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Chapter 17: Playing Ghost

Tang Tianyuan had to let Tan Lingyin out under her threat.

In order to avoid suspicion, the two returned to the inner house one after the other.

The next day, Tang Tianyuan ordered someone to post a notice informing anyone who was missing a girl to come to the county government to claim her.

Then, he summoned the people who guarded Tianmu Mountain yesterday to the Retreat Hall for questioning.

Head commissioner, Tan Lingyin, and county deputy, Zhou Zhengdao, were also present.

It took more than ten days from the time of vacancy to when he had taken over the position of the county magistrate.

During this period, the lockdown order of Tianmu Mountain had not been lifted.

When they went to Tianmu Mountain yesterday, they were blocked by the guards of the mountain, and it was only until Tang Tianyuan took off his beard did the others allow them entry.

Therefore, under the circumstance of the lockdown, it is near impossible for no one to notice if someone openly ran into Tianmu Mountain to discard a human body.

There were only two people on duty last night.

Knowing that Tianmu Mountain had a murder case, they were afraid of being implicated.

The county magistrate frightened them again, and their legs were so weak that they couldn't get up from kneeling on the ground.

One person continuously kowtowed, "Sir, we have been wronged! We were indeed on duty last night, but withdrew at chen-shí(7-9 am).

Before chen-shí, we did our best and found nothing unusual." If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .


Tang Tianyuan sneered, "You mean, the mountain is only sealed during the day, but not at night"

"The demons and ghosts all came out at night, and they can’t…can't be sealed..."

The other person also hurriedly added, "It's true! When the mountain was first locked down, the brothers who were on duty at night always disappeared mysteriously.

This happened multiple times, one after another, so no one dared to work at night.

At that time, the county magistrate ordered we only need to be on duty from the later half of chou-shí(1-3 am) and depart at chen-shí(7-9 am).

The rest of the time at night would be left to the gods, and everyone will not interfere."

Tang Tianyuan was calm on the surface, but was disdainful in his heart. Pretending to be a ghost. If someone in the mountains was mining and smelting gold, they always needed food and drinks.

The former magistrate must have deliberately set aside time to communicate with these people in the mountains.

The location was very convenient; in the middle of the night, a haunted place that no one wanted to go to.

If Tang Tianyuan could come to this conclusion, then so can Tan Lingyin and Zhou Zhengdao. If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .


Tan Lingyinhad picked up a gold nugget when she had explored Tianmu Mountain at night.

At that time, she hadn't suspected that there was a gold mine, but she just thought the (former) county magistrate was too ignorant.

Although she often pretended to be a know-it-all deity to cheat for food and drinks, she didn't believe in ghosts and gods herself.

When she visited Tianmu Mountain at night, she wanted to see what "ghosts" were there, so that she would punish them on behalf of the heavens.

Qingchen accompanied her to sneak into Tianmu Mountain that day.

The mountain was very dark, and her eyes were not good, so Qingchen led her around the mountain, but she didn't see any ghosts.

Logicly, with Tan Lingyin's eyes, it would be hard for her to find gold ores at night, not to mention gold nuggets, but it was such a coincidence.

That night, unknowingly, a small pebble slipped into her shoe, Tan Lingyin shook her foot, and the pebble got into the space between her toes.

Tan Lingyin was too lazy to take off her shoes and shake it out, so she continued to walk, she became sleepy after walking, and later Qingchen carried her back.

The next morning, when she put on her shoes, she found that it was not a pebble at all, but a piece of gold. translat ed by pure tl.

com / do not re post

Since then, she was able to come up with a complete story based on that small gold nugget.

Back to the present: Tang Tianyuan sent the two guards away after they told him the whole story.

And now, the three county government officials got together to discuss the case.

They tacitly agreed not to mention the possible secret in the middle of the night, and only discussed about the murder case.

Zhou Zhengdao said that the murderer must have entered the mountain to throw the body after chen-shí, Tan Lingyin said that the murder scene should be not far from Tianmu Mountain, and Tang Tianyuan said they were both incorrect.


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