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Chapter 73 Missing Home


After Tang Tang turned around, the first thing he did was to urinate at the mine entrance.


Well, it was his way of marking.

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Then it went downhill.

The so-called ‘it's easier to go uphill then down’, since Tang Tang didn't even know how to go up the mountain, and it was even more difficult to go down the mountain.

Just one misstep, it started to roll down.


And quite fast too...


Tang Tang eventually made its way down the mountain in a dozen rolling tumbles.

This kind of animal was born with rough skin and thick flesh, so he didn't hurt the bones, nor break any skin.


After going down the mountain, it rested for a while.

When it finally became less dizzy, Tang Tang continued on its way.


Tang Tang ignored all the flowers, grass, butterflies, and birds encountered on the road and moved forward at full speed.

Occasionally it would pee a little on the side as a mark for when it came back.


Since it was so small, Tang Tang took a while to walk back.

And since it was its first time in the mountains, he got lost several times.

After a long time, it walked back to the county government office. 


The steps outside the county office were too high, and no one could help lift it at the moment, so Tang Tang simply turned around and made its way to Gutang Bookstore.


Tan Qingchen was there and Tang Tang was elated to see someone familiar.

Tang Tang whimpered, biting the corner of Tan Qingchen’s clothes without letting go, and tried to drag him out.


Tan Qingchen was very surprised.

Tang Tang had always been with his sister, so his first thought was whether his sister had encountered any problems.

He asked someone to go to the county government office to find Tan Lingyin.

The person quickly came back and said that Sister Lingyin went out early in the morning with the county magistrate, and both had not returned.

If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .


Tan Qingchen looked at the sky.

It was almost evening, what were they doing, going out for the whole day Looking at Tang Tang's abnormal behavior, they probably encountered some difficulties.

And this difficulty was not small, otherwise they wouldn’t have sent a small animal to come back for help.


The people in the county government office did not explain the purpose of the two people’s venture.

Tan Qingchen didn't know if there were any secrets, so he didn't immediately notify Zhou Zhengdao.

There are factions in the county government office, Tan Lingyin had mentioned this to him before.

Tan Qingchen only invited a few bailiffs, who usually had a good relationship with Tan Lingyin, and wanted to explore the truth with them first.


Several people prepared some things that might be used— weapons for fighting, torches for lighting, medicines and gauze for wounds, ropes for rescue, etc— and set off.


Tang Tang led the way, and they followed behind.


The identity of the young lad had not been clarified, and most people still thought Tang Tang was a dog.

Now that they were following a young lad and a young dog up a mountain; this kind of approach, bailiffs felt, was a little unreliable.


However reliable or not reliable, they have no other way.

The County Magistrate and Head Commissioner Tan hadn't come back after going out for so long.

This matter had never happened before, so it was better to find them as soon as possible.


Tang Tang was really tired, but he still persevered.

Going back this time went a lot smoother because there were signs for guidance.

However, the mountain road was a bit long, so by the time they found the mine entrance, it was already dark.


The night in the mountains was especially dark.

The night sky had been blocked by the tall trees, with only a few star light leaking through, which was better than nothing.

Several people held up their torches before they were able to see the dark mine entrance.


Tang Tang called out into the pit.


Down below, Tan Lingyin was leaning against Tang Tianyuan and talking.

After she woke up this afternoon, the two had nothing to do, so Tang Tianyuan began to dig up the body again.

After digging out the third head, he stopped decisively.

It wasn't that he was afraid of scaring Tan Lingyin—he was there anyway.

He was mainly worried that the mine had not been repaired for a long time, and he didn't know whether it was stable or not.

What if he dug too much and caused it to collapse That would not be good.


After being frightened, Tan Lingyin's courage grew.

The two quieted down and analyzed the various possibilities that caused such a scene.

The Magistrate even praised her for being smart, so Tan Lingyin was very proud.

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The sun gradually slanted westward, and the light in the mine dimmed.

Tan Lingyin's mood also became gloomy.

She was very uneasy.

She was worried for Tang Tang’s safety and she didn't know if they would get out.

She poked around the walls for a long time, and finally sat down depressed.


The county magistrate did not move very much.

He comforted her and said, "It's getting late now, there isn’t much light.

So no matter what, you can't act rashly.

Even if we managed to climb up, it's not safe to walk the mountain road in the dark.

We might as well just spend the night here and think about finding a way out tomorrow."


He was right.

Tan Lingyin had no choice but to give up.


The two sat at the bottom of the cold mine well, looking up at the small piece of sky above their heads.

This was the literal meaning of ‘tunnel vision’.


The sky was clear dark blue with two faint stars.

Tang Tianyuan pointed to the two stars and begane to tell Tan Lingyin a story.

The story was just randomly made up, so Tan Lingyin had never heard of it.

Tang Tianyuan was just talking nonsense at first, afraid that Tan Lingyin would be bored, but later he expanded the entanglement between the two stars to the love-hate relationship of the twenty-eight constellations.

To tell the truth, he was quite shocked by his own ability to create random tales.


After telling the story for a while, Tang Tianyuan found that if he fabricated this tale, it was going to become a whole book about the war of the gods and demons.

He stopped, picked up the water bag and took a sip.

The two of them each brought a water bag.

Tan Lingyin had finished hers earlier, so she drank from Tang Tianyuan's water bag.

Therefore, the water bag that Tang Tianyuan was using now was ‘touched’ by Tan Lingyin.

After he finished drinking, he licked his lips, and his thoughts drifted.

He didn't even know what he was thinking.


Tan Lingyin urged Tang Tianyuan to continue speaking.


Tang Tianyuan didn't want to talk anymore.

He needed to calm down for a while and sort out his inexplicable and chaotic mood.

It turned out that people's emotions were really similar to water.

Just a random gust of wind  could cause countless ripples on the surface.


Tan Lingyin knew that he was keeping her in suspense.

Storytellers all did this; they would stop right before an exciting scene and then ask the listeners to come back next time for the next chapter.

She ignored him and looked up at the sky again.


When people were helpless, they were most likely to think of home and their parents.

Tan Lingyin thought about her father who dug a pit for her, her mother who had been dead for many years, and the home where she stayed for sixteen years.

She thought she would no longer care for it, but the truth was that she cared deeply about it.

The attachment to home was almost instinctive.


She wanted to go back, but she couldn't.


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