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Tang Tianyuan didn't see where they were at first glance.

It was definitely not a trap dug by a hunter, because it was too deep.

He looked up at the circular patch of sky above.

There was some mud teetering on the edge, as if he could shake them off with a little cough.


He looked at Tan Lingyin again.

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Tan Lingyin's expression was a little strange.

This was because she felt a hand under her butt.

There was no third person here, and it was impossible for her to grope herself.

She was furious, and suddenly raised her palm, ready to slap Tang Tianyuan.



Tang Tianyuan responded quickly and grabbed her wrist.

"What are you doing!"


Seeing Tang Tianyuan still acting as if he was an innocent man, Tan Lingyin felt he was too shameless.

She raised her other hand, and was ready for round two.


Tang Tianyuan raised his hand decisively and held her other wrist.

Her wrists are very thin, so he didn't dare to use too much force, for fear of breaking her.


With both hands bound, Tan Lingyin had no choice but ‘attack’ with her eye.

She glared at him with her round eyes, as if she had cut a few holes in him with her gaze.


She had a sullen face at the moment; her hair in a messy bun as if someone had just ruffled it up.

The dust on her head fell on her face and bangs.

This description, coupled with her extremely solemn expression, made Tang Tianyuan unable to help but secretly laugh.

He suddenly puffed out his mouth and blew a long sigh of air into her face.


Tan Lingyin: "..." Would you mind not messing around right now


Her face was blown clean by him, but because her eyes were sore, she had to narrow her eyes for a bit.


The two were deadlocked like this for a while, when Tan Lingyin suddenly found a serious problem: now that both of his hands have been occupied, where did the hand still resting under her butt come from


She was so frightened that her hair stood up.

Tan Lingyin then moved her body forward slightly and then looked back.


"Ahhhhh!!!" Tan Lingyin didn't care as she screamed and pounced onto Tang Tianyuan.


Just a moment ago, she wanted to slap him with her claws, but now she was throwing herself into his arms...

No matter how good Tang Tianyuan's mind was, he couldn't decipher Tan Lingyin's spontaneous and mentally deranged behavior.


Tan Lingyin's momentum was too great, knocking Tang Tianyuan back down on the ground again.

She accidentally fell into his arms, and her front teeth knocked on his chin.


She kissed me! She kissed me! She kissed me!...

Tang Tianyuan was full of only this thought.

He didn't understand, he was clearly being played by her as a hooligan again, but he didn't feel disgusted at all.

Could it be that he was molested so much and got used to it

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He even wrapped his arms around her waist.


In Tan Lingyin's point of view, this was not considered a kiss; it was not even a bite.

It was just a knock from her front teeth, and her front teeth still hurt from it.

She touched her mouth and sat up.


Well actually, she was sitting on his waist.


She also gave him a condescending look.


Tang Tianyuan had experienced many things in the last couple of years.

He’s had a fair share of being molested, but he has never felt this way before: all the thoughts in his mind were suddenly swept away by a gust of wind, leaving only a vast expanse of white.


He was stunned and dumbfounded, unable to make a single sound.


Tan Lingyin stood up, pointed to the back and said eagerly.

"Sir! Sir, there’s a corpse!"


Hearing this, Tang Tianyuan quickly got up to check.


He saw a hand bone sticking out of the dirt.


It turned out that it was this dead man's hand bone that had just touched Tan Lingyin's buttocks.

Only the bones of the hands were exposed, and the rest was buried in mud, which was why they didn't notice it earlier.


Tang Tianyuan dug the soil along the bone.

Seeing this, Tan Lingyin also came to help, digging the soil.

Tang Tianyuan hurriedly stopped her, "Don't make trouble!" How could such a beautiful pair of hands do such a thing What if she injured it...


Tan Lingyin quickly retracted her hand and glanced at him uneasily.


Tang Tianyuan added softly, "Be obedient and don't move around." After thinking for a while, and seeing how frightened she was, he comforted again.

"I'm here, don't be afraid."


Tan Lingyin nodded.


Tang Tianyuan dug for a while, and the part above the corpse's chest was exposed.

The clothes and hair of the corpse remained while the flesh and blood had been rotten, so the soil exuded a revolting smell.

According to the clothes of the deceased, this dead person should be an ordinary commoner. 


Tang Tianyuan continued to dig down along the waist of the corpse when he found another head.

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It turned out there was more than one corpse.


Tan Lingyin felt her scalp numb, and she quietly scooted closer to Tang Tianyuan, and then moved closer again.

Eventually, she squatted next to him, her shoulders pressing against his.


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