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Tan Lingyin: "..." Why bother to tell her to shush


The door was slammed open wide by the force of his foot, frightening the people inside.

Some dropped their chopsticks, while others dropped their cups.

The crisp sound of ping-pong-pong in the room was accompanied by women's screams.

Several girls hugged their heads, and some pushed them into the arms of men.


Tang Tianyuan was quite calm at first, until the girl next to him plunged into his arms.


When he looked up, he happened to see Tan Lingyin looking at him.

Tang Tianyuan couldn't hold back this time, and without hesitation, he pushed the girl away.


The girl flipped straight back and fell to the ground, causing her to scream again.


The guests in the other private rooms heard the movement and curiously opened their door and looked around.

The waiter downstairs also ran up, but unfortunately, before he approached, he suddenly felt a rush of coolness slide across his face.

The waiter stood still and stared blankly at the dagger pinned to the pillar by his ear.

He was so scared that his two legs started to tremble.

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Being the closest to the man, Tan Lingyin didn't even see how he made his move.

She couldn't help sighing, her eyes were already so bad.


"Get lost." The man said.


His words were very effective.

The waiter stumbled and was about to run downstairs.

His legs were weak, soon lost his footing, and immediately tumbled down.


The man was very surprised, "He really lost."


The guests in the other private rooms also ran downstairs in fright.

The second floor was cleared at once.


Tan Lingyin ran over, pulled out the dagger forcefully, and presented it back to him in two hands, "Hero, your knife."


Tang Tianyuan looked at her with contempt.


"Thank you," the man put away the dagger, "Actually, I don't like to do it very much," he said, looking at everyone in the private room, "Drinking and having fun, before settling the human’s life case; what a good deal."


Only then did everyone recover from the shock.

Official Sun said angrily, "Who are you!"


The visitor was dressed in a dark red straight robe embroidered with gold threads.

A large piece of clear, mutton fat jade was inlaid on his belt.

He walked in and said, "It doesn't matter if you don't know me, you must know this." Then, he put a small bag on the table.


Everyone looked at each other, wondering what the hell this man was doing.


Tang Tianyuan opened the bag and his expression changed immediately, "This is the official seal of an imperial envoy."


The official seal of an imperial envoy was easy to recognize.

An ordinary official seal was square, and the official seal of an imperial envoy was rectangular; the ordinary official seal used vermilion red ink paste, while the seal of the imperial envoy was purple.

It was also commonly known as the ‘Purple Flower Seal’.


Zhou Zhengdao was also knowledgeable, and his goatee almost rose in shock.

He looked at the person who came, "You are...

you are..."


"I am Tang Tianyuan, and I have been ordered to inspect the people's livelihood in Southern Zhili Provinces." He pulled up a chair and sat down.


Tang Tianyuan hurriedly knelt down, "Subordinate Official Tongling County Magistrate Tang Feilong, pays respect to superior."


Everyone else knelt down.

Zhou Zhengdao was the most frightened in the group, and a layer of sweat was already on his forehead.

This happened too suddenly, and caught him unprepared.

However, if he doubted whether this matter was true or not - who was unsane to think about forging imperial envoys Did they find their peaceful life too boring Moreover, he had seen an imperial guard once before, and this one did not look like a fake.


In other words, the person in front of him was indeed an imperial envoy.


Zhou Zhengdao's heart was beating wildly.

He just wanted to make sure of one thing right now: was this imperial envoy just here to inspect the local’s livelihood Or was there another purpose


The man who claimed to be Tang Tianyuan continued, "This official passed by here and happened to hear an interesting story.

It was somewhere along the lines of 'the son of a thousand gold will never die of treason'.

Lord Tang, don’t you find this funny"


Tang Tianyuan lowered his head and replied, "My lord, the rumors of ignorant people should not be trusted."


"Oh Then you should explain to this officer why Sun Bufan's murder case has not been reported to the Ministry of Justice after so many days"

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"My Lord..."


The man slapped the table heavily, causing the cups and plates on the table to shake.

Everyone kneeling on the floor shook, they were so frightened that their livers were about to shatter.


"It's clear that you were bribed by the Sun family with the intention to bend the law for personal gain, am I correct!" He said, without looking at Tang Tianyuan, but gave Official Sun a sideways glance.


Official Sun hurriedly shook his head, "Sir, I’ve been wronged!"


"This subordinate official doesn't dare.

My lord, please investigate carefully."


He waved his hand, "This official is too lazy to investigate.

I don't care what you did in private.

Since I have encountered this matter, Qi Hui should be able to rest in peace.

Tang Feilong."


"This subordinate official is present."


"Report this case to the Ministry of Justice tomorrow.

If there is any further delay, your black gauze hat will be coming off."



This subordinate official doesn’t dare."


Tan Lingyin witnessed the entire reversal process and lamented to herself.

As expected of Tang Tianyuan, he was truly extraordinary.


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