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Tang Tianyuan pounced in time, so the big tree branch did not cause too much damage, but the thick branches and leaves covered them, and the two of them seemed to be plunged into the grass for a moment.


Tan Lingyin didn't understand what was going on at all, she only felt that the world was spinning, and then she lay on the ground.

And with a person on her body, making it hard for her to breathe.

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Tang Tianyuan was afraid she would hit her head, so when she fell to the ground, he put a hand on the back of her head.


Tan Lingyin could only see green.

The sunlight was weakened by layers of branches and leaves, scattering into tiny spots of light.

The sunlight was no longer strong, it was as gentle as glistening pearls.


The man had his back to the light, and his face could not be seen clearly.

The two were too close, and the warmth of his breath couldn’t dissipate in time, and she felt it on her face.

The heat was a stark contrast to the coolness of the surrounding branches and leaves.


Tan Lingyin's mind went blank.


Tang Tianyuan lay on top of her, motionless.

At such an urgent moment, he moved without thinking, which resulted in such a scene.

Tan Lingyin's body completely fell into his arms; it was slender and soft as her chest was tightly pressed against his.

With every breath she took, it pushed against his chest.

They were wearing thinner clothing because it was summer, so Tang Tianyuan could almost feel the shape.

His heartbeat rapidly, this time it was stronger than usual, and he couldn't hold it down.

Not only that, the blood rushed to his forehead, and his temples jumped, as if it was encouraging him to do something amazing.


He looked down at Tan Lingyin and unconsciously licked his dry lips.


Tan Lingyin was about to be crushed to death.

She moved her body, trying to get rid of this sense of oppression.


Tang Tianyuan quickly came back to his senses.

He quickly moved the branches, stood up, and then helped Tan Lingyin up.

As soon as Tan Lingyin stood up, he quickly let go of her.


Both were embarrassed.

Tan Lingyin blushed, bowed her head, and said, "Thank you."


"You are welcome."


Such a peaceful exchange was all the more foreign to them.

The atmosphere was a little awkward for a while.

Tan Lingyin very much wanted to change the subject.

Her eyes wandered for a while, until she saw a fat green worm slowly moving along on one of the fallen branches around her.


Tang Tianyuan also noticed it.

He thought that Tan Lingyin would jump into his arms screaming in the next second.


But in reality, Tan Lingyin reached out and squeezed the finger-thick bug, and handed it to Tang Tianyuan with a smile, "Sir, for you."


Tan Lingyin just wanted to make a joke to ease the atmosphere.

She didn't expect that the magistrate would actually accept it.

Not only did he accept it, but he immediately put it in his embroidered pouch.


Tang Tianyuan calmly sorted out his pouch before he turned and left.


"..." Tan Lingyin felt troubled.

She hurriedly chased after him and looked at his purse, which swayed regularly with his pace, but Tan Lingyin always felt that it was wriggling.


"Sir, why don't you throw it away..." Tan Lingyin weakly suggested.


Tang Tianyuan paid no mind to her and continued to strode forward.


Tan Lingyin felt a little guilty.

She was at least partly responsible for his heavy taste, "Sir, can you take it out for a breath" Seeing that he didn't speak, she simply reached out and grabbed his pouch.


Tang Tianyuan turned to one side and avoided her.


Tan Lingyin was unreconciled and went to grab it again.

Tang Tianyuan stood still, but dodged left and right, making Tan Lingyin continue to jump round and round.

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"My lord, I beg you! Throw it away..." It's too frustrating, okay


Tang Tianyuan finally showed mercy and stopped moving.


Tan Lingyin seized the opportunity and squeezed the fat worm out of his embroidered pouch.

Tan Lingyin let out a sigh of relief after she threw it far away.

When she raised her head, she saw Tang Tianyuan was looking down at her.

His lips were pursed and a narrow smile was swaying in his clear eyes.


At this moment, the sound of drumming came from outside the lobby.

There was only one drum outside, which was for the common people to complain about their grievances.

As soon as the drum sounded, no matter what the county magistrate was doing, he would immediately ascend to the grand lobby.


Tang Tianyuan hurriedly changed into the uniform and went to the lobby.

Tan Lingyin didn't want to see him for the time being, so she didn't follow him.

She went to the second hall to entertain the imperial envoy.


The perpetrator, Zheng Shaofeng, had fled the crime scene early.

He was sitting in the second hall, drinking tea and reading a book calmly.

It doesn't matter to him what book he reads, he wasn’t really reading it anyway, it was all for the looks.


Tan Lingyin saw him and remembered that the imperial envoy was looking for Miao Miaosheng.


"My lord, the truth is I am..."


"You are Miao Miaosheng." Zheng Shaofeng smoothly finished her sentence.

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Tan Lingyin was a little surprised, "Yes, how did you know"


Zheng Shaofeng replied with a smile, "Of course I guessed it."


Tan Lingyin's admiration was written on her face.


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