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After applying the medicine, Tang Tianyuan packed up his things and said to Tan Lingyin, "If you want to give Tang..." He paused, thinking that Tang Tang should just be Tang Tang.

He was a grown man and shouldn’t argue with a girl about this, so he continued, "If you want to nourish Tang Tang, you can just let the kitchen cook some meat porridge for her.

Why bother with troublesome things."


Tan Lingyin just opened her mouth when she by accident pulled the wound at the corner of her mouth.

She hissed in pain and reached out to touch it unconsciously.


"Don't move." Tang Tianyuan quickly pulled her hand away.

He held her wrist, but realizing that he was a bit out of line, hurriedly threw it away.

He turned his face away from her.

Her wrist was slender and fair, like a tender lotus root.

Although it was thrown away, the smooth and delicate touch remained between his fingers.

This caused Tang Tianyuan to curl his hand awkwardly, not knowing whether to savor it or shake it away.


Tan Lingyin didn't think about it too much.

She couldn't open her mouth too wide, so her speech was a little vague.

"My lord may be unaware, but Tang Tang has been hungry for several days and is very weak.

It is not suitable for him to eat meat right now."

"But there is no need to bring home a live goat back."

"It's too troublesome to ask the kitchen for goat milk every day."

How interesting, milking a bowl of goat milk everyday wasn’t as troublesome as going to the kitchen everyday Tang Tianyuan shook his head, he felt that Tan Lingyin was really sick in the head.

He turned his head to look at the goat, trying to persuade Tan Lingyin to abandon this grand plan.

He turned to see the goat lying on the ground and Tang Tang was lying in front of its hind legs.

The puppy’s head was moving, it should be feeding on the goat.

It was probably too happy and its long tail slammed on the ground like a whip.


Tang Tianyuan was attracted by this strange scene.

He touched his chin and asked Tan Lingyin, "Are you sure this is a dog"If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .


"Ah, what's wrong"

"I don't think so, it doesn't know how to wag its tail at all."


Tan Lingyin disagreed, "He's still small."

"Even the smallest dog will wag its tail." Tang Tianyuan said, got up and walked over, beckoning Tan Lingyin to follow him.

The two squatted behind Tang Tang and saw that Tang Tang was really happily eating milk.

Tang Tianyuan grabbed one of Tang Tang's hind legs and said, "Look at its legs, it's much thicker than the average puppy, and the nails can also be retracted, like a cat."


Tang Tang was dragged on its hind legs and felt very uncomfortable.

The puppy kicked its legs and resisted a few times, but to no avail.

So he gave up resistance and continued to drink goat's milk.


Tan Lingyin felt that the magistrate was thinking too much, "It's a foreign breed, so it's naturally different from the dogs here."


Tang Tianyuan pulled Tang Tang away from the goat and lifted the puppy up.

He put his hands under its armpits and looked at it.translat ed by pure tl.

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Tang Tang licked his mouth and looked at Tang Tianyuan resentfully.


"The more I look at it, the more it looks like a cat." Tang Tianyuan said.


It's a pity that this little thing was burnt bald, and even lost its main.

It's hard to tell the species of a naked little animal.

Tang Tianyuan wasn’t sure what it was, in short, it's unlikely to be a dog.

Tang Tang still wanted to eat milk and whimpered aggrievedly.


Tan Lingyin took the puppy and put it back in front of the goat's leg.

The goat was hungry too.

Seeing the red flowers and green leaves embroidered on the corner of Tan Lingyin's skirt, she mistook it for real plants.

The goat took a bite and kept chewing it in her mouth, trying to taste its flavors.

Tan Lingyin saw the goat biting her skirt, so she stood up and wanted to run, but the goat wouldn't let go.

She frantically jumped around, but the goat still didn't let go.


Tang Tianyuan watched the farce with a smile.

He thought it was good to be a lunatic, at least there was something fun everyday.


"Go away, go away, go away!" Tan Lingyin was in a hurry and wanted to kick the goat's head.

The goat seemed to know what she was about to do, and suddenly let go of her.

Tan Lingyin kicked air, and because of the force, the shoes on her foot broke free.

It drew an arc in the air and flew straight towards the door.

Unknowing, there was a person standing at the door, and at this time, the flying shoe hit the door directly.

That person probably never expected such a change, and couldn't hide in time, so they took the full brunt of the hidden weapon.





With a scream, the person covered their face.translat ed by pure tl.

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Tan Lingyin hurriedly limped over, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Are you alright" When the other party moved her hand away and wanted to speak, Tan Lingyin discovered their identity and exclaimed in wonder, "Huh, Xianggua"


Tang Tianyuan also came over, frowning at the Xianggua, "What are you doing here"


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