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Chapter 61 Disastrous Work (2)


Booksellers also murmured.

This was not what they had read in the sample books they had previously received.

Could it be that they were afraid that they would not buy the book and deliberately used the fake version to fool them But why does Miao Miao Sheng insist on substituting his name for the heroine

If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .


If one doesn't know the origin of Miao Miao Sheng, just reading this book would be very interesting to read.

But Miao Miao Sheng had blatantly used his name in his novel and flirted with Tang Tianyuan in all kinds of brazen ways, which was a bit overboard. 


Tang Tianyuan belonged to everyone. 


If you monopolize him like this, then what should we do Oh, we all know that you adore Tang Tianyuan, but can't you be more subtle Did you really have to ‘go’ in person This dish was just too much!


And, look at what's written in his book! 


A grown man, imagining that he was a woman, doing such shameless deeds… Not only that, he even forced himself on Tang Tianyuan...

What a complete pervert!


Such a pervert actually madly flaunted that it was ‘a masterpiece that Tang Tianyuan can't even put down if he sees it’, this author was truly shameless to the highest level!


This book was scolded from beginning to end.

However, because of its shameless level, it actually promoted sales.

The first batch of books sold out quickly.

Booksellers were happy to see it, so they no longer care about the problem of being fooled by sample books, and they are busy contacting Gutang Bookstore for a second order.


Only when a group of people came to Gutang Bookstorel to scold them did Tan Qingchen discover the problem.


More and more people were literate these days and those who could read the book were not necessarily all scholars.

People such as fortune-tellers, storytellers, opera troupes, or courtesans.

These people are not as good-faced as scholars, and they were not afraid to start scolding when unhappy.


Tan Qingchen heard these people yell and cuss ‘Miao Miao Sheng’ this ‘Miao Miao Sheng’ that, and was a little confused for a while.

He felt that the problem probably lied in the new book, so he took it over, and looked at it carefully.


He was shocked.


Just at this time, Tan Lingyin came to the Gutang Bookstore and saw a crowd of people at the door.

Others only know that she was the younger sister of the owner of the bookstore, and was working at the County Magistrate's Office.

translat ed by pure tl.

com / do not re post

If they don’t have to, then most would not offend anyone from the County Magistrate's Office.

So the crowd collectively ignored Tan Lingyin and continued to scold Miao Miao Sheng.


Tan Lingyin was also confused.

When Tan Qingchen saw her, he quickly pulled into the bookstore, closed the store door, dismissed everyone else, and took out the book to show her.


Tan Lingyin felt like she was dreaming, "Where did this book come from It looks so alike.

Who made this Is it that interesting to change the monster's name to mine"


Tan Qingchen signaled to her regretfully: This was printed by us.


Tan Lingyin was anxious.

"Impossible! You know the name of the female monster in my original book was 'Rong Qian'.

I'm not sick, so why would I write this kind of thing with my own name"


Tan Qingchen frowned and calmly thought about where it might have gone wrong.


Tan Lingyin put her hands on her hips and paced back and forth impatiently, "This is too strange, obviously the sample book was good.

You and I have both read it.

Speaking of which, where’s the sample book"


Tan Qingchen was stunned, the sample books had already been sold to Boss Qi.


Tan Lingyin patted her head and nodded.

"Yes, yes! I forgot, the sample books had been sold! What’s the name of Boss Qi’s bookstore"


Tan Qingchen wrote two words on the paper: Si Ni.


His surname was Qi, and the bookstore was called "Sini Bookstore".

What did that mean Qi Si Ni Anger you to death [1]


Tan Lingyin stopped and said coldly.

"Someone is plotting against us."


Tan Qingchen had already understood it, but it was too late.


Tan Lingyin frowned, just who is it There were only two kinds of people who could do this kind of thing: either a competitor or an enemy.

Judging from the modus operandi, that person should be familiar with the process of printing books, so it was likely a competitor.

But chances of it being an enemy was not impossible.

For example, that one from the county government office; as long as he was up to no good, even hooligans couldn’t win against him.


The people outside were longer happy with just scolding, and began to smash the door with stones.


The sounds made the two people in the room even more upset.


Tan Lingyin held her forehead and thought helplessly: after this incident, her famous pen name has been blackened.


In any case, we must find out the culprit behind the scenes.

Tan Lingyin couldn't figure it out for a while, so she had to go back to the county government first.

She was planning to interrogate Tang Feilong.


As the weather turned cooler, the sweet-scented osmanthus bloomed in the courtyard gradually, and a strong aroma floated in the air.


Tang Tianyuan was standing in the courtyard, reading aloud.

He hasn't studied so hard for a long time since he passed the exam.


He was reading the book ‘Tang Feilong's Journey to the West’ given to him by Tan Lingyin.

When Tan Lingyin came in to look for him, he happened to read the paragraph where Miao Miao wanted to force herself on Tang Feilong.


To be honest, everyone was a civilized person.

Tan Lingyin didn't write any explicit plots in the book, but just the words ‘forced onto’ made people blush.


Tan Lingyin was so frightened that she was about to pee herself.

"Stop reading..."


Tang Tianyuan saw Tan Lingyin and waved her over.

"Head Commissioner Tan, come here."


Tan Lingyin walked up to him.

Because she had just heard him read, and it made it seem as if she had really been molesting him, so she was shy and forgot her initial motive.


"Look up." Tang Tianyuan said.


Tan Lingyin looked up at him.

If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .


Tang Tianyuan looked at Tan Lingyin's blushing face, and he suddenly laughed; that smile was like a flower.

He tapped Tan Lingyin's forehead lightly with his index finger, and said in a low voice: "Hoodlum."







 [1] Qi Si Ni Anger you to death - Though the characters are different, it sounds just like the later sentence.

Phonetically similar. 


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