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Tang Tianyuan found a hard object from under the corpse.

He took it out and removed the soil wrapped outside, and saw that it was a yellow ore-like object.

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Tan Lingyin exclaimed in a suppressed voice: "Gold!"


Tang Tianyuan nodded.

Although he has never seen a gold ore, looking at the appearance of this thing, it was probably true.

He stood up, looked around again, and said, "Is this actually a gold mine"


Tan Lingyin looked at the corpses on the ground and wondered, "But why are there dead people in the mine" There was even more than one corpse, and probably more than just two.

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"Either they stumbled and fell there, or were intentionally killed." Tang Tianyuan leaned to the latter, afterall the entrance to mine was well camouflaged and seemed man-made.


What Tan Lingyin was more concerned about was: "Then can we still escape"


Tang Tianyuan was also not quite sure.

This mine was too deep, and the surrounding area was relatively smooth, so it is difficult to find a place to focus on.

Moreover, the situation above was still a variable; it was unknown how many earth and rocks were still loosely attached.

It would not be good if any of it really fell and buried them.


At this time, there was a sudden cry from above.


Realizing it was Tang Tang's cry, Tan Lingyin hurriedly called out, "Tang Tang!" 


When Tang Tang called like this, it was usually when he encountered something scary.

It wouldn't have been entangled by a beast, right Although it is a lion, it is too young to beat even a dog, let alone a jackal.


Tan Lingyin shouted again anxiously until Tang Tang's little head stuck out from the mine entrance.

Tan Lingyin was relieved.

It’s good that he was not bullied by wild animals.


Tang Tang saw that both of them were at the bottom, he was curious and anxious, and wailed.


Tang Tianyuan suddenly said, "Tang Tang, go back and call some people."


"Can it understand you" Tan Lingyin asked.


"I don't know," Tang Tianyuan shook his head, "but it's better than just sitting here and waiting." There was one more point that Tang Tianyuan didn't say out loud. 


If a vicous creature really jumped out to fight Tang Tang at this time, Tan Lingyin be worried to death watching Tang Tang being tortured in front of her.

He sent Tang Tang away so it wouldn't be too conscious of his owner, and it could be more alert and hide when danger was near.


Tang Tang really turned its head and walked away.

And while strutting away, it cried out twice, as if trying to comfort them.


Tan Lingyin sat on the ground against the wall, as far away from the two corpses as possible.

Misery loves company.

Unexpectedly, when she casually placed her hand on the ground, Tan Lingyin felt a large, half-foot-long centipede!


She screamed and threw the centipede to the ground.


Tang Tianyuan squashed the centipede with one foot, then hugged Tan Lingyin’s shoulders and comforted softly, "It's alright, it's alright."


Tan Lingyin has been devastated by the continuous series of bad luck, so she threw herself into Tang Tianyuan's arms and cried bitterly.


Tang Tianyuan didn’t know how to react.

He hugged her carefully and comforted her over and over again.

He took out a fairly clean handkerchief and gently wiped Tan Lingyin's tears. 


With dirt originally on her face, but now was soaked in tears, she looked like a work of art.

Tang Tianyuan helped her wipe it a few times, but the canvas became even more ‘abstract’.


Tang Tianyuan didn't know what happened to her.

Seeing her cry like this, his heart thumped, feeling no better than her.


Tan Lingyin stopped after crying for a while, sobbed and asked, "Do you have anything to eat"


Well, no matter what happens, she will never let herself go hungry.

Tang Tianyuan was suddenly amused.

He felt that it would be good if one married such a wife– easy to feed and easy to coax.


It was mealtime now, and they came out with some food rations.

Tang Tianyuan carefully wiped his hands clean and took out a lotus leaf wrapped package from his sleeves.

He opened it, displaying a couple vegetable buns inside.


"There's also chicken legs." Tan Lingyin reminded him.


It was not advisable for the two of them to bring too many things when mountain climbing.

It was Tan Lingyin who fought hard on wanting to bring chicken legs.

Tang Tianyuan agreed, but now she was so exhausted from crying, so Tang Tianyuan didn't want to give her greasy food.


It doesn't matter, she had to eat it.


Tang Tianyuan had no choice but to give her the chicken legs.

Tan Lingyin was a little sleepy after she ate her fill.

She could catch a cold if she laid on the ground, and leaning against the wall was uncomfortable.

Tan Lingyin hesitated for a while before rolling into Tang Tianyuan's arms again.

With all that has happened today anyway, her mentally was similar to smashing an already broken jar [1].


Tang Tianyuan admired her.

No matter what happened she slept and ate on time.

At worst, she would cry, but then do whatever after, without delay.


He hugged her and leaned against the wall while contemplating.

In the late autumn, the underground mine was very cool.

But the two stuck together, so they don't feel cold.


Tang Tianyuan's thoughts were still within the controllable range at first, but then drifted a little far.

His eyes stopped on her face; with tears mixed with mud marks, her face could already be described as a spectacle too horrible to endure.

translat ed by pure tl.

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His brain was really broken.

Tang Tianyuan shook his head.

He was a little puzzled.

Even though she was already a cut sorry figure, he still thought she was beautiful.







[1] smashing an already broken jar (破罐子破摔)- Since it's already broken, then keep breaking.

It's when some has already gone astray, instead of fixing it, just letting it run its route and even become worse.


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