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Chapter 46: Trust Issues 2


Tang Tianyuan looked at a brocade box placed in front of him.

The brocade box had been opened towards him, and there were forty-eight gold ingots neatly stacked inside.


The bright yellow light from the gold was blinding.

He touched a piece of gold ingot and weighed it in his hand –about ten taels.

Forty-eight ingots was four hundred and eighty taels.

The quality of the gold was very good, worth at least five thousand taels of silver.

This Official Sun was really generous.


Zhou Zhengdao knew what to do, and took the opportunity to say, "Official Sun said that this little capital is for the lord to freely use to manage this matter.

After the matter is completed, he will thank you again."

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Such a little money was just a little sweetness, and there was more to come.

Such a great benefit, not to mention this fledgling magistrate, even a great cabinet minister will be tempted.

Zhou Zhengdao thought confidently.


Tang Tianyuan nodded, put the ingots down, and deliberately glanced at them reluctantly, which was naturally captured by Zhou Zhengdao.


Tang Tianyuan looked away from gold ingots, and said to Zhou Zhengdao, "Theoretically, this official's own decision cannot be changed.

It's just the personal teaching of the prefecture magistrate that opened my eyes.

I regret my judgment, it was made too hasty.

Jurisprudence is nothing more than human feelings, Sun Bufan did kill for a reason, and this officer has long planned to give him another chance to appeal."


This is a very clear statement: I'm not looking at money, I'm looking at the face of the prefecture magistrate.


Zhou Zhengdao hurriedly smiled, "My lord is right.

My lord is thoughtful and well-intentioned, and the prefecture magistrate, his lord will know it."


Then, Zhou Zhengdao said that Official Sun wanted to entertain the magistrate, Tang Tianyuan naturally gave face, and the two discussed a specific date.


Tan Lingyin could hear every word of the two clearly outside.

She couldn't help gnashing her teeth.

When Zhou Zhengdao left, she walked into the second hall angrily.

She didn't speak and continued to glare at him.


Her eyes were wide and round, like a leopard thirsty for blood, and Tang Tianyuan could even hear her grinding teeth.

He raised his eyebrows to look at her, "Are you trying to bite someone"


Tan Lingyin sneered, "One may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature.

I didn't expect you to be such a person, truely, people’s hearts are as dark as a crow's."


Tang Tianyuan replied calmly, "Oh What's wrong with me"


Tan Lingyin looked at the uncollected gold on his table and said nothing.


Tang Tianyuan picked up two gold ingots and handed them to her, "Do you want it"


Tan Lingyin snorted coldly, "I don't dare take that hot potato."


"You don't need to use your hands, you can sew it on your shoes and save the need for embroidery."


"Tang Feilong!"


Tang Tianyuan put down the gold ingot and looked at her, "Tan Lingyin, what are you trying to say"


Tan Lingyin asked, "Are you really going to bend the law for personal gain"






Tan Lingyin didn't expect him to answer so succinctly.

She used to think that although he was a little annoying, he was a relatively pure person in essence, and was very principled in the face of right and wrong.

Now… haha.

She was disappointed and a little angry, and at the same time there was a strong sense of loss in her heart.

She lowered her head, her eyes were red, "How could you be like this!"


Inexplicably, Tang Tianyuan was also a little angry.

He felt that Tan Lingyin should not think of him that way.

If she really believed him, she would definitely not deny him just because of a little misunderstanding.

He cared deeply about this delicate trust, and was suddenly very unhappy.

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When the county magistrate’s unhappy, he would come up with some malicious ideas.


He put down the lid of the brocade box and closed it, and said to Tan Lingyin, "You know, I'm also in a dilemma.

The prefect keeps urging me, and I'll have to work under him in the future."


Tan Lingyin angrily retorted, "In other words, you can ignore other people's grievances for your own sake!"


"You don't need to say it so bluntly, but I can also ignore other people's grievances for you."


Tan Lingyin was confused, she swallowed, "You...

what do you mean"


"I mean," Tang Tianyuan smiled at her, "as you know, I've always hated you."


"Thank you, I've always hated you too."


Tang Tianyuan nodded, "So, if you make a fool of yourself and make this official happy, I might not bother with Sun Bufan's case anymore."


Tan Lingyin thought it was ridiculous, was this person sick "Are you threatening me with other people's affairs"


Tang Tianyuan nodded again, frankly admitting his shamelessness, "Who made you so anxious for justice."


"So, making a fool of myself is worth the pressure from the prefect of Chizhou and the huge bribes from the Sun family"

"Not sure, how will you know if you don't try"


Tan Lingyin didn't want to try, "I don't talk to people who are mentally ill!" She said before getting up and walking out.


Tang Tianyuan didn't bother anymore, and calmly took a sip of tea.

As soon as he put down the tea cup, Tan Lingyin came back.


"Tell me, how do you want to see this girl make a fool of herself!"


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