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After their communication as a superior and his subordinate, Tang Tianyuan hosted a banquet for Zong Yinglin.

He knew Zong Yinglin was gluttonous, so he had the kitchen cook up a few good dishes and opened a jar of twenty-year-old bamboo viper wine from the capital.

Zong Yinglin could naturally feel his sincerity.

Considering that Tan Lingyin was also a bit of a glutton, Tang Tianyuan summoned her too.

Afterall, she was also a head commissioner.

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It was easy to tell at the dinner table who was one of their own.

For example, Zong Yinglin could feel this Head Commissioner Tan’s hostility.

Because he liked to eat that plate of crystal shrimp, and no one else would reach for it, except for Head Commissioner Tan, who kept taking one after the other! Since he had to drink and talk with others at the dinner table, he naturally couldn't out compete her.


After drinking and eating, Zong Yinglin rested for a while when Zhou Zhengdao brought Official Sun to ask for a meeting.


Official Sun was still a little unwilling, "My lord, about my son..."


Zong Yinglin waved his hand helplessly, "Your son's life is ill-fated.

If the imperial envoy did not intervene, this matter would have been easy to handle.

But now that the imperial envoy has spoken, not to mention me, even the Provincial Administration Commissioner cannot do anything."


In fact, it was not that there was no hope at all.

Of course, they could choose to go against the imperial envoy.

But no one was willing to take the risk for a minor official.


Zong Yinglin looked at Sun Yuanwai's disheveled face, and said, "I think you should worry about something else.

This imperial envoy's whereabouts are mysterious, and the place where he first appeared was in Tongling.

I feel that his purpose may not simply be an inspection of government affairs."


Sun Yuanwai was stunned, "My lord means..."

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Zong Yinglin shook his head and sighed, "Look at what you’ve have done.

If the emperor was to find out, you would bleed into a river."


"Don't worry, my lord, everything that needed to be dealt with had been dealt with."


"It better be so." Zong Yinglin nodded, "Are there any clues about the remaining gold"


Both Official Sun and Zhou Zhengdao shook their heads helplessly.


There was no use fretting for matters such as this.

What Zong Yinglin was most worried about now was Tang Feilong.

He was a variable, and whether he could use it  remains to be seen.

The gold case was of great implications, and needed the most reliable person.

Zong Yinglin had originally planned to take Tongling County into his own hands.

He had sent someone to the Ministry of Officials to take care of it, but it was a pity that Tang Feilong appeared out of nowhere and took up this nest.


Zong Yinglin asked the two under him, "What do you think of Tang Feilong"


The evaluation of the two was similar to Zong Yinglin's impression: He had the brains, the courage, and a weakness, and could be of use.


Zong Yinglin continued to ask.

"What about that Head Commissioner, surname of Tan"


Zhou Zhengdao's evaluation of Tan Lingyin was not very great, "That person is greedy for food and money.

At times, she acts without brains and is half blind."


"Then how did she become the head commissioner"


Zhou Zhengdao stroked the beard and smiled slyly, "It’s this.

Official Tang is young and romantic.

Since he wanted her to be, so naturally, she became."


Everyone was a man, so Zong Yinglin understood it immediately and laughed, "That boy's luck with women is not bad at all."


While the three of them were having their secretive meeting.

After Tan Lingyin had enough to eat and drink, she took a nap, but was soon ordered by Tang Tianyuan to sort out documents.


He didn't handle official business himself, but sneaked into the Southern Study.


Target: That mysterious manuscript.


Tang Tianyuan acted as calm as usual yesterday, as if the manuscript had nothing to do with him.

This was entirely due to that chaotic Zheng Shaofeng’s presence.

Tang Tianyuan knew that if he took care of Tan Lingyin then, Zheng Shaofeng would definitely intervene, so he might as well wait for the guy to leave and settle the account with Tan Lingyin.


He climbed over the walls, picked all the locks, all in one go. 


Tang Tianyuan scavenged around Tan Lingyin's room and finally found the small wooden box he had seen yesterday.


There was indeed a stack of manuscripts in the wooden box, which had already been rearranged.


Tang Tianyuan flipped through the manuscript and was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

That girl's courage was really getting wider and fatter, she really  dared to write anything!


Burn it! He must burn it!

translat ed by pure tl.

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Although it was wrong to steal, Tang Tianyuan couldn't care less.

Holding the small wooden box, he was about to leave when he suddenly thought of a serious question: What about after it was burned This method treated the symptoms rather than the root cause.

What if Tan Lingyin was to find out and decide to write something even more extreme


Calm down.

Tang Tianyuan narrowed his eyes, thought for a moment, and suddenly smiled.


If you want to play, then this official will set a big play for you.


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