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Chapter 35: Clue


"Strange, isn't the Qi Family rich Why is the quality of this gold so bad"

Tang Tianyuan remained calm and asked, "Are you sure"

"Of course, I'm a gold connoisseur.

As the saying goes, 'Green is seventy, while red is ninety-five'.

You can see the luster of this gold bar, it’s yellow at first glance, but if you look closely, there is a faint hint of green.

This is gold, but far from considering it as pure gold." Tan Lingyin stopped here when a thought suddenly flashed in her mind.


Tang Tianyuan looked at her with a faint smile.If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .



When large families store money, they will naturally choose alloys with better quality.

If they encounter poor quality alloys, they will exchange them for good ones, and then cast them into gold bars for preservation.

The gold bars in front of them were obviously cast in batches, the purpose was to preserve wealth.

But the puzzling thing was the quality of these gold bars.


There is only one reason: there was too much gold in poor condition, and it was unrealistic to purify it to pure gold.

So they decided to cast the poor quality gold into the bars directly


So where did so much poor-quality gold come from


The poor quality of the gold indicated that the process of alchemy was rough.

Under normal circumstances, gold tempered by the government was of good quality.

Only some private alchemists, due to factors such as poor conditions and insufficient manpower, would make gold of the middle and lower grades.


A large-scale private alchemy was often inseparable from gold embezzlement.


And now, this happened in Tongling County...


Tan Lingyin silently put the golden bricks back.

The look from the magistrate made her feel a little guilty.


Tang Tianyuan stared at her, "Tan Lingyin, this official has always been curious, just what is your background" A girl being proficient in the four arts and a deep knowledge of calligraphy usually indicated that she is from a good family background.

But Tan Lingyin's words and deeds were often unscrupulous, sometimes even out of line, and when she saw money...

These were not the proper conduct of a noble lady.

In short, this person was full of contradictions.

At first glance, it was very inconsistent, but after getting along with her for a long time, he felt this was a unique temperament.translat ed by pure tl.

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Tan Lingyin touched her nose, "I'm from the Great Tang Dynasty.

My mission is to make a journey to the west to worship Buddha and request for his scriptures."




Tang Tianyuan decided not to follow her around in circles, "Don't think that this official doesn't know why you are relying on me to be a head commissioner.

I don't care who’s behind you, the idea of converting this gold is the same as stealing from the national treasury.

Not just you, even your brother, will be implicated.

You can figure it out for yourself."


"Don't, don't..." Tan Lingyin was a little anxious, "If you have something to say..."


"Well then, let me ask you, who is the mastermind behind you"


"The mastermind behind me is myself," Tan Lingyin said.

Seeing that he didn't believe her, she dug out the gold piece from her purse.

"Really! Look! I picked this up from Tianmu Mountain."


This was an important clue.

Tang Tianyuan held the gold and asked seriously, "Where did you get it from"


"This..." Tan Lingyin scratched her head, very embarrassed, and then explained the origin of the gold mine to him.

It was pitch black that night, and she was sleepy, so she really couldn't remember which hilltop the gold was from.


It was the first time Tang Tianyuan heard of such a bizarre thing.

If someone else had said this, he would definitely not believe it, but since this was Tan Lingyin, he didn't think it was strange at all.


He put away the gold and warned Tan Lingyin with a straight face, "Anyway, don't think about this anymore, otherwise the consequences are not something you can bear."


Tan Lingyin was a little unwilling, "Don't be like this, we can look for it together.

And after we find it, we can discuss how to divide it," she suddenly lowered her voice, "Actually, you don't have to tell the emperor, right After you find it..."


Tang Tianyuan interrupted her, "You want this official to deceive the sovereign"translat ed by pure tl.

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"My lord, you didn't come here specifically for this, did you"


I came to find you, and then was pushed into this pit.

Tang Tianyuan squinted at Tan Lingyin, he didn't want to tell a second person this painful memory.


Tan Lingyin regarded his silence as acknowledgement.

It turned out that the county magistrate was sent here specifically to find gold, so he could not share the spoils with her.

Tan Lingyin's mind turned and finally said, "Then, I can help you find it too.

I also want to serve the court." After finding it, maybe she could secretly take some of it, and even if she couldn't, she could take the opportunity to ask for a reward.

The court will definitely not begrudge that reward.


Tang Tianyuan could naturally see what she was thinking, and he didn't expose her, "Alright, you just need to help this official monitor Zhou Zhengdao."


Tan Lingyin nodded hurriedly with bright eyes.

She rubbed her hands together, "Got it.

Just wait and see, ya!"


Tang Tianyuan suddenly asked, "You aren’t a local, right"translat ed by pure tl.

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Tan Lingyin was stunned, "Huh"


"There are very few people in this area who speak the bureaucratic language so smoothly."


"Ah, I… I came here as a refugee."


Shameless people can lie more smoothly than drinking water.

Tang Tianyuan didn't believe her, but didn’t persist.

After all, even if he continued to ask, she wouldn’t tell him the truth.

He waved his hand and allowed Tan Lingyin to take her ugly son out.


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