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Chapter 30: Bribe


Under Tang Tianyuan's questioning, Sun Bufan relayed the details of his murder.

The whole process was similar to what Tan Lingyin had imagined.

When Sun Bufan saw that Qi Hui really agreed, he jumped out and wanted to humiliate her.

When Qi Hui learned that the letters were from Sun Bufan's, she was ashamed and angry, and the two had an argument.

Later, Sun Bufan forced a kiss on Qi Hui, to which he received a slap on the face.

Sun Bufan strangled her to death in a rage, and threw her corpse near Tianmu Mountain.


Official Sun did not expect his son to do such a thing.

This happened so suddenly.

He only heard that his family was involved in the murder case this morning.

Now that he heard his son's confession, he was already scared out of his mind.

He knelt on the ground, kowtowed, and said that he was too old to have more children, and asked the county magistrate for mercy.If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .



Tang Tianyuan shook his head, "Your son's life is important, but did their daughter deserve to die"


Madam Qi was already sobbing and wanted to rush up to tear up Sun Bufan, but two bailiffs stopped her.

Official Qi’s eyes reddened when he heard the words of And before she could do anything, she was already gone...

How can a parent not feel distressed


Tan Lingyin quickly wrote the oral confession, and Sun Bufan was made to seal it on the spot.

After stamping his fingerprint on the paper, this matter was finally settled.

Tang Tianyuan glanced at the confession a few times, then stretched out his hand and took out a red token from the token holder in front of him.

In the county government office’s court trial, the color of the token was very particular: black represented the general punishment, and red represented the death penalty.


Official Sun saw that the county magistrate was about to impose a death sentence, and suddenly called out, "Lord."

At this moment, Tang Tianyuan had already taken out the token, and was halted mid-air, yet he didn’t throw the token.

Many people's hearts were in the air, they held their breaths and stared at the bright red token, as if it was a blood-stained blade, and could pierce straight into Sun Bufan's heart.


"What's the matter" Tang Tianyuan asked.If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .



"My lord, this humble one’s son's murder was for a reason.

After all, it was Miss Qi's failure to keep women's morals and virtues first." His implication was that Sun Bufan's crime should not lead to death.

Tan Lingyin was very dissatisfied.

She was about to refute, but was stopped by Tang Tianyuan.

Tang Tianyuan glanced at Official Sun who was kneeling down in the hall; when he saw his sneaky eyes with heavier meaning, Tang Tianyuan rubbed the thumb and index finger of his right hand.translat ed by pure tl.

com / do not re post


Oh, he wanted to buy a life with money.

Tang Tianyuan narrowed his eyes.

It seems that Official Sun was very fulient in this matter, he was unsure how many times he had done it before.

Tang Tianyuan's conduct was very firm and he would not take any bribes.


"This girl was just an unwed maiden; no matter what she does at home, she has her own parents to discipline her, and no one else can intervene.

Sun Bufan lured the girl first, and killed her after, so he should be sentenced-" Tang Tianyuan said, throwing the red token to the ground, "To be beheaded!"


Tang Tianyuan withdrew amidst the praises of the common people.

Tan Lingyin lowered her head and followed behind the county magistrate like a small tail.

Her mind was full of the various twists and turns of today's court trial, and she couldn't figure out the key points no matter how hard she thought.

Tang Tianyuan, who was walking in front, heard Tan Lingyin muttering to herself, and turned around to talk to her.

Tan Lingyin walked in a daze, without stopping, she accidentally plunged into Tang Tianyuan's arms.


Tang Tianyuan grabbed her by the back collar and lifted her away.

In disgust, he said "You want to molest me again"


"...Wait, what do you mean by ‘again’ When have I ever molested you"


Too many times.

Tang Tianyuan didn't want to quarrel with this type of woman, so he turned around and walked into the Retreat Hall.

Sitting in front, closed his eyes to rest.

Tan Lingyin leaned over and said, "Sir, there is something I don't understand."


Tang Tianyuan raised his eyebrow and glanced at her, "Want this official to give you pointers"


"Cough, hehe." Tan Lingyin knew that she and the county magistrate didn't get along very well.

Now that she wanted to ask for advice, she naturally had to lower her posture.

Seeing his shoulders move, Tan Lingyin hurriedly walked behind him and helped him massage his shoulders.translat ed by pure tl.

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The strength of her hands were just right, and Tang Tianyuan's slightly sore neck felt much more comfortable.

However, although his body was comfortable, his heart was not.

As mentioned earlier, Tang Tianyuan looked serious, but actually had an unspeakable feitish.

Now, through the thin clothes, he could feel Tan Lingyin's small, round, soft and nimble fingers.

Without closing his eyes, he could imagine how those hands were on his shoulders at the moment.

The more room for imagination, the more attractive it was.

Tang Tianyuan, a vigorous old virgin, couldn’t stand this kind of provocation.

He hurriedly dodged away, and said in an angry voice, "Go go, go, go! You can’t even do such a simple thing, what's the use of you!"


Tan Lingyin looked at her hands.

She felt wronged.

Afterall, she thought, she did a pretty good job.


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