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Chapter 45: Trust Issues

Tan Lingyin walking Tang Tang after breakfast and dinner gradually became the norm.

Tang Tang was a smart dog, and had been trained by Tan Lingyin to not defecate everywhere.


There was only one dog in this big county, so although Tang Tang was a little ugly, it was still very popular.

Men, women, young and old all liked the puppy, except for Xianggua, who had always hated him.

But Tang Tang had been to the county magistrate's house a couple times before, so he remembered, so often went there to play.

The frequency of this dog's appearance was far more than that of Tan Lingyin, and it also temporarily surpassed its owner, becoming the most annoying thorn in Xianggua’s eyes.


It's just that the Xianggua doesn't dare to show it on the surface, because the Young Master really likes this ugly dog.

Tang Tianyuan also felt it was strange.

He didn't like small animals before.

He had a good friend who liked to play with birds, and was mocked by him for being childish.

But the ugly puppy in front of him didn't annoy him at all.

Tang Tang followed its owner, was always in high spirits, and lived in the moment.

Digging holes, playing with bugs, chasing birds, gnawing here and there.

Fortunately, it doesn't have teeth and can't break anything.


When it got tired, it would find a place to rest for a while.

Occasionally, the puppy would act coquettishly, rubbingTang Tianyuan's feet and trying to crawl into his arms.

During this situation, Tang Tianyuan would not refuse most of the time, of course, his expression was of disgust and reluctance.

If Tang Tianyuan was sitting on the chair, Tangtang would stay on his lap.

It would be fine if the puppy slept peacefully, but sometimes, it would be too excited and step around.

Sometimes it would accidentally step on an important place.


Tang Tianyuan’s face would then darken.

He would pick up Tang Tang and throw it down.


To some extent, dogs were very similar to their owners.

Tang Tang loved to be a hooligan because it followed its master, who loves to play hooligan.

In the same manner, Tang Tang stepped on his little brother, just like how Tan Lingyin stepped on his little brother.


Tan Lingyin stepping on his little brother barefoot...


Cough! Cough! Cough!...


Although Tang Tianyuan’s face was now fixed to a considerable thickness, it was still very embarrassing to think of such a heavy-handed content.

He could feel the heat welling up on his face, and a tingling heat on his back, as if he had been scalded by sparks.


Luckily, no one was there.

Tang Tianyuan guiltily took a sip of tea to suppress his shock.

He lowered his head and glanced at Tang Tang, who was looking up at him curiously, eyes pure and innocent.


"Scram." Tang Tianyuan was a little annoyed.


Tang Tang really ran off.

It probably wanted to show its submission and cut a sorry figure, but unfortunately its tail was not as flexible as other dogs.

The puppy couldn't do the classic action of ‘tucking its tail between its legs’ at all, so it had to walk dejectedly with its head hung low.


And that was how Tang Tang got acquainted with Tang Tianyuan; sometimes he would go to the second hall to play with Tang Tianyuan.

Therefore, when Tan Lingyin couldn't find Tang Tang, she went to the county magistrate.If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .



This time, she came to the second hall, and as soon as she approached, she heard the conversation inside: it was the county magistrate and Zhou Zhengdao.

Tan Lingyin had long felt that Zhou Zhengdao was not walking on ‘the correct path’.

He had repeatedly tried to reverse the case for Sun Bufan, which had already made her very disgusted.

Anyway, for Tan Lingyin, the way of a nobleman was not as powerful as a fart, so she just sat at the door and listened carefully to their conversation without any psychological pressure.


Zhou Zhengdao was indeed discussing Sun Bufan's case.

Tang Tianyuan wondered how much Offical Sun stuffed into him, but he was so devoted to the Sun Family.

But what surprised Tang Tianyuan was that Official Sun had successfully persuaded Official Qi; the two families planned to mend their old relationship.

Thai means that if Sun Bufan’s sentence was modified, the Qi family will not pursue.



How can the life lawsuit of the children be resolved so easily How much benefit can the Sun Residence bring to the Qi Residence Or, did the Sun Residence have a handle on the Qi Residence and blackmailed them


Tang Tianyuan's first thought was about the matter of laundering gold.

Official Qi definitely had to have something to do with it.

If Official Sun really uses this to coerce him, it will definitely work.

After all, once this matter was leaked, the whole family will be entangled.


But how did Official Sun know about this secret If he knows, was he also involved


Tang Tianyuan lowered his eyes and thought about it again.

There was too little evidence to be certain for the time being.


In any case, Official Sun was supported by the prefect of Chizhou, persuaded Official Qi, and Zhou Zhengdao led the way.

It can be said that everything was ready, and only needed him, Tang Tianyuan, to say ok.


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