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Chapter 74 Unworthy


"What are you thinking" Tang Tianyuan asked her suddenly.


Tan Lingyin suddenly thought of a person and asked, "Sir, are you very close with Tang Tianyuan"


In Tang Tianyuan's mind, Zheng Shaofeng's dunce face appeared.

He lowered his voice and asked, "Why, do you miss him"


"A little bit.


I know it's hard to talk about this, but..." Tan Lingyin was a little ashamed and didn't know how to say it.


Tang Tianyuan suddenly became a little nervous.

His hand clasped the wall of the well, suppressing his emotions.

He asked, "What are you trying to say"


"Uh well, I got into some trouble in my hometown and offended Zhu Dacong, you know.

I mean, Tang Tianyuan has a wider range of connections, so maybe he can help me resolve the situation..." I really want to go back home!


So it was just that.

Tang Tianyuan smiled and said, "That’s not too difficult, but you have to let me know what happened to you first."

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The matter of fleeing from an arranged marriage was a really difficult topic to talk about.

Tan Lingyin hesitated for a while, and when she finally made up her mind to speak, she suddenly heard Tang Tang calling from above.


The two looked up and saw the light at the mine wellhead.


Tan Lingyin jumped a meter high.

We’re saved!


The rescue work went very smoothly.

Tang Tianyuan tied the rope around Tan Lingyin's waist and asked the people above to pull her up.

After Tan Lingyin successfully was bought above land, she thanked everyone, and then hugged Tang Tang and smooched him countless times.

Tang Tang was exhausted and was paralyzed on the ground and could do nothing at her wild kisses.


Tangtang actually wanted to dodge and jump out of her embrace.

Mainly because she was holding him too tightly, affecting its breathing.


After Tan Lingyin put down Tang Tang, she turned around and saw Qingchen staring at her.

His gaze didn't seem too happy.


Ah crap! It’s over! Qingchen was angry! Tan Lingyin shrank her neck and thought about how to coax Tan Qingchen.

The milder one’s temper was, the more difficult one was to coax.

When they showed their anger, it meant that they were furious, and the usual sweet words wouldn’t help calm them down at all.


At this time, Tang Tianyuan also came up.

He pulled the rope, lightly kicked at the wellhead, and flipped up gracefully.

The first scene he saw was Tan Qingchen staring at her sister.

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From a man's intuition, Tang Tianyuan felt that Tan Qingchen's eyes didn't look like a brother looking at his sister.


Usually when Qingchen was angry, Tan Lingyin would choose to cling to him for dear life.

She would shamelessly ramble on until he calmed down.


So now, Tan Lingyin walked up to Tan Qingchen.

With her eyebrows drooped, she said, "Qingchen, my leg hurts."


Tan Qingchen ignored her.


Tan Lingyin deliberately rubbed her legs exaggeratedly, while sneaking a glance at her brother.

"Would you like to carry me down"


In addition to being in the wilderness, there was barely any light.

Tan Lingyin didn't really intend to let Qingchen carry her down, she was just looking for something to say.


Tan Qingchen was a little shaken.

He was angry, yes, but he also felt distressed for her.


Tan Lingyin still wanted to mess around with a few more words, but unexpectedly, her body suddenly left the ground.

She exclaimed, still not understanding what was going on; her body had already formed a folded shape, and a hard shoulder was placed under her stomach.


Tang Tianyuan carried Tan Lingyin on his shoulders like a big sack.

He buckled her knees and said coldly, "Noisy."


Tan Lingyin's head rushed down, only to feel that the whole world was shaking.

She was very dizzy, so slapped Tang Tianyuan, dissatisfied.

"Let me down!"


Tang Tianyuan whispered, "Hey! Behave would you Where are you touching!"




How shameless for him to say such a thing in front of so many people! Tan Lingyin was indescribably indignant, and wanted to hit him again, but unfortunately she couldn't do anything.

So she had to lower her arms weakly.

Her legs also dangled down and were buckled by him, as she hung on his shoulders like a big, wet rag.


In fact, Tan Lingyin's concerns were unnecessary.

Because other people, especially the people in the county government office, have thought farther than she was worried about. 


The rumor of ‘the unusual relationship between the County Magistrate and Head Commissioner Tan’ had spread from an unknown source, but more than half of the people in the county office believed it. 


However, now that popular customs were a bit more liberal, the people from the bottom cast were particularly bold in their ideas.

A love affair was not a big deal, not to mention such a handsome man and a beautiful woman; both with talents and beautiful appearances, pleasing to the eyes of onlookers, so their tolerance was even higher.


Tang Tianyuan carried Tan Lingyin down the mountain.

Along the way, Tan Qingchen's face became worse and worse.

Occasionally, his face was illuminated by fire, he looked as if he was about to kill Shura.


What to do, Qingchen is even more angry! Tan Lingyin played dead on the county magistrate's shoulder while thinking about this concerning problem.


That night, she did not return to the county government office, but followed Tan Qingchen back to the Gutang Bookstore.

Tan Qingchen ignored her, but did not stop her.

Tan Lingyin was even more shameless, she simply opened her arms to block the door of Tan Qingchen's room.

"Qingchen, if you don't forgive me, then I won't let you sleep."


Tan Qingchen frowned and looked at her for a while, then suddenly pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly.


Tan Lingyin was stunned for a moment, then hugged him back.

Finally! She let out a long sigh of relief.


Tan Qingchen hugged her tighter and tighter.


Tan Lingyin patted his back lightly and comforted softly, "Okay, this time was really an accident, there will be no next time! I know you worry about me, I understand."

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You don't understand.

Tan Qingchen thought– You don't understand at all.

You only know that I worry about you, but you don't know how much I worry about you.

You don't know what you mean to me… You just think I'm mad at you, but in fact, I'm more mad at myself.



He had a lot to say to her, but he couldn't mutter a single word.

These words were stuck in his chest, like entangled tree roots.

It tangled tighter and tighter, causing a burst of pain in his chest.


Sometimes, he really hated himself for being a mute.


Because a mute was not worthy of her.


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