avenge private wrongs.

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She sorted out the coroner's autopsy report and the results of the investigator's inquest.

The identity of the deceased was temporarily unknown.

She was between 16 and 20 years old.

The time of death was last night.

The cause of death was suffocation.

In addition to the bruises on the neck, there were some abrasions on the exposed skin.

The scrapes and abrasions on the skin and clothes happened after the victim had already died and should have resulted from rolling on the ground. 

It was quickly concluded that the area where the girl was initially found was not where she was killed.

She was strangled to death and her body was thrown there.

In addition, the girl was not violated before her death.

After finishing this, Tan Lingyin began to sort out the backlog of documents according to the request of the county magistrate.

She wrote down the basic situation of Tongling County, and needed to report it to him the next day.

In short, she was busy and only finished late at night.

She stood up and stretched, walked out of the commissioner's room, and went to the inner court to sleep.

When passing by the lobby, Tan Lingyin saw the House of Xíng next to the lobby was still lit.


It’s already so late, who could still be in the House of Xíng

Tan Lingyin walked over quietly and saw that the morgue room was lit.

This was even more incredible, could it be possible that someone wanted to steal a body

She gently pierced a hole in the window and looked in.


It's the county magistrate.

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Tan Lingyin saw the county magistrate walk around the beautiful girl's body twice, and finally stopped beside the body's head.

It didn't look like he's sleepwalking.

He bent down suddenly and approached the corpse's face.

Oh no no no...

He couldn’t want to be indecent with a dead body, right Tan Lingyin's eyes widened in shock.

She had long known that the magistrate was a lecher, he bought pronogaphy by the dozen, but she didn't expect that he wouldn’t even spare a corpse!

Sure enough, he reached out, squeezed the girl's chin, and got closer; probably wanting to kiss her.

Tan Lingyin was filled with righteous indignation.

In a hurry, she pinched her nose, and whispered in a low voice, "Tang——Fei——Long——"


"Tang Feilong, I died so miserably."

Tang Tianyuan looked down at the body and understood that someone was pretending to be a ghost to scare him.

The act was very unprofessional, and even called him by the wrong name.

"Tang Feilong, don't ruin my innocence."

"Tan Lingyin, come in for me."

Whoops, already busted.

Tan Lingyin pushed the door and walked in.

It was really Tan Lingyin.

Tang Tianyuan glanced at her, "Even if you hand over your innocence at a reduced price, I won't touch it."

"Sir, you know what I mean," Tan Lingyin said, walking to the corpse, "The girl is so beautiful, no wonder you are tempted.

But the case is at large, so sir, please control yourself, ok" translat ed by pure tl.

com / do not re post

"Shut up!" Tang Tianyuan finally understood what she meant by "ruining my innocence".

This woman's mind was a mess, she had thought he wanted to...

He flicked his sleeves, "Don't think nonsense."

Tan Lingyin sneered, "Then what were you doing to the girl just now Could it be that you wanted to give her your thousand years of cultivation"

"You're the monster.

I'm just doing an autopsy."

"An autopsy What did you find out"

Tang Tianyuan pointed to the lips of the deceased, "Look carefully."

Hearing this, Tan Lingyin lowered her head suspiciously, and her eyes fell on the girl's lips.

The light was a little dim, she couldn't see the clue, so she got closer.

"You better not kiss her." Tang Tianyuan reminded her deliberately.

Tan Lingyin ignored his sarcasm.

Her attention was drawn to a tiny cut on the deceased's lower lip.

The wound was in the area where the upper and lower lip touched.

Due to the color of the lips and the light, one wouldn't notice it unless they looked carefully.

"Is this a wound" Tan Lingyin raised her head and asked.


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