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Frankly speaking, Tan Lingyin was not a good person, but she was not bad either.

She did not lack the conscience that a normal person should have.

She originally regarded Zhu Dacong as a beast, but reality told her that he was a good person.

He was affectionate, righteous, and warm-hearted.


When she learned that Zhu Dacong had been guilty for so many years because of her, and was also carrying the reputation of 'daughter killer' because of her, she felt very uncomfortable.


She felt that she had failed him.If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .


Tan Lingyin went back to the county office in such a gloomy way.

With her mind deeply occupied, she bowed her head and walked without looking at the road.

As she walked, she suddenly bumped into something.


When Tang Tianyuan saw Tan Lingyin, he was ready to take out the words brewing in him to mock her.

However, he didn't expect that she would get closer and closer, and would plunge into his arms like a blind person.


Tang Tianyuan: "..." He even supported her.


The bridge of Tan Lingyin's nose was relatively high, and the bump made the tip of her nose hurt.

She rubbed her nose, looked up, and saw the wonderful face of the country magistrate, and was shocked.


Tang Tianyuan let go of the hand on her shoulder.

When he saw that she was so restless, he frowned.

"The person returned, but where did your little soul go"


Tan Lingyin's emotions were still immersed in the guilt and annoyance, so she asked subconsciously, "Where"


Tang Tianyuan did not answer.

His eyes moved down, staring at the thing she was carrying, "Give it."


Tan Lingyin was holding a coptis chinensis in her hand.

The county magistrate not only played tricks on people, but he didn't even spare dogs, ah no, lions.

This coptis chinensis was used to deal with Tang Tang.

As for why Tan Lingyin was sent to buy it… in Tang Tianyuan's original words: "Since he’s your son, if you don’t look after him, then who will"


So Tan Lingyin worked hard.

She handed him the newly bought coptis chinensis.

He took it and ordered people to go down and boil water with coptis chinensis.

Then he had the kitchen kill a turkey and set aside a bowl of fresh blood.


Tang Tang smelled the kitchen handyman's body and thought it must be  something delicious.

It was very happy, of course, the happiest thing was that its mother still wanted him.

Tang Tang lowered his head and rubbed against Tan Lingyin's ankle, motioning for Tan Lingyin to touch its head.


Tan Lingyin was a little absent-minded.

Seeing her like this, Tang Tianyuan opened his mouth to speak, but didn't say anything in the end.


The handyman quickly brought the blood.

The blood in the thick porcelain bowl was still warm and had not yet solidified.

There was a lot of blood foam floating on it, and there were a few bloodstains dripping from the edge of the white bowl, which looked strange and frightening.


Tang Tang smelled blood, and immediately became energetic.


Tang Tianyuan took the blood bowl and said to Tan Lingyin, "The blood should be drunk while it's hot.

It will clump when cold, and it won’t be tasty then."


Hearing this, the handyman ran away in fear.


Tang Tang raised its head and licked his tongue in greed.


Tang Tianyuan squatted down and put the bowl on the ground.

"Tang Tang, come eat."


Tang Tang jumped over in one step, buried his face in the bowl, and licked it.

After only two bites, it stopped, and let out a painful howl.

It then turned and ran away with drooping ears.

He ran to Tan Lingyin's feet, looked up at her with tears welling up in both eyes.

Probably because he was afraid she didn't understand, he glanced at Tan Lingyin, then at the blood bowl, then at her, and at the bowl again.


Even without Tang Tang making it so explicit, Tan Lingyin could understand how painful it is.

The bowl of blood was mixed with coptis chinensis water, so the taste must be very wonderful.


Training starts when young.

The county magistrate believed that for Tang Tang to not hurt people when he grew up, she should let him know from a young age that raw blood and raw meat are not delicious.

That's why he came up with such a sadistic idea.


Tan Lingyin looked at Tang Tang's aggrieved eyes, and she felt a little distressed about it.

But even though she felt distressed, she didn't want Tang Tang to commit any fouls when he grew up.

So she pointed to the blood that was gradually solidifying in the bowl, "Tang Tang, finish it."


Tang Tang ran away in despair.

It squatted in the corner and turned its butt towards them.


Tang Tianyuan said to Tan Lingyin, "You can accompany me to Tianmu Mountain in a few days."


Since the last time they found Qi Hui's body, they went to Tianmu Mountain another two times, but they found nothing.

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Tianmu Mountain was very large, so it was normal to not find any leads.

He couldn't go there frequently, and he also couldn’t bring too many people to search.

First reason was because of the flash floods that were prone to occur in the mountains in summer.

And secondly, he was about to break into the enemy’s base, so he must not reveal his identity at this time.


It should be said that since Tang Tianyuan discovered that there was suspicious gold in Qi's Family, he was basically certain that this place was smuggling gold.

What he didn't understand was how the emperor knew.

And if the emperor knew, why didn't he completely explain it


Well, anyway, if the emperor didn't take the initiative to tell him, he wouldn't ask.


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