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Chapter 2: Wyverns in the Sky (2)

“Don’t go!” Bang Yan loyally pulled him back, while throwing a piece of silver to the shop assistant, “I’ll buy two books!” 

When the shop assistant received the money he smiled, “It’s an honor to serve thee.

One person can only buy 3 books at most, would you like to purchase another book Then I will not have to give back change” 

Bang Yan took three books and left the line.

He then stuffed one of them into Tang Tianyuan’s chest, “Don’t be courteous with me.” 

Who would be courteous with you………..

Tang Tianyuan was very speechless, he wanted to give the book back to him, but he would rather die than take the book. 

Carrying this scalding book, Tang Tianyuan entered the Hanlin Academy.

He really couldn’t understand why people would be willing to pay 3 times the price for this kind of thing...

Just to pay for an additional page with a handwritten poem That Miao Miao Sheng was just a pervert, there was no way he could write that well.

Thinking up to this point, Tang Tianyuan purposely opened up the book, wanting to look down on Miao Miao Sheng’s writing.  

………Unexpectedly it wasn’t bad. 

Tang Tianyuan himself had some attainments in the area of calligraphy, and his reputation wasn’t small either.

So when he saw Miao Miao Sheng’s work, even though it looked rushed, the style was light and distinct while the strokes were deep and resolute, creating a very uncommon piece of work.  

Someone wrote for him, someone definitely did. 

He threw the book onto the table and simultaneously pulled out another book to take a look. 

On the other hand, Bang Yan was already itching to enter his office.

His eyes glowed as he opened his beloved new book. 

Tang Tianyuan and Bang Yan both graduated from the Hanlin Academy at the same time, so their office positions were pretty similar, they both were in the same office room.

Their offices faced each other, and normally as long as they raised their heads, they would be able to see the other.

According Bang Yan’s words, every time he raised his head, he would see someone tens of thousands times more handsome than himself.

He needed to find himself some spiritual pillars to keep on living.

That’s how he met Miao Miao Sheng. 

This Miao Miao Sheng was not ordinary at all.

He appeared when Tang Tianyuan was still in highschool and came third place in the Hanlin Examinations.

Not long after, his name spread throughout the land under the heavens.

Nobody knew what he previously did.

There was also no one who had ever seen his real face, but whenever his name was brought up, it was still extremely renowned.

This Miao Miao Sheng had written quite a few fictional books and although they were all romance novels, the characters were not your ordinary pair of ideal lovers, the men and women inside the novels were fully developed; the plot unique, always surprising readers.

It also had some fresh and clear croissant verses, filling the requirements of the elegant people.

Thus for the past two years, his books have been very famous, and every time there was a new book that came out, it would cause a frenetic horde of buyers to come and buy his books.

This is exactly what a book merchant would want to see. 

The reason why Miao Miao Sheng’s books were this popular was partly because of Tang Tianyuan.

In every book the male lead would be called “Tang Wyvern.” stated “Wyverns in the Sky”, so Tang Wyvern was definitely Tang Tianyuan[1].

Of course, this kind of explanation was a bit far-fetched, but as long as one took a look in the book, one could easily come to the same conclusion.

Tang Tianyuan and Tang Wyvern shared the same birthday.

Both of them were the sons of the Chief Minister of the Cabinet, and both barely made it into the top three.

Other details were also extremely similar….

Wasn’t it obvious enough already Most people who read Miao Miao Sheng’s book would unconsciously think of Tang Tianyuan as Tang Wyvern. 

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As a result, Miao Miao Sheng’s book and Tan Tianyuan both created a wondrous push forward, mutually benefiting.

Due to Miao Miao Sheng’s blessing, the number of girls who want to give birth to Tang Tianyuan’s children has grown innumerable.

Their numbers would be more than enough to circle the capital city’s perimeters, three times.

So, the fact that the Tang Residence entrance could hold so many people, even why some of them would come up to Tang Tianyuan and take liberties with him would not be weird at all. 

Fame has its price, celebrities must pay a price.

Tang Tianyuan understood this logic.

He really didn’t care about others writing about him, but what the heck did Miao Miao Sheng write about him! Inside the first book, Tang Wyvern was a humble nobleman who liked to secretly grope women.

In the second book, Tang Wyvern was a weak son of an official.

For every three steps he’d take he’d cough up a mouthful of blood.

The first book was even more outlandish; Tang Wyvern had a mental disorder! In the daytime he was one person, and at night, he was another person.

Now, this was his fourth book.

Tang Wyvern has started sending troops to suppress.

Suppressing was suppressing, what did it have to do with romance! 

According to Miao Miao Sheng’s evil interests, Tang Tianyuan really didn’t know what he was going to write in this novel.

In short, he couldn’t help but take a look. 

Raising his head to take a look at Bang Yan, he looked to be very engrossed in reading.

Because he was too excited, he was crouching on his chair, one of his hands was holding the book, the other hand was covering his mouth.

Occasionally letting out giggles.

That movement and that expression, accompanied by his natural super tan, dark skin, made him greatly resemble the Great Monkey King, Sun Wukong’s.

Like when Wukong met a female monkey to his liking.

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Tang Tianyuan really couldn’t bear to continue looking at him, so he lowered his head.

He supported his head with his hand, and his gaze once again moved onto the book on the table .

At last he stretched out towards it. 

Every time it was like this, every single time! Tang Tianyuan cried out in despair in his heart.

Everytime he didn’t want to read, but in the end, he always ended up reading! 

Opening up the book, the start was actually pretty ordinary.

It wasn’t like Miao Miao Sheng’s style at all.

Tang Tianyuan moved down the pages and saw on the third page, Miao Miao Sheng couldn’t help himself and showed his true colors.

Tang Wyvern had become a palace official and he was leading a group to suppress bandits.

That was not the main point, the main point was that he was actually captured and fell into the hands of the bandits! What was worse, the bandit leader was homosexual… and this homosexual, dark-skinned man stripped Tang Wyvern bare and tied him to the bed.

And just when he was about to indulge in some illicit affairs, the female protagonist appeared in the nick of time to rescue him. 







translat ed by pure tl.

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As if Tang Tianyuan had just finished some sort of ceremony, he let out a breath of air, and slowly closed the book.

It was only the third page and such an exciting scene in the plot had already appeared.

He really didn’t have the courage to continue reading. 

To be truthful, Tang Tianyuan was doubtful if Miao Miao Sheng was one of those homosexual perverts.

Most men, who write romance novels, aren’t like this.

Looking at Miao Miao Sheng’s work, he had the weird feeling of always being in the gaze of a pervert.

It was as if the homosexual leader of the bandits was Miao Miao Sheng himself, and he was trying to fulfill his own perverted cravings. 

Tang Tianyuan accidentally imagined an old man with a full, glossy beard writing at a tremendous speed, and felt cold all over.

He almost couldn’t bear it anymore. 


[1] Wyverns in the Sky- Tang Tianyuan(唐天遠)’s name also includes the character sky(天).


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