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Chapter 52: The Devised Plan (2)


Tang Tianyuan's plan was to kill many birds with one stone.


First, he dealt with the murderer without offending a higher offical or provoking the local scoundrels; second, he successfully shaped himself into a corrupt official who could be bought with money and became one with the enemy; third, originally, Tang Tianyuan was in the light while his opponent was in the dark.

After this, he set up a bright and dazzling target for the suspicious persons involved, and he himself stood opposite of that said target.

This way, the enemy was in the light, while he was hidden in the dark.


Tan Lingyin knew none of this.

She just wanted to communicate more with her idol now.

This was Tang Tianyuan ah!

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Tang Tianyuan looked at Tan Lingyin's demented appearance, and felt strange.

At least half of Tan Lingyin's admiration for Zheng Shaofeng stemmed from the identity of ‘Tang Tianyuan’.

The other half was due to Zheng Shaofeng's righteous interference in the name of justice, but this was also his strategy.

In other words, Tan Lingyin's starry-eyed infatuation was actually aimed at him, Tang Tianyuan.

This made Tang Tianyuan uncontrollably proud.


But the fact was, her eyes always stayed on Zheng Shaofeng.


Tang Tianyuan felt a little unwilling.


The three left the restaurant and walked to the county office.

Tang Tianyuan closed the doors after entering the second hall.

The first thing Zheng Shaofeng did was to rub his face, and complained, "I’m exhausted.

My face is cramped from keeping that stern face for so long.

This is much more uncomfortable than doing the horse stance..."


Tan Lingyin looked at him blankly.

His change in character happened too fast, and she couldn't compute.


Tang Tianyuan walked to the table and poured Zheng Shaofeng a cup of tea.


Zheng Shaofeng took the tea and drank in loud gulps.


Such an unrestrained Tan Hua...

Tan Lingyin continued to watch, dumbstruck.


Zheng Shaofeng put down the teacup, then grabbed Tang Tianyuan's shoulders, "Xiao Feilong (Little Wyvern), have you been okay lately"


Tang Tianyuan's face darkened, "Who are you calling Xiao Feilong"


Zheng Shaofeng snickered, "Tang Feilong, what do you think"


Tang Tianyuan's face darkened even more.


Tan Lingyin’s head was in chaos.

How come this Tan Hua looked more and more like a street gangster...

No, that's not the point, these two seemed to be familiar with each other


She was in a daze for too long, and her mind was a little stiff, "You, do you know each other"


Zheng Shaofeng looked at her and said to Tang Tianyuan, "Xiao Feilong, why don't you introduce me"


Tang Tianyuan nodded, "This is my head commissioner, Tan Lingyin," and then said to Tan Lingyin, "This person, you already know." He really didn't have the courage to say, "This is my friend, Tang Tianyuan." This kind of thing would make him feel like a mentally ill person.


Tan Lingyin started smiling at Zheng Shaofeng again.

If she had a tail, it would be wagging right now.

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Tang Tianyuan shook his head, feeling that it was necessary to find some ground, "You don't have to do this.

If it wasn't for my guidance, he wouldn't have been able to achieve his scholarly honor."


It felt so weird to slander himself.


Tan Lingyin looked at him with ‘I know you’ve become crazed over wanting to become, but I won't expose you’ expression.


Tang Tianyuan supported his forehead and pointed at Zheng Shaofeng with his folding fan, "I invited him to act, you should at least believe that."


"He’s an imperial envoy, so cooperating with you was to give you face."


"..." The imperial envoy is also mine, okay...


Tan Lingyin nodded, "However, for you to go to great lengths to ask an imperial emissary for help.

It can be seen that my lord has a good heart.

Sure enough, I, Tan Lingyin, did not follow the wrong person."


You came for the gold, what does it have to do with following the right person...

Tang Tianyuan expressed disdain, but finally felt some gratification.


Zheng Shaofeng suddenly pointed to the lump under the table and said, "What is that"


Tang Tianyuan followed his gaze and answered, "That's Tang Tang."


"Tang Tang" Zheng Shaofeng couldn't help laughing, "Were you the one who gave it such a sissy’s name" He looked at Tang Tianyuan with a slightly frightened look.


Tang Tianyuan looked at Tan Lingyin, who looked at Zheng Shaofeng resentfully.

Zheng Shaofeng understood and said apologetically, "Not sissy, it’s super macho."


Tan Lingyin was speechless.

It turned out that a talented person could still grow in such a miraculous direction… This was truly enlightening.


The sound of their conversation woke Tang Tang up.

It opened its eyes, shook its little head, and emerged from under the table.

As soon as it came out, it immediately became energized, body tense, and eyes rounded.

It was in a ready-to-attack position.


Tan Lingyin felt that Tang Tang was overreacting.


However, the noble Imperial Envoy's reaction was even more excessive than Tang Tang.


When Zheng Shaofeng saw the little thing, he trembled instinctively, and jumped directly to the beam.


Tan Lingyin: "..." She reminded him sincerely, "Sir, don't worry, it has no teeth."


Tang Tianyuan also felt a little strange.

He looked up at Zheng Shaofeng on the beam, "When did you start to be afraid of dogs"


"That’s not a dog, it's a f*cking lion!"


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