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Chapter 47: Confession


The sun lit up a large swath of burning clouds in the western sky, and it seemed that tomorrow will be another sunny day.

The ground paved with stone slabs was still warm, but the summer heat was already at the end of its streak, and it would gradually be blown away by the late breeze.


It was time to eat dinner, but the people in the county government were attracted by another incident, and put down their bowls for the time being.


It is said that Head Commissioner Tan couldn’t think something through and wanted to jump off a building!

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Everyone's jaw dropped in shock, and they didn't understand what that giggling girl was thinking.

Many people came to see, wanting to persuade Head Commissioner Tan to reconsider.

There are also some who were gloating, such as Xianggua.

She is a prudent person.

She had always stayed in the inner house and did not go out easily, but when she heard that Tan Lingyin was climbing up the roof of the lobby, she hurried to see it.


In fact, Tan Lingyin was really just climbing up the roof.

She didn't want to jump off, but of course, what she wanted to do was not much better than jumping out of the building.


The grand lobby was the tallest building in the entire county.

Tan Lingyin was a weak woman who never practiced martial arts and was too lazy to exercise.

Like a snail, she was now crawling on a long ladder, and Tang Tianyuan felt tired just looking at her.


Yes, the county magistrate was also present.


The crowd originally planned to persuade Head Commissioner Tan, but seeing that the magistrate was there, they thought that the magistrate should have first say in this matter, so they waited for him to speak.

So everyone closed their mouths and silently watched Head Commissioner Tan climb.

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There was something strange in the dull atmosphere.


Seeing that Tan Lingyin was nearing the roof, Tang Tianyuan finally said, "Tan Lingyin, what are you doing"


You already know, why do you bother asking Hypocrite! Tan Lingyin ignored him.


Tang Tianyuan feigned concern and asked, "If you have anything to say, why don't you come down first"


"Okay." Tan Lingyin replied, she thought he finally showed mercy and wanted to stop playing.


"Do you dare to come down" Tang Tianyuan asked.


Tan Lingyin felt a hint of threat from his flat voice.

She was startled, her foot slipped, and her body swayed.


There was an exclamation from the crowd.


Tan Lingyin steadied herself and gritted her teeth, "I don't dare, I'd better go up."


Tang Tianyuan put his hands behind his back and watched her climb to the roof with satisfaction.


Tan Lingyin stood on the roof, the red light of the setting sun hit her obliquely, and her waist-length hair was blown up by the evening wind, like a cloud of ink.

Her robes were agitated and the ends of her skirt fluttered in the wind, which made her look graceful and refined.


As soon as a person stood at a high place, others had to look up, and it was easy to make her image tall and majestic.

Tan Lingyin usually does not have a formal appearance, but when she appeared in such a posture, everyone below looked up at her with awe.


Tang Tianyuan raised his eyebrows.

He found that Tan Lingyin also has her cuteness, such as being righteous, such as...

um, she’s pretty, too.


A person suddenly squeezed in from the back of the crowd, desperately trying to rush forward.

Tang Tianyuan's eyes and hands were quick, he pressed the man's shoulder, and said in a low voice, "Don't be impatient, your sister will be fine."


This person was Tan Qingchen.

He was just eating, and when he heard that his sister had an accident, he put down his food and ran over.

Seeing that it was really his sister standing on the roof from a distance, Tan Qingchen's heart went to his throat, and he just wanted to go up to save her quickly.


Tan Qingchen obviously didn't believe him and wanted to break free.


At this moment, Tan Lingyuin on the roof took a huge breath and roared, "Tang Feilong, I like you!"


The crowd fell silent for a moment, then boiled again.

Head Commissioner Tan confessed to the magistrate ! What's going on!


Some people thought that Head Commissioner Tan was cool, some people thought it was immoral, but everyone admitted that she was definitely bold!


Xianggua blushed and sap out in contempt, "Shameless!"


The shameless Tan Lingyin shouted again, "Tang Feilong, I like you!"


This time, most of the people's attention turned to the magistrate.

The composition of those eyes were very complicated, some are envious, some are gloating, and some are very meaningful.


Tan Qingchen lowered his face and looked at Tang Tianyuan fiercely.


Tang Tianyuan has been using the alias "Tang Feilong" for a long time, and he had accepted this name.

It was obvious that Tan Lingyin was shouting "Tang Feilong", but he really felt that she was confessing to him face-to-face –although it was actually true, in short...

there was no sense of disobedience.


"Tang Feilong, I like you!" Tan Lingyin shouted for the third time.


Tang Tianyuan's heart swayed again and again, as if it were sitting on a swing.

This feeling felt familiar and unfamiliar, as if he had experienced it some time ago.

Only this time, the feeling was stronger and more lasting, his heart swayed up, down, swung up, down, and finally, beat faster and faster.


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