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Chapter 26: The Truth

Tang Tianyuan did not like to force confessions through torture.

He gathered the ugliest men in the county office overnight, and ordered them to work the night’s shift.

Then, he transferred Yuhuan from the detention center to a jail cell, and went to interrogate her with Tan Lingyin.

Yuhuan was at a loss and asked, "Lord, this humble one has already confessed everything, why am I detained again"

"This official asks you, how did Wei Zitong's letters get to Qi Hui, did he pass it through you first"If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .


Yuhuan nodded vigorously and said sincerely, "Yes, yes.

It is usually the Young Master Biao who hands me the letter, and I will take it to the Young Lady."

"Wei Zitong personally hands the letter to you"


Tang Tianyuan sneered, "This official has already made someone examine and identify the handwriting on those letters.

They are all imitations; they were not written by Wei Zitong himself.

How do you explain this"

Yuhuan lowered her head, thought for a moment, and explained, "I don't know, that letter was clearly given to me by Wei Zitong, how can such handwriting be faked It must be Wei Zitong who killed her and refused to admit it.

He’s lying that the letter was not written by him.


This maid was bold, but her acting skills were poor.

Tang Tianyuan shook his head and sighed, "What benefits did that person promise you to make you so stubborn and fearless"

"This humble one doesn't understand what the lord means."

"You don't understand Head Commissoner Tan, tell Miss Yuhuan what kind of punishment is given for colluding with outsiders and murdering one’s master."

Tan Lingyin's face was serious, "Intentional murder; killing the master is a servere crime, you and your three generations will be sentenced to be divided by five horses.

That is to say, not only you, but your parents, siblings, aunts, great aunts, and uncles...

all have to die.


How could Tan Lingyin know the laws of punishment She made this all up; the actual punishment was not that severe.

However, Yuhuan was just a short-sighted servant girl.

After hearing this, she was not suspicious and even gasped in horror, "I don't want to harm our Young Lady!"

Tan Lingyin nodded, "Oh, no direct harm, but you still colluded with outsiders to deceive your master.

Then your sentence will be lighter, you will be sent as a military prostitute for the soldiers in the military camp to have fun with.

They are similar to the girls in the brothel, but you don’t get a wage, understand"

Yuhuan cried, "I didn't! You’ve wronged me, I didn't collude with any outsiders! That letter was written by Wei Zitong, and he clearly killed the Young Lady!"

Tang Tianyuan looked at her regretfully, "Still not confessing It seems that you can only be a military prostitute.

This officer is kind hearted and will let you experience the life of a military prostitute in advance," he then turn his head and shouted, "Brothers, come on in."translat ed by pure tl.

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Several men came in, one more grotesque than the next.

Some had deer heads and mouse-like eyes, some had dirty dark faces and beards, and one even had a purple-black birthmark on their face; they were all uniquely ugly.

Yuhuan was scared to death, "What are you doing!"

Tang Tianyuan raised his eyebrows and smiled sinisterly, "Still don’t understand With your tender, fine skin, why don't you let these brothers taste first"

In line with the county magistrate's words, the men all laughed and blatantly looked at Yuhuan.

Yuhuan turned pale in shock and suddenly turned to run into a wall.

Tang Tianyuan reacted quickly, the folding fan in his hand flew out, and hit Yuhuan's knee.

She fell to the ground, holding her knees, her face turning blue.

Tang Tianyuan said coldly, "You can die if you want.

After you die, this official will strip you naked and put your corpse in the downtown area to show the public.

We can use you as a example of the fate of murdering one’s master."

Although she knew he was acting, Tan Lingyin couldn't help shaking.

This county magistrate was truly a pervert.

Yuhuan continued to struggle, "You are an official of the imperial court, you can't be careless about the people's lives."

"You are playing tricks with me, and this official has no choice but to accompany you to the end.

Officials are as high as Heaven, and can do whatever I want.

I will ask you one last time, who is that person"

Yuhuan remained silent.

"It seems that you rather play with our brothers more.

This official will grant your wish.

Guys, what are you waiting for, come on! Head Commissioner Tan, let's go." Tang Tianyuan said, no longer looking at Yuhuan.

He turned around and left with Tan Lingyin.translat ed by pure tl.

com / do not re post

Those men really rushed up, talking incoherently, while trying to undo Yuhuan's clothes.

Yuhuan struggled and screamed while crying, "No!"

Tang Tianyuan and Tan Lingyin were already approaching the door.

Tan Lingyin couldn't bear to listen to Yuhuan's cry.

She was about to turn around, when Tang Tianyuan grabbed her shoulders, "Don't spoil it!"

This action was too intimate, so Tan Lingyin hurriedly pushed him away, "Stop pulling."

"Do you think I am willing" Tang Tianyuan exaggeratedly rubbed his hands on his clothes.

At this time, Yuhuan shouted loudly, "I’ll talk! I’ll talk! I’ll talk!!"

"Stop," Tang Tianyuan ordered, and everyone backed away.

He walked back and sat on a chair, "Go ahead."


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