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Chapter 27: The Truth (2)


Yuhuan looked around hesitantly, with lingering fears, she asked "Sir, can you let them go out first"


"No, if you don't tell the truth, I have to call them back again.

That’s too much trouble.

Let's just say it."


Yuhuan trembled for a while, and finally did not dare to play any more tricks, so she honestly confessed.


It turned out that Qi Hui and Wei Zitong grew up together as childhood sweethearts, and both of them had some feelings for each other.

Unfortunately, Wei Zitong was a poor orphan who depended on others, and Official Qi would never allow his daughter to marry him.

As they got older and to avoid unwarranted suspicion, they didn't see each other much.

Although they couldn’t meet, their love for each other did not wane.

Wei Zitong knew that his background was not good, and he was afraid that Qi Hui would suffer with him, so he did not dare to take the initiative to entangle with Qi Hui.

As for Qi Hui, she was a girl with thin skin, so she did not take initiative to approach him either.If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .



Qi Huifang's reputation spread far and wide, and there were many people who fancied her, and Sun Bufan was one of them.

Sun Bufan was born handsome and personable.

He was quite confident in his appearance, so he felt that only a beauty like Qi Hui was worthy of him.

Once Miss Qi's family went out to play, she happened to be seen by Sun Bufan.

Since then, Feiqing refused to marry anyone other than her.


Sun Bufan knew that Yuhuan was Qi Hui's maid, so he deliberately got close to her, and wanted to convey his love through her.

Yuhuan took the letter written by Sun Bufan to Qi Hui, Qi Hui read it, and scolded Yuhuan endlessly.

Yuhuan was displeased, and in a moment of impulse, she leaked the story of Qi Hui and Wei Zitong to Sun Bufan.


At that time, the Sun Family and Qi Family were already discussing marriage.

Many people thought that this marriage was a match made in heaven.

Sun Bufan had already accepted Qi Hui as his future wife.

He was naturally angry when he found out that his future wife was thinking of other men.

He asked Yuhuan to help find Wei Zitong's handwriting, imitated his handwriting and tone, and wrote a letter to Qi Hui, trying to test Qi Hui's loyalty.

Qi Hui quickly replied to the letter; she was shy, timid and affectionate.

Sun Bufan was very angry, and then wrote a second letter to her, a third letter...

Finally, before the Sun family was about to give the bridewealth, he asked her to elope in the name of Wei Zitong.


"I thought that Sun Gongzi only did this to teach the Young Lady a lesson in person, so I helped the Young Lady to make up her mind, and helped her cover up.

But I didn't expect that..." Yuhuan stopped here and wiped away her tears.


Tan Lingyin frowned, "Even if you didn't know that your Young Lady would be killed, you definitely know that once she eloped, she would definitely be humiliated by Sun Bufan… How could you just watch her go It was so late at night, and she wanted to run out of the city.

She is only a weak girl, all alone, are you not afraid of her getting into an accident What a loyal servant!"If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .





"How much benefit did Sun Bufan give you Say it!"


Yuhuan slumped on the ground, her eyes blank, "I admit, I have always held a grudge against the Young Lady.

She was not good to me, and she often beat and scolded me.

When she was angry, she would vent her anger on me.

Seeing Sun Gongzi teasing her, I gloat over her misfortune...but I really don't know she would be killed, if I did, I definitely wouldn't do that, really!"


Tang Tianyuan nodded and asked, "Then are you willing to testify in court and accuse Sun Bufan of lying to your Young Lady, making her leave the city late at night If you do, this officer can give you a more lenient sentence, so that you only have to stay in prison for a few years."translat ed by pure tl.

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Yuhuan hesitated before replying, "I will."


Tan Lingyin asked her to seal her confession with a fingerprint, and the interrogation ended there.


The sky outside had slightly brightened when they walked out of the cell, and dawn had eclipsed the silence of the night, with a hint of moisture in the fresh air.

Tan Lingyin marble white color of the dawn sky gradually lit up in the sky in the east, and asked Tang Tianyuan, "How do you know that method will work for her"


"This method works for most women." Tang Tianyuan replied.


Tan Lingyin was disdainful, "I would--"


Before she could finish speaking, Tang Tianyuan interrupted her immediately, "I won't treat you like that."


Tan Lingyin opened her mouth, not knowing how to respond.


"In case you kick all my people into eunuchs, it's not worth the loss." Tang Tianyuan turned his face and explained.translat ed by pure tl.

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The two ate breakfast and reviewed the case together.

During this period, Tang Tianyuan conspired with the coroner without Tan Lingyin’s knowledge.


Yuhuan's testimony can only prove that Sun Bufan met Qi Hui that night.

They had no direct evidence to show that Sun Bufan was the murderer.

Everything will be discussed after today's court trial.


Moreover, Tang Tianyuan had a feeling that Yuhuan was still hiding something from him.


Criminal trials are held in the grand lobby.

The people involved in the case, including Qi Hui's parents and brother, Wei Zitong, Official Sun and his son, Sun Bufan, were all waiting in the lobby.

These people only learned this morning that there was a hearing, and they were ushered over by surprise.


Tan Lingyin was still the stenographer.

Originally, the county deputy Zhou Zhengdao, was to be present during this court hearing, but Tang Tianyuan temporarily sent him to the grass-roots units.translat ed by pure tl.

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Tang Tianyuan was dressed in an official uniform and black gauze on his head.

He sat in front of the landscape of the rising sun, and under the plaque that stated ‘perspicacious and impartial in judgment’.

His five features were prominent as he sat upright.

His whole body was shrouded in a righteous aura that could dispel ghosts and spirits.

In Tan Lingyin's words, even if he was not a county magistrate, but a taoist priest who subdued and eliminated demons, he would still have a promising future.


The promising county magistrate slammed the gavel, "Commence the hearing."


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