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Chapter 62: Admitting Defeat (1)


Tang Tianyuan said, "Hoodlum."


Tang Tianyuan said, "It’s fine to write a book about me, but to really show me this..."

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Tang Tianyuan said, "So you often think about this official"


Tang Tianyuan said...


Tan Lingyin was embarrassed and angry as she hugged her head and rolled away.


Tang Tianyuan looked at her flustered back and smiled.

This girl was quite cute even when shy.


Mm, I’ll just let her be more shy in the future.


Xianggua came out of the house.

She had run indoors when she heard her Young Master reading such a scandalous book in the courtyard, as if no one else was around.

Though she was blushing with shame, she could only look at her Young Master through the window.

Later, she saw Tan Lingyin come uninvited, and then left in a panic.

Xianggua knew that the Young Master must have made fun of her.


Xianggua was not happy.

Her ideal young lady should be a generous, dignified and demure lady, not a crazy woman like Tan Lingyin.

That kind of person only relied on being beautiful and frivolous to make the man pay more attention to her, but they could only be considered a novelty.


She came out and saw that her Young Master was still smiling.

Like a demon, she said coldly, "If Young Master likes Head Commissioner Tan so much, why not accept her and be close openly Madam had always been worried that there was no one in your inner court.

With Head Commissioner Tan waiting for you, Madam could also worry less."


Yes, it was ‘accept’ and not ‘marry’; Tan Lingyin was only fit to be a concubine.


Xianggua actually said that he liked Tan Lingyin, which made Tang Tianyuan very unhappy.

Naturally, he wouldn't justify his preferences with a maidservant, so he just said coldly, "You are overstepping your bounds."

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Xianggua was embarrassed, and gradually resented Tan Lingyin even more.


Tan Lingyin was not stupid.

After calming down, she recalled what the magistrate said, and the more she thought about it, the more abnormal it became.

He was clearly gloating at her misfortune.

Tan Lingyin was certain that the person who caused her current predicament was Tang Feilong.


Not only did he do  a bad thing, but he also slapped her when he was done.

She has never seen such a shameless person before!


Tan Lingyin ran to Retreat Hall to find him and saw that he was working.


She slammed on the table heavily, but Tang Tianyuan’s eyebrows didn’t even twitch; he was calm as usual.

This was the deepest contempt.


"Tang Feilong." Tan Lingyin gritted her teeth.


"Mmm, I'm Tang Feilong," Tang Tianyuan looked up at her and smiled, "the one who went to the West to learn scriptures."


"Have you had enough fun"




"..." Too shameless, how can someone be so shameless Tan Lingyin was so angry that she grabbed the front of his clothes across the table.

The table was so large that she almost fell on her stomach.

After grabbing it, she pulled his clothes, and Tang Tianyuan leaned forward in cooperation.

The two very closely faced each other for a while.


Tang Tianyuan was still not used to being so close to her.

His heart beat a little faster, so he moved his eyes uncomfortably away from her eyes.


In Tan Lingyin's opinion, this was a sign of a guilty conscience.

She angrily exclaimed: "It's you! You secretly changed our printing plates and changed all the names, didn’t you!"


Tang Tianyuan sneered.

"You need to show evidence before convicting someone.

Where is your evidence"


"I..." Tan Lingyin paused, "You are so cunning, so you have already destroyed the evidence!"


"That means there is no evidence," Tang Tianyuan concluded.

"You want to slander people without evidence.

You are slandering a court official.

Tan Lingyin, I think you have been at peace for too long, and you want to go to jail"


Tan Lingyin was short of breath for a while.

She knew that the culprit was him, but it was all in vain without evidence.

She was very unwilling, "Tang Feilong, just you wait."


Tang Tianyuan smiled, "What am I waiting for Waiting for you to force yourself on me"


I'm pissed! I'm pissed! I'm pissed! Tan Lingyin was about to explode.


Before she exploded, Tang Tianyuan suddenly changed the subject.

"I heard that there is a bookstore owner surnamed Qi from the capital who bought a thousand books from you"


Tan Lingyin said with grief and indignation.

"And you're still insisting that you didn't do it!"

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As if the two were talking on different topics, Tang Tianyuan said, "That surnamed Qi is good at imitating people's handwriting.

He also has a brother who can carve fake seals."


Tan Lingyin's previous books all had an inscription with poems and stamp versions, but they could not do that this time.

However, this didn't prevent others from doing it.


As long as the fake was real enough, it would become real.

If ‘Miao Miao Sheng's poem inscriptions’ really appeared on the market, then everyone would definitely think that it was a provocation from Miao Miao Sheng.

At that time, it would probably not be as simple as one or two small groups smashing stones at their bookstore.


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