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Chapter 66 Old Affairs


Tan Lingyin's attitude towards Zhu Dacong was a bit complicated.

She was a little wary of him, but she had to cover up this wariness so that others wouldn't notice it.

At the same time, she did not want to ‘neglect’ him.

She hoped to get along with him harmoniously, to be friendly to her neighbor, so that if he really wanted to seek revenge, he may be more lenient.


So whenever she met Zhu Dacong outside the county government office, she wouldn’t shirk when Zhu Dacong approached her.

Instead, she would also chat with him, to worm her way into being friends.

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At that time, the sky was high, the clouds were clear, and the autumn light was just right.

Tan Lingyin came back from shopping and saw Zhu Dacong standing at the door of his jewelry store, looking up.


She also looked up curiously.

Under the blue and blue sky, the two of them raised their heads and opened their mouths unconsciously, like two chicks waiting to be fed.


There was a row of geese flying south in the sky.

Passing by this place, they did not intend to stop and continued to fly south.


Zhu Dacong looked at Tan Lingyin and asked, "Head Commissioner Tan, all of you scholars are erudite.

You say, these geese travel back and forth from north to south every year.

Do you think it considers its hometown in the south or the north"


Tan Lingyin lamented that once fed, people and birds were bound to think about nonsensical things all day long.

She touched her sore neck and replied, "Probably where they stay, is where they think is home."


"Oh" Zhu Dacong continued to ask.

"What about you, where is your hometown"


Tan Lingyin was a little speechless.

How come so many people love to ask me about my hometown She cracked up and said some random nonsense.

"I left home as a young child, and I wandered to many places, so I don't remember where I came from.

Just like these geese, my hometown is where I am living now."


Zhu Dacong said with a smile, "Head Commissioner Tan is really interesting.

I have some fine tea and some snacks made from fresh produce at the stop now.

I wonder if Head Commissioner Tan would humor me and come inside"


At this time, a voice suddenly came from the door of the county government office.

"Tan Miao Miao, when do you plan to come back." The tone was not very good.


Tan Lingyin followed the sound and saw a figure standing there.

Judging from the figure, it should be the county magistrate.

There was still a yellowish thing squatting by his feet, presumably Tang Tang.


Tan Lingyin responded.


Tang Tianyuan said again, "I only asked you to buy a couple of things, yet you take such a long time.

You’re really becoming more and more useless."

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Tan Lingyin was a little annoyed.

She wasn't his maid, why was he yelling at and scolding her Tan Lingyin was not someone who would just swallow her anger.

Since he blamed her, then she refused to give him any face.

She turned around and walked directly into the jewelry store.


Zhu Dacong stood on the spot and saluted with his hands to the county magistrate not far away.


Tang Tianyuan snorted coldly.


When Tang Tang saw its owner walking into the store, he eagerly wanted to follow.


"Tang Tang, come back." Tang Tianyuan stopped the cub.


Tang Tang had no choice but to walk back and look up at him puzzled.


"Your mother doesn't want you anymore."


It seemed to understand as it nudged its head down at Tang Tianyuan in frustration.


Tang Tianyuan narrowed his eyes and looked at the arrogant jewelry store.

He suddenly raised his voice and shouted behind him, "Huanggua."


Immediately, a young servant flashed out from the inside.

He leaned forward with a smile on his face, "Young Master, are you looking for me"


"Mhh, take a few people to Jinan." Tang Tianyuan said.

He had Huanggua come a little closer as he whispered some orders to him.


Huanggua nodded while listening.

"This servant remembers it all.

Don't worry, Young Master."


Tang Tianyuan nodded and looked at the jewelry store again.

Let’s see what the hell you are hiding.


On the other side, Tan Lingyin was led into the jewelry store by Zhu Dacong.

Even though it was her second time visiting, she was still in awe.

Afterall, women all loved beautiful and delicate jewelry.


It's not that Tan Lingyin hasn't seen luxury items, but her past few years could not compare to her wealthy lifestyle as in the past.

She had also become stingy, so although she had spare money, she would not spend it on expensive jewelry.


Zhu Dacong saw that she liked it and suggested that she could try it on for free.


Tan Lingyin shook her head.


Zhu Dacong smiled and said, "You seem to be afraid of me"


"I won’t make any purchases."


"Why are you afraid of me"

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He looked at her with a serious expression, as if ready to force a confession.

Tan Lingyin opened her mouth and took a step back.

To be honest, she wasn't very scared just now, but she was really scared now.


Zhu Dacong suddenly relaxed, and said sadly, "Forget it, I know even if you don't tell me."


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