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For him to jump on a beam because of a juvenile lion, Zheng Shaofeng also felt he had acted too hastily, but it was instinct.

He jumped off the beam and cupped his hands, "My mistake, I forgot my manners."


Soldiers all had a murderous aura, and this made Tang Tang very uncomfortable.

It didn't lower its vigilance towards him, and began to growl in a low voice.

Although it really wanted to pounce on him and knock him down, but...

um, its combat power was not strong enough, so it could only warn him first.

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Tan Lingyin raised her foot and lightly stepped on Tang Tang's head, "Tang Tang, respect the imperial envoy."


Zheng Shaofeng bared his teeth, "You...

can you show some respect for it first, it's a lion!"


Tang Tang was very aggrieved.

It withdrew from Tan Lingyin's feet, turned its head to the corner and squatted.

It had its butt turn towards them.


The hair on its body had grown out, but it is only a short layer.

Tang Tianyuan didn't understand how Zheng Shaofeng could see its essence through such a phenomenon.

He felt he was unreliable, "How can you be sure that it is a lion"


Zheng Shaofeng was profound, "I recognize the eyes of a lion."


…No matter how he listened, it sounded like nonsense.


And Tan Lingyin didn't believe him either.

Although the imperial envoy was very knowledgeable, it is not that she has never seen a lion.

Those squatting at the entrances and gates, the dancing lions during festivals, and the mount Bodhisattva had on those paintings were all lions.

Tang Tang was obviously not the same species as them.

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But then again, she has never seen a real lion before.

Lions were not like tigers, leopards, etc.

Such beasts were very rare, so how could they appear here


Zheng Shaofeng firmly believed in his own judgment.


The three held a seminar on the spot to discuss what species Tang Tang was.

Tan Lingyin believed it was a dog or a wolf, Tang Tianyuan thought it was a large wild cat, Zheng Shaofeng said: If it is not a lion, he’ll change his surnames.


The three were in a fierce battle.

Tang Tang was lying on the corner of the wall, sometimes turning his head to look at them.


Stupid humans.


"No cat or dog is born with teeth.

It doesn't have teeth because it is still young and is still breastfeeding." Zheng Shaofeng explained.


Tan Lingyin defended, "There used to be someone in my hometown who was born without legs."


"Where is your hometown" Tang Tianyuan asked suddenly.


"My—" Tan Lingyin almost blurted out, but fortunately she reacted quickly.

This magistrate is too cunning.


Zheng Shaofeng's attention was on Tangtang, "Tell me, where did this little thing come from"


Tan Lingyin told the truth.

Zheng Shaofeng snapped his hand and his eyes lit up, "That’s it! More than two months ago, the embassy from the Country of Mombasa's fleet was about to arrive at Songjiang Prefecture when they were hit by a storm.

Suddenly, a storm was encountered, and the Mombasa’s King only survived after holding onto a spice wood, you remember this event"


Tang Tianyuan nodded, "Of course, it's written in on the imperial bulletin."


"I heard from the emperor that there was originally a pair of lions on the boat.

The fleet was at sea for many days, and the lioness gave birth to four lion cubs on the way.

Unfortunately, the boat capsized and the lions were swept away by the waves.

When the emperor spoke of this matter, he was obviously saddened by this matter, because the Empress and his little highness had never seen a lion, and they really wanted to see it.

This little lion has a long life line, it survived a catastrophe."


Daqi was the Great Celestial Empire, and foreign embassies often came to pay tribute.

These embassies especially like to send some rare birds and beasts, such as white peacocks, huge tortoises, and unicorns with long necks, etc etc.

It's not surprising that the slow Baza sent lions.


With this, the bizarre question of "how did a lion appear in Tongling County" was explained.

Tang Tianyuan didn't believe it before, but now that he explained it, he believed it a little bit.


But he still had one more doubt, "You’ve seen a lion before"

Zheng Shaofeng replied, "Yes, there was a fight with a little prince in Mongolia, and he raised one.

He was truly inhumane, feeding human flesh to the lion."

translat ed by pure tl.

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Tang Tianyuan and Tan Lingyin felt a chill.


Zheng Shaofeng suggested to Tan Lingyin, "You can present this little lion to the emperor.

The Emperor always complies to the Empress’s requests.

Now that the Empress wants to see a lion, if you cater to her wishes, there may be benefits."


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