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Tan Lingyin was nervous for a while, and asked carefully, "Sir, are you looking for Miao Miao Sheng...

to seek revenge"


Quite self-aware, Tang Tianyuan glanced at Tan Lingyin with a half-smile.

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"Seeking revenge No, no," Zheng Shaofeng shook his head quickly and smiled, "I've read his books, and I think he's very talented."


Tan Lingyin's eyes lit up instantly while Tang Tianyuan suddenly felt suffocated.


"Sir, don't you think what she wrote was rude to you" Tan Lingyin was still worried.


"How could it be, I have always been very tolerant towards talented people." Anyway, it wasn't me who was referenced in it hahaha...


Tan Lingyin was elated! Tang Tianyuan praised her for her talent hehehe...

She said, "Sir, I'm actually uuuuuuuuuu..."


Tang Tianyuan covered her mouth decisively, he nodded to Zheng Shaofeng, "Excuse me." After saying that, he dragged Tan Lingyin out.


Zheng Shaofeng touched his chin and said to himself, "The more I look, the more they look like a couple." He was curious about the relationship between the two, so he secretly followed.

Good martial arts was an advantage, as long as he wanted to hide, ghosts wouldn’t even realize.


It was too hot outside, so Tang Tianyuan dragged Tan Lingyin to the shade of a tree.


Tan Lingyin was very unhappy, "What are you doing!"


Tang Tianyuan said coldly, "Tan Lingyin, don't go overboard."


Tan Lingyin was dissatisfied, "Why am I going overboard It's obvious that Tang Tianyuan values my talent.

What’s it have to do with you"


Zheng Shaofeng felt a little confused.

The ‘Tang Tianyuan’ mentioned by Head Commissioner Tan's mouth should be referring to his pseudonym, right But when did he say that he valued Head Commissioner Tan's talent He just said...

Wait a second….

was Master Tan the legendary Miao Miao Sheng

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What a bizarre outcome...


Tang Tianyuan's words confirmed Zheng Shaofeng's guess, "Miao Miao Sheng! I can solemnly tell you that Tang Tianyuan hates you very much!"


It’s really Miao Miao Sheng! Miao Miaosheng was a woman, and she also served as a Head Commissioner to Tang Tianyuan! What fate ah ah ah! It would be a blatant lie to say that there was nothing between these two people! Zheng Shaofeng covered his mouth in shock to prevent himself from laughing.

Because he was too excited, his other hand clasped the branch next to him tightly, almost pinching a hole in the thick branch.


Tan Lingyin naturally didn't believe Tang Tianyuan's words, she sneered with her hands on her hips, "Tang Feilong, admit it, you are just jealous of me."


Tang Tianyuan was exasperated, "Why would I be jealous of you Do you have anything to be jealous of.

Was it your shamelessness"


"I have seen the characters written on your official document.

They are very similar to Tang Tianyuan's style.

Not only are strokes imitated, but even the charm was imitated."


Tan Lingyin was very talented, and it was fortunate that she had seen only four characters of Tang Tianyuan's handwriting, otherwise she would have recognized Tang Tianyuan by handwriting.


Tang Tianyuan was not stupid, he has already hidden all his own calligraphy in order to prevent this woman from seeing it again.


In short, Tan Lingyin’s thoughts were crooked, very crooked, she sneered again, "So, you also admire Tang Tianyuan! Oh, maybe it's not just admiration, you have a crush on him!"




Hahaha, Tang Tianyuan has a crush on Tang Tianyuan! This girl was truly talented! She does a flawless job!


Seeing Tang Tianyuan shriveled like this, Zheng Shaofeng, who was right above them, wanted to laugh until he was out of breath.

He grabbed onto the branch tightly, trying to hold on to it.

It's a pity, he managed to hold it, but the branch couldn't hold it any longer, and it broke with a crunch under his clutches.

translat ed by pure tl.

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This branch was really unlucky, it had grown to the thickness of the wrist, but was broken by a savage human.


The two below were arguing, almost about to roll up their sleeves and prepared for a big fight.

However, in the end, a tree branch was thrown at them from an unknown person with questionable public morality.

And it was such a large tree branch!


Seeing that the big tree branch falling directly at Tan Lingyin, Tang Tianyuan broke out in a cold sweat, and he didn't think as he rushed forward, "Be careful!"


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