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Chapter 67 Old Affair (2)


Tan Lingyin was curious.

"What do you know"


Zhu Dacong shook his head and sighed.

"There were many people in my hometown who were afraid of me.

Just because my father had some power, my appearance is a bit...


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Tan Lingyin thought, it shouldn’t just be because of a fierce face...


Zhu Dacong seemed to have heard her voice and continued: "Actually, I’ve beat people to death before."


"..." Tan Lingyin didn't expect him to be so frank.


"But until now, I still think that person deserved to die.

Since then, my reputation had gotten worse, and others have said that I am fated to be lonely.

In addition, after my two fiancées died one after another, I..." He stopped here and his brows frowned even more.


"Wasn’t it...

three Fiancees"


Zhu Dacong nodded and said, "When the third one learned that her marriage partner was me, and she passed due to depression.

Since then, I became known as a 'daughter killer'.

In fact, I don't believe in fate, but the third girl really did die because of me.

I have always felt guilty and regretful for it.

Since then, my heart died, and my desire to marry faded."


Tan Lingyin felt like a huge rock was pressed against her heart, and she felt extremely annoyed.

She tried to console him.

"You don't have to feel guilty, the marriage contract is set up by two families and is at the order of your parents.

So you are not at fault.

Besides, she didn't necessarily die of depression because of the marriage."

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"You don't understand," Zhu Dacong shook his head with a desolate expression.

"If an innocent good person died because of you, this thought will accompany you for the rest of your life.

You will never get rid of the guilt."


Tan Lingyin was anxious, "What if she didn't die"


Zhu Dacong smiled, "If she was not dead, then why would I be like this"


Tan Lingyin had no other words.


That’s correct, the name 'daughter killer' was given to him by her.

It was also because of her that he felt guilty and regretful for three years.

If she were to reveal that she was not dead and was just playing him.


It was even more difficult to accept than her death.


Zhu Dacong let out a long sigh and smiled embarrassedly.

"We may share kindred spirits Head Commissioner Tan.

I actually told you about these rotten old affairs, but I hope Head Commissioner Tan will not think about it too much."


"No no no."




Tan Lingyin returned to the county government office in despair.


The autumn weather was cool and dry, but Tan Lingyin felt like she had fallen into the hot stove of summer, and it was terribly stuffy.


She was Zhu Dacong’s third fiancee who he said had died.


'Daughter killer'.

If she were a bystander, Tan Lingyin would definitely not believe it; but when the matter was because of her doing, she would inevitably murmur.

Unbelievable, but she also didn’t dare to not believe.


What's more, Zhu Dacong's reputation was originally not good.


As for why her father promised her to such a person, this was another mess.


Tan Lingyin herself was a bit of a deviant.

She was dissatisfied with this arrangement, so she brazenly went and quarreled with her father.

Neither father and daughter could persuade the other.

Seeing that the wedding date was quickly approaching, Tan Lingyin didn't want to sit still and just ran away.


Her father was angry to find her missing.

The Zhu Family had a great career, and Zhu Dacong's father was still the prefectural magistrate.

Who would dare to offend such a family Father Tan didn't dare to tell the truth, so he had to say that she died of illness.

In order to make this act more realistic, he also ‘buried his daughter’ and followed the ritual and ceremony for several days.


As for how she died, he doesn't say, but others could guess.

There were two main theories, one was that the good girl was killed by Zhu Dacong, and the other was that when the girl knew that she was going to marry Zhu Dacong, it depressed her to death.


Zhu Dacong automatically accepted the latter statement.


Rumors spread like this.

Since then, Zhu Dacong's 'daughter killer' hat was completely glued on and couldn’t be taken off.

The Zhu Family was very apologetic to the Tan Family and took great care of them.

Father Tan even more did not dare tell the truth.


After Tan Qingchen helped his father with the affairs at home, he came to look for his sister.

He also brought a word from Father Tan: ‘since you left, then don’t come back’.


Tan Lingyin didn't dare to go back.

When she guessed that her father was no longer angry at her, she wrote him a letter.

He did not reply to any of her letters.

Tan Lingyin understood what her father meant, so she became disheartened and stopped communicating with her family.

translat ed by pure tl.

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Qingchen accompanied her all the time and the two wandered around.

When they arrived in Tongling County, they had spent almost all their money, so they settled here and did some business to make money.


Just like that, three years passed.


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