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Chapter 29: Not Dead


Sun Bufan sneered, "Lord, do you need this humble one to remind you that according to the laws of Daqi, those who hold hatred against the defendant cannot testify"


This was a difficult matter.

Tan Lingyin frowned and looked at Tang Tianyuan.


Tang Tianyuan gave her a reassuring look, and turned to Sun Bufan and said, "It seems that you have thoroughly studied the laws of Daqi, so are you aware of what this official needs to convict you"


"Naturally, evidence is needed."


"Sun Bufan, you thought you did it flawlessly, but you were incorrect.

You thought you strangled Qi Hui to death, but she didn’t die at that time"


Sun Bufan's expression changed instantly, but he quickly regained his composure, "The lord can really tell jokes, this humble one doesn't understand what you mean by strangling.

However, since Young Lady Qi is not dead, why not let her come out so we can see her" translat ed by pure tl.

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Tang Tianyuan sighed, "She didn't die at the time, but she died later.

The cause of death was not suffocation, but a severe blow to the back of the head.

That is to say, she died when she rolled down the hillside and was knocked on the back of the head by a stone…" He then shook his head with an unbearable expression on his face.


Tan Lingyin was surprised.

She compiled the autopsy report by herself.

That's not what it said there.

She quietly glanced at the county magistrate, and received the latter's calm gaze.

Tan Lingyin didn't know what to think, but reading his meaning, she lifted her pen confidently and looked at Sun Bufan.

Her expression clearly said: "Murder, your days are over."


Sun Bufan also expressed his regret, and then said, "I wonder what the lord is trying to say"


"What I mean is: when you carried Qi Hui's body to Tianmu Mountain," Tang Tianyuan paused for a moment, carefully observing Sun Bufan's expression.

He saw him trying to remain calm but with a trace of unease flashed in his eyes.

Tang Tianyuan continued, "She actually woke up once."


This is a bit scary, and everyone present felt a bit unwell.

Tan Lingyin's hand holding the pen almost trembled.

Fortunately, she was well trained.

She lowered her head and thought silently, it's a pity that the lord doesn't write novels.


Sun Bufan had difficulty maintaining his calm expression.

He stretched his mouth and his face slightly twisted.If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .



Tang Tianyuan continued to tell the story calmly in this strange atmosphere, "After Qi Hui woke up, she knew that her life would not be guaranteed.

In order to keep the evidence so that others could find the real murderer, she did her best to do one thing before she died."

Everyone's curiosity has been completely mobilized by him, and all the common people watching outside stopped talking.

They stretched their necks and stared, waiting for the next sentence from the county magistrate.

As a result, the county magistrate was really like a storyteller; he stopped and no longer continued the story.


Tang Tianyuan smiled slightly and looked at Sun Bufan, "Do you know what it is"


Onlookers: What is it ! !


"I don't understand what the lord is talking about."


Tang Tianyuan's gaze moved down and stopped on Sun Bufan's waist, "That’s a nice belt you have there, Young Master Sun.

Where did you get it"


Onlookers: Who cares about his belt! ! !


Sun Bufan didn't expect the magistrate to suddenly ask this, and he didn't think before answering: "At a store called Shengbao." translat ed by pure tl.

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The sash he was wearing now was the same as the one he had on yesterday.

The same gold threaded belt inlaid with various turquoise stones.

These turquoise stones were all polished and were of irregular shapes and sizes.

There were dozens of pieces on the belt.

The largest was as big as a red date, and the smallest was the size of a soybean.


"Bring the evidence." As soon as Tang Tianyuan finished speaking, someone stepped forward with a tray.

The tray was covered with red silk cloth, and on the red silk cloth lay a turquoise gemstone as small as a soybean.

Tang Tianyuan explained, "This was found in the palm of the deceased; she was holding it tightly in her hand.

This officer didn't understand what this meant at the time, and it was only when I saw Sun gongzi yesterday that I understood.

This was the last thing Qi Hui did before her death.

When you were nervously carrying her up the mountain, she succeeded in taking one of these stones off your belt without you noticing.

Qi Hui had a clear mind and deliberately dug the smallest piece.

The turquoise stones on your belt are numerous and irregular.

If you dropped a small piece, it would be difficult to detect.

This left an opportunity for this officer to solve the case and could be regarded as the conscience of heaven."


After these remarks, the onlookers applauded continuously.


Sun Bufan looked at the turquoise and his face became extremely ugly.


Tang Tianyuan continued, "If you refuse to believe me, you can take off your belt and check to see if this magistrate has wronged you."

Seeing that Sun Bufan remained motionless and didn't answer, Tang Tianyuan looked to the bailiffs by his side, "You guys, help Sun gongzi take off his belt so that he can check."


After receiving his order, the bailiffs pressed Sun Bufan and untied the belt.

After carefully looking at the belt for a while, they replied, "Lord, there is indeed a missing piece on the belt." Afterwards, the bailiff took the small stone from the tray and buckled right back to the belt.


"Sun Bufan, the physical evidence is in front of you, what else do you want to say"


Sun Bufan pulled away from the bailiffs, his face grim, "So what if I killed her! She disregarded her virtue as a woman, she deserved to be killed!"




Mini Theater:


Tan Lingyin: As far as imagination is concerned, it's a pity that you don't write novels.

translat ed by pure tl.

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Tang Tianyuan: You’re right [rubbing hands], I want to write a story about Miao Miaosheng having a crush on Tang Wyvern.

It’ll be a heart-wrenching and captivating story.


Tan Lingyin: Don't, don't be like this...


Tang Tianyuan: Okay, then here’s another one.

I can write a story about a Miao Miao Sheng who fell in love with Tang Feilong and tricked Tang Feilong into bed.

Tan Lingyin: Tricked into bed =.=


Tang Tianyuan: Oh, I'm so excited! I'll start right now! Go! Let’s go to the Gutang Bookstore to find a few reference books, make sure it has both pictures and texts.

Tan Lingyin: QAQ


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