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Due to physical exhaustion, her face was wet and red, and her big eyes were a little wet.

Although this person had bad eyesight, her eyes are extremely beautiful.

Her eyes were clear and clean like two obsidian raised in extremely clear spring water.

When you stood in front of her, she may not be able to see you clearly, but you could see the vividness in her eyes.

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These were the kind of eyes that could tell a story -Tang Tianyuan thought.

He was a little regretful, because although he could see Tan Lingyin’s beauty, she couldn't see his.

This was not fair, it blinded his handsomeness and distinguished elegance.


Tang Tianyuan quickly realised this thought was a little stupid, so he snortly lightly.


Just keep going.


After going over a hillside, Tan Lingyin had to rest again.

Tang Tianyuan let go of her.

The two sat on the ground and he handed her the water bag.


Tang Tang also jumped off his shoulders and went to chase the butterflies nearby.


Just now, Tang Tianyuan exerted too much strength, so Tan Lingyin's hand was clenched painfully.

She grimaced and rubbed her hands lightly.


Tang Tianyuan coughed dryly and suddenly reached out his hand to her.

"For you."


Tan Lingyin was inexplicable.

He clearly had nothing in his hand, so scare her, okay

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Tang Tianyuan smiled and said, "Don't you want revenge"


Tan Lingyin caught on.

What he meant was that since he hurt her, he also allowed her to harm him.

This seemed fair.

She was already unsatisfied with him and felt that he shouldn't have repeatedly dragged her to suffer in such a place.

So she really took revenge; she took his hand and squeezed hard.


Tang Tianyuan laughed.

She really did not have much strength.

How could this be counted as revenge It is more like ***.

Thinking of this, he smiled even more and the tips of his eyes even crinkled with laughter.


Tan Lingyin felt his contempt.

She was so angry that she took his hand and with enthusiasm of eating Dong-po pork[1], she took a big chump!


Tang Tianyuan groaned in pain.

But apart from the pain, there was an unexplainable strangeness in his heart.

This feeling was very special.

He didn't know how to describe it, but it was not disgusting.

Especially when the tip of her tongue accidentally licked the edge of his palm.

There was a slight force like a heavy hammer, which made his heart pound.


Tan Lingyin raised her eyebrows and exhaled.

She threw off his hand and looked at him smugly.


He suddenly rushed over.

"It's my turn."


Tan Lingyin was startled.

He was strong, so his bite would be extremely painful! She was so frightened that she quickly moved back, then got up and ran.

The path on the mountain was rough and difficult to traverse, so she stumbled and nearly fell.


"Careful!" Tang Tianyuan didn't care about joking at this time, "Okay, okay.

Just come back."


Tan Lingyin looked back at him and smiled.

She stopped and wanted to go back, but her first step was met with nothingness.


Tang Tianyuan instinctively went to help Tan Lingyin.He had thought that she would roll down and he was close enough to cushion her fall.

However, to his surprise, the land under Tan Lingyin's feet began to sink!


Tang Tianyuan had already rushed over to catch Tan Lingyin at this time, but the new change came too suddenly.

He didn't have time to escape, so he fell down with Tan Lingyin.

They fell fast, as if jumping straight down from the sky.


Tan Lingyin hugged Tang Tianyuan instinctively, and Tang Tianyuan hugged her back.

A lot of grass, branches, earth, and rocks fell from above, so Tang Tianyuan pressed Tan Lingyin's head into his embrace and protected it tightly.


The two were so shocked as they lost their senses, and they didn't know how long they had been falling.

For a moment, Tan Lingyin suspected that she might have plunged into the eighteenth layer of hell.


At long last, they finally landed.

translat ed by pure tl.

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Tang Tianyuan's foot touched the ground first.

He fell down and lay on the ground, causing Tan Lingyin to fall directly on top of him.

This helped her avoid landing on the hard ground and breaking her bones.

He rolled with her a few times, buffering the impact.


Finally, with their lives safe, the two sat up.

They were all drenched in a thick layer of random stuff, which was very embarrassing.

Tan Lingyin choked and coughed, and Tang Tianyuan gently patted her back for her.


He briefly dusted off his body, and then began to look at his surroundings.


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