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Chapter 37: Mountain Goat 


Xianggua was a little unreasonable, so she must have had a fight with Tan Lingyin.

Tang Tianyuan felt uncomfortable when he thought of Tan Lingyin being scolded by Xianggua.

He wanted to scold Xianggua, but he felt that eavesdropping was disgraceful.

He wanted to comfort Tan Lingyin, but he felt that the two of them weren’t close enough to do so.

He thought of the ridiculous scene of Tan Lingyin feeding the dog goat milk.

It was even funnier when he pictured that distinctively ugly featured dog.


A lot of messy thoughts passed through his mind, and when Tang Tianyuan came to, he was already standing outside the gate of the South Study.


The South Study was also an independent courtyard, but the courtyard was very small.

Tan Lingyin complained when she first moved in.

At that time, Tang Tianyuan suggested that she move back, making her immediately shut up.


The gate of this small courtyard was locked, it seemed that Tang Tianyuan came at an untimely time.

He was about to leave when he suddenly saw the door being pushed open.

A small head stuck out from the crack of the door, looking up at him curiously.

Tang Tianyuan squatted down, tapped it lightly with his folding fan, and asked with a smile, "Where's Tan Lingyin"

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"I'm here...

baaa..." A puzzling voice suddenly sounded behind him.


Tang Tianyuan was startled.

He thought this woman was doing something crazy again; she was learning how to call like a sheep...

But she learned it well.

But no matter how well she masters it, it's impossible for her to produce goat's milk...

He touched his nose and realized his thoughts were too vulgar.


"Sir, did you need something from me" Tan Lingyin asked.

She saw the top of the magistrate’s head; he seemed to be thinking about something.


Tang Tianyuan stood up, turned his head and was about to speak, but was startled again.


Tan Lingyin was actually leading a mountain goat.

The goat was very fat, its fur was black and white, with curved horns, and was looking at him seriously.


Tang Tianyuan pointed at the goat with his folding fan, "What are you doing with that"


"I want to nourish Tang Tang's body." Tan Lingyin said, handing the rope to Tang Tianyuan, while she took out the key to open the door herself.

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Tang Tianyuan held the goat embarrassedly, "Xianggua..."


"Xianggua tattled" Tan Lingyin interrupted him and asked.





I accidentally fed Tangtang with Xianggua’s goat milk today, but I really didn't know that goat milk was hers.

I had asked Lao Ding from the kitchen, and Lao Ding took me to take it before I took it.

"Tan Lingyin said as she opened the door.

Tangtang hurriedly stepped forward to rub her trousers.

She moved Tang Tang away with one foot, turned and waved at the goat, "Come here."


The goat followed her.

It was bulky and strong and ran without care.

Tang Tianyuan couldn't hold on, so he was dragged in by the goat.


It was the first time he came to Tan Lingyin's residence.

This small yard was unlike his quiet place, there were a lot of flowers planted.

It seemed to be chaotic, but harmonized well; like a reckless splendor.

Tang Tianyuan was a little stunned.


Tan Lingyin took the rope from him and tied the sheep to a tree in the corner.

She put some tea and placed some fruit on the small table in the courtyard.

Then, she touched her chin and thought for a while, and asked Tang Tianyuan, "Sir, do you think I need to milk a bowl and return it to the Xianggua"


"……No need."


Tan Lingyin nodded, seeing the magistrate staring at the goat with keen eyes, she asked again, "Sir, do you want to drink goat milk too"


"No..." Tang Tianyuan quickly held a cup of tea to drink.


Tan Lingyin carried a large bowl and went to milk the goat.

But how could she know how to milk a goat Her actions made the goat very uncomfortable.

However, because it was tied to a tree, it could not invade her.

The goat finally got impatient, turned around and lowered its head, aiming its best weapon at Tan Lingyin.


"Be careful!" Tang Tianyuan rushed up quickly.


Unfortunately, it was too late, Tan Lingyin had already been knocked to the ground by the goat.

If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .


Tang Tianyuan didn't care about the difference between men and women, squatted down and hugged Tan Lingyin in his arms, shaking her body gently, "Tan Lingyin Tan Lingyin"


Tang Tang laid by Tan Lingyin's feet, whimpering.


The goat looked at them stupidly.


Tan Lingyin slowly opened her eyes amid the calls.

She coughed twice and said weakly, "Sir, take care of Tang Tang, Lingyin will go first." After speaking, her eyes closed and her body relaxed.


Tang Tianyuan only felt a thud in his head, "Tan Lingyin!!!"






Tang Tianyuan threw Tan Lingyin, who had opened her eyes again, to the ground and roared, "You’re sick!"


Tan Lingyin got up and stuck out her tongue.


Was he a fool How could he believe that one could be killed by a sheep!


Tan Lingyin didn't dare to look at the magistrate.

She felt a burning sensation and pain in the corner of her mouth, and unconsciously rubbed it with the back of her hand, making it hurt more.


That place was hit by the goat's horn just now, fortunately it was not bleeding.


"Deserved it!" Tang Tianyuan gritted his teeth, ignoring the lunatic, and turned to leave.


"I'm sorry." Tan Lingyin said in a low voice.

She really did not expect the magistrate to be so easy to deceive.


Just because of this sorry, Tang Tianyuan didn't leave, and stayed to help Tan Lingyin apply the medicine.


With Tan Lingyin’s poor eyesight, accidental bumps and collisions were inevitable, so she always keeps all kinds of wound medicines in her room.


Tang Tianyuan picked out the ointment with a small jade pestle and carefully rubbed it on the bruised corner of Tan Lingyin's mouth.

Tan Lingyin raised her head to cooperate with him.

The two were too close, and Tang Tianyuan felt unspeakably awkward.

He forced himself to focus his eyes on the bruise and not to look elsewhere.


Whilst Tan Lingyin had no psychological burden.

It was rare to see the county magistrate so close, so she must take a closer look.

So she blinked her big eyes and stared openly at his face.translat ed by pure tl.

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Tang Tianyuan was even more awkward, "What are you looking at"


"You’re so good-looking." Tan Lingyin complimented.


Tang Tianyuan's heart suddenly throbbed.

As if he was swinging on a swing, thrown up high, and then dropped again.

But only this time, he quickly regained his composure.

He ignored the hooligan, and only focused on applying medicine for her with the scent of flowers in the courtyard.


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