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Tianmu Mountain in August was like a fairyland woven in colorful clouds. 


The bushes on the mountain were either green whistling in the wind, or a dense yellow, or a bright fiery red.

There were many flowering trees on the mountainside, with clusters of budding flowers.

Green, yellow, red, and purple intermixed; it was a dazzling sight.

There was even a waterfall hanging above the high cliff, like a silver-white soft sword piercing straight into the lake, creating a beautiful rainbow.

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Tan Lingyin felt only one word while walking in such a picturesque place: tired!


The county magistrate really came to Tianmu Mountain again, and dragged her along again.


He was a person who will never give up until he achieves his goals.

Every time he climbed Tianmu Mountain, he would choose a different route.

They were following the routes from the easiest to the most difficult, so their route became naturally more and more difficult to walk.

They were currently not even walking on a ‘route’ at all, it can only be said that some people have traversed here, leaving some traces.


Tang Tianyuan deduced that this ‘nowhere considered a route’ route may be a transportation channel for gold smugglers.

The reason was that this path should not have been created too long ago, but Tianmu Mountain was closed for several years.

Herb-gatherers and hunters seldom go up the mountains, so they could not create such a pathway.

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"Lord is really wise, can we go back now" Tan Lingyin was so tired, she felt as if her feet were made of lead.

She didn't care about the facts or the truth, she really wanted to curl up and roll down from here.


Tang Tianyuan shook his head.

"We finally found it, how can I give up easily" He patted a small ball of hair lying on his shoulder, "Tang Tang, don’t you agree"


Tang Tang raised his head and rubbed his face.

Seeing that both of them were leaving today, it insisted on following.

Tan Lingyin allowed him to tag along.

As a lion cub, Tang Tang has no talent for mountain climbing.

It was small and rolled down the mountain road several times before being picked up by Tang Tianyuan.


Later, Tang Tianyuan simply put Tang Tang on his shoulders.


Tan Lingyin had to admit that she was a little jealous of Tang Tang.


After resting for a while, Tang Tianyuan got up and was about to leave again.

Tan Lingyin became defiant and remained seated on the ground.

"Sir, you go first, I'll wait for you here."


Tang Tianyuan shook his head.

"This mountain has not been visited by hunters for a few years.

There’s no mentioning how many wolves, tigers and leopards, snakes, and poisonous insects there are.

Can you handle any of them"


Tan Lingyin could only get up.


Tang Tianyuan knew that she was not physically strong, so he grabbed her hand and pulled her up.

"Let's go."


Tan Lingyin was a little embarrassed.

This really saved a lot of effort, but unwed men and women shouldn’t have any contact...


She tried to withdraw her hand, but was unsuccessful.

The magistrate's grip was very powerful.


Forget it.

Saving energy was the top priority, and everything else is secondary.

Tan Lingyin was relieved and gradually put most of her body weight on her pulled arm; she was literally being dragged like a sack by him.


She thought to herself: What did this man eat to grow up, how could he not be tired


At this time, Tang Tianyuan gradually lost his judgment on the feeling of ‘tiredness’ - his attention was attracted by the palm that he was holding.


He was not clear why he grabbed her hands all of a sudden.

Probably just doing public service for personal benefit, because he himself knew that the first time he saw those hands, he was attracted to them.

Now that he was able to hold it in the palm of his hand, that soft, boneless touch gave him a strange satisfaction.

That feeling made his heart flutter, but he also felt a bit guilty.


He looked on the road ahead, not looking back at her.

He knew that his face was exuding a lot of heat, and his face must look very abnormal.


Tan Lingyin was actually quite self-conscious.

No matter how thick-skinned she was, she was still an unwed girl.

She didn't want to look at him, so she kept turning her face to look at the scenery.

With less pressure on her feet, she can devote part of her energy to her eyes.


"How beautiful." Tan Lingyin sighed unconsciously.

translat ed by pure tl.

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Tang Tianyuan couldn't hold back when he heard the words, and turned his head to look at her.

At this moment, she was standing by the side of a mountain flower.

Both her face and the flower glowed beautifully, it’s unclear which illuminated the other.


It really is quite beautiful.

Tang Tianyuan thought to himself.


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