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Unsure what Tang Tianyuan was thinking during the day, but at night he had a bizarre dream.

The dream was very unreal.

He only felt that he had fallen into a warm cloud, unable to escape, and he was unwilling to escape.

He occasionally  felt a soft and boneless hand groping back and forth on his body.

The applied pressure was sometimes heavy and sometimes light, it felt almost indistinct.


It's not that Tang Tianyuan had never had a spring dream, but it was rare for him to encounter so much to his liking.

So he was very excited, and because he was excited, he woke up.

After waking up, he was a little dazed, and when he recalled the dream just now, there was inevitably heat on his face.


His throat was dry and he got up to drink some tea.

He didn't plan to call the maid to serve him as it was so late at night, and also because he had just awoken from such a dream.

Tang Tianyuan just got out of bed, put on his shoes, and walked to the table in the dark.

There was no moonlight tonight, and the room was dark.

Tang Tianyuan touched the teapot and made a sound.


Unexpectedly, just this light sound attracted the people outside.If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .



Xianggua walked in with a candle and lifted the curtain.

Seeing that the Young Master wanted to pour tea by himself, she quickly put down the candlestick and poured it for him, saying, "If Young Master wants tea, just call, we will not stand still.

How can you do it yourself"


Tang Tianyuan took a sip of tea and replied, "I thought you were all asleep."


Xianggua covered her smile with her hand and said, "Young master is so considerate, it makes this maid feel more uneasy."


Tang Tianyuan glanced at Xianggua.

He felt that this maid was a little strange today.

Why was she still away so late at night


Xianggua didn’t evade his gaze when she saw the Young Master looking at her.

Instead, she looked back to meet his gaze.

She was only wearing silver-red lingerie and her black hair was loosely held in her arms.

Her eyes were dyed with some lazy sleepiness, and her whole figure resembles a slumbering Begonia.

Although the appearance of Xianggua was not the most beautiful, at this moment in the dark room, the candlelight was like fireflies.

Her clothes were disheveled, and her beautiful eyes were affectionate, but also held some flirtatious charm.


Tang Tianyuan yawned, "You can retreat first."


"..." Xianggua was a little unwilling.

In this kind of time and this situation, it was really unreasonable for nothing to happen.

She was given to the Young Master to warm his bed by his mother.

Although she and the young master were not just and honorable, they weren’t too far from it.


Seeing that Xianggua hadn't left, Tang Tianyuan looked at her strangely, "Why haven't you left yet"


Xianggua gritted her teeth and took a step closer.

She frowned slightly and said, "Young Master, your face is a little red… Do you have a fever" After saying that, she reached out, wanting to touch his forehead.


This was a fact: Tang Tianyuan just had a sweet dream, and his face is really not normal at this moment.

But Xianggua made him feel guilty when she said this.

He slightly tilted his head back and avoided Xianggua's hand, "I'm fine."


Xianggua refused to believe it and wanted to approach again.translat ed by pure tl.

com / do not re post


Tang Tianyuan was not stupid.

From the look in Xianggua's eyes, she obviously did not want to touch his forehead, she wanted to pounce onto him.

It was already enough for him to be molested by that lunatic, Tan Lingyin, outside.

It would be extremely embarrassing if he were to be molested by his own maid when he was in his own home.


So Tang Tianyuan was very unhappy.

He grabbed the teapot on the table and held it forward, put it on Xianggua's shoulder, and forced her back.

He frowned and said solemnly, "Out."


Seeing his resolute attitude, Xianggua frowned and forced a smile, "Since the Young Master doesn't want the maid to touch, then rest early.

If you're still uncomfortable tomorrow, you must see a physician."


Tang Tianyuan nodded.


Xianggua curtseyed and retreated.

She walked to the door when Tang Tianyuan suddenly said, "Wait a moment."translat ed by pure tl.

com / do not re post


Xianggua turned around in surprise and looked at his back with anticipation.


"This is the final warning." Tang Tianyuan said.


Surprise turned to shame, and Xianggua walked out of the room with her head down.

Her face was dripping with embarrassment, but fortunately it was quiet in the middle of the night and no one saw it.


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