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Tang Tianyuan originally made this joke just to see Tan Lingyin make a fool of herself.


He thought if Tan Lingyin lost face, he would be very happy.

But now this scene has made him feel strange, although he can't figure it out, but he knew this feeling had nothing to do with happiness.


With Tan Lingyin roaring like this.

Although it was shameful for her, it also dragged him in.

The eyes of the people around them all focused on him, like blocks of transparent bricks, they piled together and pressed him down, making it difficult for him to breathe.


Tang Tianyuan realized that he had come up with a bad idea.

This joke wasn't funny at all.


Tan Lingyin saw a brighter future.

She was now following the script without any distractions and saying the last sentence, "Tang Feilong, do you like me"


When that bastard answers "I don't like you at all, you should just give up", she can then go down.

Tan Lingyin moved her foot and prepared to climb down the ladder.

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Too bad he didn't answer.


Tan Lingyin was very angry.

She shouted four sentences, her throat was strained, not a single word was wrong.

Now it only needed him to make a face-shaming remark, and he can't even do it.

Did this guy have stage fright How useless!


For a moment, Tang Tianyuan thought that everything in front of him was true.

Tan Lingyin had a crush on him, she confessed to him, and was expecting his response.


What should he do Reject her and humiliate her


He couldn't.


It was an extraordinary feeling.

He knew this was fake, but he felt this was real.

His conscience swayed between reality and fantasy, and he didn't know what to do for a while.


An unscrupulous emperor, who pushed him into this pit, once said to him: what you believe is your desire.


Now, Tan Lingyin's doe-like eyes stared at the figure below, the useless magistrate, and reminded him, "You don't like me at all.

And you want me to just give up, don't you"


The onlookers sighed –this person was too conscious.


Tang Tianyuan was a little frustrated.

He raised his head and said, "You come down first."


That was what Tan Lingyin was waiting for.

She wasn’t going to jump down like everyone had imagined, but simply walked towards the ladder and climbed down.


Tan Qingchen hurriedly ran under the ladder and helped her hold the ladder.


Tang Tianyuan also walked over unknowingly, "Be careful."


It would have been fine if he didn’t open his mouth.

As soon as Tang Tianyuan finished speaking, Tan Lingyin lost her focus.

The reason why it was easier climbing up the mountain than coming down was because the legs have become sore and soft during the climb; and Tan Lingyin's calf trembles slightly, and accidentally, she became a girl who lost her footing.


"Aiyoyo!" she exclaimed, falling off the ladder.


Seeing that Tan Lingyin was about to fall, Tang Tianyuan quickly opened his arms to catch her, but suddenly a pair of hands overlapped his.


Tan Qingchen caught his sister and looked at Tang Tianyuan vigilantly.


Tan Lingyin jumped down from Qingchen's arms, patted her chest exaggeratedly, she was still frightened.


Tan Qingchen's face was cold, he took his sister and walked away quickly.

His footsteps were fast, and Tan Lingyin's legs were not as long as his, and because he was pulling her, she could only sprint to keep up.


Tan Lingyin, still thinking about her great sacrifice, turned to say to the magistrate from a distance, "Tang Feilong, going back on your words will make you a turtle!"


Then I wonder how many times you became a turtle, Tang Tianyuan thought.

He instructed his subordinates to remove the ladder,seeing there was no longer a show to watch, the onlookers left one after another.

After a while, the lobby returned to its previous solemnity.


As if nothing had happened.


Tan Qingchen pulled Tan Lingyin back to the Gutang Bookstore.

He frowned and looked at her, wanting to hear her explanation.


Tan Lingyin quickly made things clear, and then scolded the shameful Tang Feilong to vent her anger.

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Tan Qingchen's face softened a little before quickly frowning again: You can't just climb buildings, it's dangerous!


"I know, I know! So naggy…" Tan Lingyin waved her hand, "Is there anything to eat, I'm starving to death!"


The food is still warm, there was no need to heat it up.

The two siblings had dinner, sat, drank tea, and chatted.

Tan Lingyin saw Tang Tang walk in, his stomach was so full that it was struggling to walk.


She pointed to it and said, "After running looking, it turns out that it was hiding here."


Tan Qingchen smiled, picked up Tang Tang, and touched its head.


That b*stard county magistrate would nagg all day, saying: "This is not a dog, this is not a dog, this is not a dog", so she was a little suspicious.

Tan Lingyin asked, "Qingchen, what did Tang Tang look like when it had hair"


Tan Qingchen couldn't verbally describe it, so he spread out a piece of paper and drew a picture for her.


It was a face like a cat and a dog, full of freckles.

Tan Lingyin felt that Qingchen must be teasing her.


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