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Chapter 65 Coral Bracelet (2)


Tan Lingyin felt relieved having finally made up her mind.

She approached Tang Tianyuan with Tang Tang still in her arms.

Tang Tang, seeing that he was getting closer to Tang Tianyuan, stretched out his paws and jumped directly into his arms.

The furball laid on his back on his lap, spreading its limbs and relaxed.


Tang Tianyuan gently touched its neck and belly, and Tang Tang enjoyed it thoroughly.


Tan Lingyin said sincerely, "Sir, you are so kind to me."


Tang Tianyuan felt a little awkward at her heartfelt compliment.

He looked down at Tang Tang and found a reasonable reason for his kindness, "But of course, afterall, I am your son's father."


"..." Tan Lingyin blushed and walked away.

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Tang Tianyuan touched his nose.

He was usually an earnest person, but he seemed to have lacked a filter today.

What did it mean to be a father to her son Didn't that mean that the two are husband and wife He really didn't mean it that way!


After this Tan Lingyin ran out, she quickly forgot about it.

She went to Qingchen and told him her plan.

Tan Qingchen naturally agreed to her plans. 


Tan Lingyin also wanted to give Tan Qingchen a pseudonym.

At first, she wanted to call him "Tan Qi Qi", which corresponded to her "Miao Miao".

However, Tan Qingchen refused no matter what, he would rather be called "Tan Dasuan", and take the opportunity to get closer to Zhu Dacong.


Zhu Dacong's shop opened soon; it was a jewelry shop.

Many people predicted its bleak future by opening such a shop mainly for the weak women next to the country government’s office.


Regardless, the opening was lively.

The nine hundred and ninety-nine firecrackers frightened Tang Tang.

It ran in circles in the county office, and even found someone to act like a spoiled baby.

Neighbors all came to congratulate, and they also gave gifts.

This included Tan Qingchen and Tan Lingyin; Tang Tianyuan didn't go there in person, but asked Tan Lingyin to bring his kind regards.


Zhu Dacong returned the gifts one by one without mentioning it.


It was peak autumn and the weather was getting drier.

Summer in the south had always been humid, so Xianggua and Xueli were not at ease.

These days, they have been busy sorting out their inventory and drying them.

And after it’s been preserved, they can be collected and used during the winter.

Mothers would always worry for their child when they traveled afar and Madam Tang was very thoughtful.

Not only did she arrange her son's food and clothing expenses, but also ordered a lot of things that could be given away.

It was definitely not easy for her son to be a low ranking official.

He had to make connections and must have gifts at hand, this way he won’t be taken lightly.


Therefore, Tang Tianyuan had a lot of good things on hand.


On this day, he saw the maids take out the jewelry to dry, feeling the sight was quite novel, so he came over to check it out.

Gold hairpins, silver trinkets, and emerald flower hairpins; it was a dazzling sight to behold.


Xueli thought it was very strange.

When did the Young Master become interested in the things women used Did he stop practicing tongzi-gong


Tang Tianyuan's eyes fell on an open box, in which lay a string of red coral bracelets.

The coral beads were round and bright; red like fire, and the beads laid on the white silk, like the cold red lotus blooming from the snow.


A snow-white wrist appeared in front of Tang Tianyuan's eyes.

A sword should match a hero.

He picked up the box, closed it, and walked away.


Xueli lightly bumped Xianggua's arm and asked secretly, "Sister Xianggua, who do you think the Young Master is going to give the bracelet to"


Still need to ask Xianggua sneered inwardly, pretending to be ignorant on the surface.

Only a fool like Xueli can't see the clue.


"Did he plan to wear it himself" Xueli said to herself.

She pictured the Young Master grinning and putting a red coral bracelet on his wrist.

She was frightened by her own thoughts and no longer thought about it any longer.


When Tang Tianyuan saw Tan Lingyin again, he was thinking about what reason to give her the bracelet.

But suddenly, he saw that Tan Lingyin had an extra wrist accessory on; it was actually a red coral bracelet.


For some reason, his eyes stung when he looked at this string of red corals.


Tan Lingyin saw the magistrate staring at her bracelet, so she raised her arm to show him.

With a bright smile, she asked, "Does it look good"

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Tang Tianyuan blushed, and quickly turned his face away, "It's really ugly."


"No taste," Tan Lingyin said.

Everyone else said it looked good, and Qingchen also said the same thing, but only this eccentric person says it's ugly.

She shook the red beads on her wrist, "Qingchen has identified it for me.

This is real coral, worth at least a hundred taels of silver."


It turns out that her so-called ‘taste’ was directly measured by price.

Tang Tianyuan was disdainful, but still asked, "Your brother bought it for you"


"No, it was given by Zhu Dacong."


Tang Tianyuan frowned.

"Didn't you say you are enemies Why are you wearing and flaunting his gift"


"As long as he doesn't know who I am, we have no grudges.

Besides, this is his return gift to me.

It would be a waste not to wear it.

I also gave him something when he opened."


Tang Tianyuan stated faintly, "What you gave him was a five silver taels frog." The frog was made of copper, only the surface was plated with a layer of gold.


Tan Lingyin defended, "That's not a frog, that's a toad! And it’s for the purpose of prosperity."


"It's all the same," Tang Tianyuan said, looking at her wrist again, "your brother may not know how to identify corals, why don't you take them off and let me examine them."


You just want to look at it, why do you need to find such a reason Tan Lingyin thought to herself.

He had helped her a lot recently, and she was not a stingy person, so she generously took off the coral bracelet to show him.


Who knew that he couldn't get enough of it after looking at it for a long time and insisted he had to take it back to study it carefully.


Tan Lingyin generously agreed again.


However, the result of her generosity was that the next day, the magistrate told her that the coral bracelet was lost.


Lost ! That was one hundred taels of silver!


Tan Lingyin spread her hands, "Pay me back!"


Tang Tianyuan didn't care.

"It's not worth anything, I'll get you another one."


Tan Lingyin thought he was procrastinating, but didn't expect that he would get a replacement so quickly.

And the bracelet he gave her was much better.

It was deeper in color and the beads were bigger too.


Tan Lingyin's eyes widened and she swallowed her saliva, but didn’t dare accept it.

"This must be worth a lot, right"


He was a little impatient, "Things are for use, not for selling.

If you don't like it and want money instead, then fine, I'll pay you back." 

translat ed by pure tl.

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"No no no! No need to go through the trouble." Tan Lingyin hurriedly took over the small velvet box containing the bracelet.


The corner of Tang Tianyuan’s mouth twitched slightly.


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