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Tan Lingyin glanced at Tang Tang sitting in the corner.

She felt that she couldn’t act only for the benefits.

Tang Tang was only picked up from the seaside dock, and looked a little strange; it may not necessarily be a lion.

If she presented Tang Tang to the emperor, and if he were to later discover it was just a dog, he would be humiliated in front of his wife.

Welp, there goes her life.


Besides, she didn't want to give away Tang Tang.


Tang Tianyuan had another imperative concern: lions can eat people...

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He suddenly remembered that Tang Tang did have a preference for blood.

Previously a kitchen clerk complained that Tang Tang stole the pig's blood from the kitchen.

Drinking raw blood when it has no teeth….

then what will happen when its teeth grow in


Thinking of this, Tang Tianyuan planned to persuade Tan Lingyin to send Tang Tang away quickly.

But he turned his head and saw Tan Lingyin's reluctant look at Tangtang, he hesitated.

Tan Lingyin was a person who could sell her integrity for money, but at this moment, she was visibly reluctant to sell off Tang Tang.

This showed how much she liked that little thing.

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So Tang Tianyuan was reluctant to speak.


In fact, imagining a beautiful girl with a majestic lion; that picture was also pretty interesting.


Fine, Tang Tang didn’t have anything to do with the word "majestic" at the moment.


Zheng Shaofeng saw the two’s reluctance.

He just suggested; that it is none of his business whether they decide to do it or not.

He just wanted to remind them that lions were fierce beasts and are naturally bloodthirsty.

It needs to be strictly trained, or else it will hurt others when it gets bigger…


Tan Lingyin felt that it would not be too late to decide after Tang Tang grew teeth.


Zheng Shaofeng had a restless temperament.

After being locked in the house for a while, he wanted to go out to play again.

He asked Tan Lingyin what good places there were here, and Tan Lingyin introduced it carefully.

She even volunteered to take him around.


Tang Tianyuan frowned, "Once the prefect of Chizhou learns about this, he will definitely rush to arrive.

To avoid any complications, you should depart soon." Hurry up and leave...


Zheng Shaofeng waved his hand, "Don't be in such a rush, he definitely won't be here today," he looked at Tan Lingyin, "Let's go, Head Commissioner Tan, let's go out for a stroll."


Tan Lingyin wagged her tail as she showed him the way.


Tang Tianyuan was not at ease, so he followed alonged.

He grabbed Zheng Shaofeng and whispered, "Don’t think about fondling the flowers and trampling the grass[1] in my county government."


Zheng Shaofeng was annoyed, "What, fondling flowers and trampling grass! I just broke up, why are you poking at my sore spot"


"You fell out of love for more than half a year."


"It's strange, which flower did I touch and which grass did I mess with I just came to your place less than four hours ago, and the only woman I know is—" Zheng Shaofeng stopped and suddenly looked at Tang Tianyuan, " Ah! I understand now.

I thought it was weird; how can you, a girl, be the head commissioner, so you two..."


Tang Tianyuan interrupted him quickly, "Don't talk nonsense."


"Wow Tang Tianyuan… Rabbits don't eat the grass on the edge of their nest, you actually..."


"Shut up!"


Seeing that he was annoyed, Zheng Shaofeng quickly tapped his folding fan on his lips and shut up decisively.

He was a little surprised.

It wasn't that he never made this kind of joke before.

Some were even more exaggerated than this, but he never reacted with anger.

Tang Tianyuan's temperament was somewhat cold and cheerless, and anger was definitely a rare emotion that required energy for him.


Tan Lingyin didn't hear the conversation between the two of them as she was leading the way.

She turned her head to have a word with the imperial envoy, but found that they had fallen far away, so she turned back and asked, "Sir, where do you want to go"


"To be honest, I'd really like to meet someone."


"Oh Who do you want to see" Tan Lingyin was very curious, who had such an honor for the well-known Tang Tianyuan to even know.


Zheng Shaofeng replied, "I heard that Miao Miao Sheng was in Tongling County." After that, he looked at Tang Tianyuan with a meaningful look.


Tang Tianyuan now regreted tinkering with Zheng Shaofeng.

He said, "Miao Miaosheng is not in Tongling County."


Zheng Shaofeng didn't believe it.

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[1]fondling the flowers and trampling the grass (沾花惹草) - to moisten the flower and beckon the leaves (idiom); to womanize.


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