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Chapter 64 Coral Bracelet (1)


The storefront of Zhu Dacong was opened on the other side of the county government office.

Along with Gutang Bookstore, their store almost seemed to be the front guards of the county government office.


The county government office naturally carried a sense of oppression and most people would not choose to do business nearby.

Now the two storefronts have increased a lot of excitement, bringing a sense of intimacy to the county magistrate.

It made it seem as if he was closely connected with the masses and commoners.

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Tan Lingyin and Tan Qingchen were debating on ‘fleeing’ and ‘not fleeing’.

It was a difficult decision.

Tan Qingchen was not afraid of anything but his sister's livelihood.

However, if his sister leaves, he would choose to follow.


Tan Lingyin always trusted her gut feelings, and believed that Zhu Dacong might not recognize them.


But even if he can't recognize them today or tomorrow, once they leak anything, he would be bound to recognize them sooner or later.


No choice, they had to run.


However, she had to say goodbye to the magistrate first.


Before parting, the various disputes in the past seemed insignificant, so Tan Lingyin decided to forgive the magistrate.

She was actually quite reluctant to leave.

The county government included food and housing, and the work was not very tiring. 


There was also Tang Tang… That little guy now has teeth and hair.

Although his face still was full of freckles, it did not hinder its handsomeness.

It was very confident now and when they went on walks, it would follow her without bowing its head, and looked proud when meeting new people.


Naturally, she was most reluctant about the gold that had not been found yet.


Tan Lingyin took Tang Tang to the Retreat Hall to find the county magistrate.

Tangtang was getting fatter and fatter, so she had a little trouble holding him.

However, Tang Tang was getting more and more lazy, and liked to be held in people's arms.


Although he didn’t like Tan Lingyin, Tang Tianyuan had to admit that the picture of a beautiful girl holding a clean and cute little animal was quite beautiful.


Well, it was on the premise that the girl wouldn’t open her mouth.


"Sir, I'm here to bid you farewell." Tan Lingyin said.


Tang Tianyuan was stunned for a moment.

He put down the brush in his hand and looked at her without an expression.

"Why This official can’t even fulfill your requirements anymore"

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Tan Lingyin hurriedly shook her head and said, "No, my...

something happened to my family."


Tang Tianyuan said bluntly, "You never mention your family affairs, I thought you didn’t have a family."


"Sir, are you angry"


Tang Tianyuan sneered, "What does this official have to be angry with You're leaving at last, now I don’t have to see you or worry, I can't wait to celebrate."


Although their relationship had never been too good, it was not very friendly to say such words when they are about to part.

Tan Lingyin felt a little down.

She lowered her head and stroked Tang Tang.


Tang Tianyuan's eyes swept over her hands.

Fingers like the tips of green onions, wrists like tender lotus root.

Such a wrist, if paired with a coral bracelet, would be perfect.


Tan Lingyin lowered her head and said, "Sir, as acquaintances, can’t you give me some face" Why say such heartless words


"Oh, you want me to help you" Tang Tianyuan asked.




Tang Tianyuan nodded with a clear expression, "Tell me, what's your entanglement with that Zhu Dacong"


Tan Lingyin hurriedly denied, "What kind of entanglement I don't know him!"


"Don't want to talk I'd better ask Zhu Dacong directly then." After that, he asked someone to ask Zhu Dacong.


Tan Lingyin was anxious, "Wait a minute! I’ll say it! I...that...and him, we are...enemies…" She snapped her fingers, "Yes, we are enemies!"


Tang Tianyuan looked at her suspiciously, "Enemies You two seem to have never met  until now, how are you enemies"


"We just are! If he knows my identity, he will definitely take me back and put me in jail."


"Take you back Are you from Jinan"


"I..." Tan Lingyin found that she couldn't refute, so she lowered her head in frustration and gave Tang Tianyuan a thumbs up, "Sir, bravo!"


Tang Tianyuan accepted the compliment calmly, "Tell me, what's going on."


"In short, Zhu Dacong is very powerful in Jinan.

I offended him and ran away.

It's that simple."


"How did you offend him This official wants to hear the details."


"……I do not want to say."


"Okay," Tang Tianyuan nodded and comforted her, "don't worry, this official will settle the problem for you."


"It's useless, his father is the prefectural magistrate."


"My father is a Chief Minister."


Tan Lingyin: "..." 


Tan Lingwyin did not find the joke funny.

It was not as if she hadn’t met Tang Tianyuan.

Was it interesting to falsely boast like this


Tang Tianyuan knew he had slipped just now.

He was just unconvinced and accidentally said what he thought in his heart, and now he hurried to salvage: "It’s my godfather...

Tang Tianyuan and I are very close friends, so his father is naturally my godfather.

Anything wrong with that"


Tan Lingyin thought to herself: So one could actually claim a family relationship this way too… he was really thick-skinned.


"In short, you don't need to worry.

If Zhu Dacong really wanted to hunt you down, it wouldn’t be possible for you to be standing in front of me now.

From now on, whatever he plans to do with you, he must first ask for this official's consent."


In other words: ‘I’ve got you covered.’

translat ed by pure tl.

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Tan Lingyin was a little moved.

Although this county magistrate was full of evil tricks and liked to brag, he was quite righteous and loyal at times of need.


She thought about it for a while, and felt that what the magistrate said was reasonable.

Even if Zhu Dacong was powerful, he was in Jinan, and when he arrived in Tongling County, he couldn't use his fists for a while.

Even if something happened, it would not be too late for her to run away.


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