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Chapter 22: Problems with the Elopement

Tan Lingyin thought it was incredible.

Logically speaking, gold should have sunk to the bottom.

How could she have grabbed it while drowning

Tang Tianyuan explained, "The lake water is relatively shallow, you can touch the bottom of the lake by sinking a little when you fall into the water, that is one reason.

The other is that the baggage has not been in the water for a long time and wasn’t yet covered by sediment, so it's easy to be grabbed.

Or the last possibility is that this official's luck is good."

"Yeah right, it's none of your business, I'm the one who's lucky!"If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .


"The things you picked up will help me solve the case."

Tan Lingyin refused to believe, "How can you be sure that this belonged to Qi Hui"

"The time and place is too coincidental, and the material of this bag is coarse cloth.

No one would throw so much money into the water except if it was done accidentally; or intentionally covering up the evidence." Tang Tianyuan said, rummaging through the jewelry for a while, and finally took out a gold bracelet with pearls, and there are words engraved in the inside of the bracelet.

Tang Tianyuan pushed the bracelet close to Tan Lingyin's eyes, almost poking the bridge of her nose.

Tan Lingyin saw the word "Hui".

"Do you believe me now" Tang Tianyuan showed a victorious smile.

Tan Lingyin watched the county magistrate wrap the bundle up.

She felt a little lost; just when she thought she had stuck rich, the money was collected before she could even use it.

She was slumped all the way back, making Tang Tianyuan a little uncomfortable.

Before they went back into the county office, he invited her to have a meal at the best restaurant in the county as a reward.

Seizing the opportunity as revenge, Tan Lingyin was not polite.

"Immature!" Tang Tianyuan shook his folding fan and said contemptuously.

translat ed by pure tl.

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In the county office, two officers who were supervising Wei Zitong came to report to Tang Tianyuan and Tan Lingyin.

Wei Zitong was fine after returning, but he was in a bad mood and was very sad.

He was still venerating Miss Qi in his own courtyard.

And praying for her nonstop.

In addition, they also inquired and found out that Official Qi had betrothed her to Official Sun's son, Sun Bufan.

The two families had already set an auspicious date.

Unfortunately, the murder happened.

It is said that Sun Bufan was indeed handsome and extraordinary, and was a perfect match with Miss Qi in terms of appearance and family background.

They would have been a very good match.

Tang Tianyuan nodded, indicating he understood, and then went to interrogate the maid, Yuhuan.

He showed a piece of jewelry that Qi Hui brought out for Yuhuan to see, Yuhuan shook her head and said she didn’t recognize it.

"You have to look carefully," Tang Tianyuan reminded her lightly, "You will still be punished if you refuse to tell the truth."

"Lord, this humble one has never seen this thing." Yuhuan lowered her head and replied.

"Then this official will ask you again, did your lady have an affair with any man before the accident"

"N… no."


"Absolutely not!"

"Yuhuan, is your Young Lady's reputation more important, or avenging her more important Raise your head and look at this official." translat ed by pure tl.

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Yuhuan looked up and saw Tang Tianyuan's sword-like gaze.

She only looked for a moment before hurriedly dodging his gaze, "Of course it's important to avenge our Young Lady.

This humble one has always been loyal and has had no second thoughts about the Young Lady.

Lord is wise, please catch the real murderer, and avenge our Young Lady."

Everything she said just now was nonsense.

Tang Tianyuan stopped interrogating her and allowed her to be taken away.

Tan Lingyin put down her pen and said to Tang Tianyuan, "She’s lying."

"Naturally," Tang Tianyuan nodded.

"What I'm more curious about is why she lied, and whether she also participated in killing Qi Hui."

Tang Tianyuan then sent someone to search Qi Hui's residence.

He felt that if Qi Hui really had an affair with someone, there would always be some clues.

translat ed by pure tl.

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Tan Lingyin firmly believed that Qi Hui had planned to elope, and the object of the elopement was her cousin Wei Zitong.

But what she couldn't figure out was how the story of elopement, which was supposed to be a story of a couple flying to the end of the world, could turn into a murder case.

Tang Tianyuan got up and said, "Let's go meet Sun Bufan."

Tan Lingyin waved her hand, "Sir, do you suspect Sun Bufan The person who she eloped with was definitely not Sun Bufan.

Sun Bufan wanted to marry Qi Hui, he could just pay the bride price—" She stopped, blinked her eyes, and suddenly said, "Yes, Sun Bufan would definitely not be happy to find out that his future wife was going to run away with someone else."

Tang Tianyuan waited for her to answer her own questions, and then took her to the Sun Residence.


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