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Tan Lingyin returned to the county government office the next day.


Tang Tianyuan was in the Retreat Hall, but was not doing any work.

He stood in front of the window, quietly watching the yellow leaves in the courtyard swirling down, and lost in thought.


When Tan Lingyin walked into the courtyard, Tang Tianyuan's eyes locked on her.

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She had already cleaned up and changed her clothes, so she looked completely different from the person covered in dirt yesterday.

She walked past the second hall without looking around, so she did not see Tang Tianyuan at the window.


"Tan Lingyin." Tang Tianyuan stopped her.


Tan Lingyin stopped in her footsteps and followed the sound.

When she saw that it was the magistrate who called her, she responded, "Do you have any orders, sir" It was early in the morning, and she still wanted to hurry back to see Tang Tang.


Tang Tianyuan seemed to have guessed what she was thinking.

He bent down and held Tang Tang from under his feet to the windowsill.

Tang Tang leaned on the window and called to Tan Lingyin coquettishly.


So Tan Lingyin walked into the second hall.

She hugged Tang Tang and kissed it.


Tang Tianyuan sat down calmly and poured himself a cup of tea.

After he put down the teapot, he asked knowingly, "Where did you go last night"


"I was at the Gutang Bookhouse.

I ate something after taking a bath yesterday.

By the time I finished, it was already very late, so I didn't bother to come back and spent the night at Gutang Bookhouse.

Do you have anything from me, sir"


Tang Tianyuan shook his head. 


There were things on his mind, but he didn’t know how to ask.

Not to mention that he had not yet determined whether Tan Qingchen really had other thoughts about Tan Lingyin –Even if he did, he was not their parent and had no right to intervene with other people’s private affairs.

But if he was asked to pretend to know nothing, he would feel suffocated and unhappy, unable to speak his mind.


I am a parental official, so I should be in charge of everything in this county, whether it is legal or human relations.

Thinking of this, Tang Tianyuan was a little relieved, so he said to Tan Lingyin, "Don't you think that you and Tan Qingchen are too close"


This was a very awkward question.

Tan Lingyin frowned and replied, "He's my younger brother, if I’m not close to him, do I have to be close to you"


"Even if you are sisters and brothers, there are still differences between men and women.

You are not a child, how can there be no taboos"


Tan Lingyin finally understood what his words meant.

Furious, she exclaimed, "What do you mean, Tang Feilong!"


Tang Tianyuan looked away.

He also didn't know why he felt so guilty, "I'm doing it for your own good."


"No need." Tan Lingyin said, turning to leave.

This man's filthy thoughts made her very annoyed.

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Just as Tang Tianyuan was about to speak, he saw a figure sticking to the door outside.

Judging by his figure, it was undoubtedly Zhou Zhengdao.

Tang Tianyuan had all kinds of thoughts flashing in his mind, when he suddenly grabbed Tan Lingyin's wrist and pulled her back, "Don't go."


Tan Lingyin was caught off guard.

She staggered and almost fell into his arms.

She was completely annoyed, and raised her voice and roared, "What on earth are you trying to do"


He looked at her affectionately, his voice soft as water, "Yinyin, I'm sorry."


Yinyinyinyinyinyin...Tan Lingyin just felt goosebumps.

Yin my *ss! She had her back to the door and had no idea what he was doing, so she rolled her eyes in anger, "Shut up!"


Tang Tianyuan continued to frown with a tangled expression of heartache, and said affectionately, "I know you're angry that I didn't protect you yesterday, causing you to fall into that broken well.

There are so many corpses in that broken well, it must have scared you.

Don't worry, I'll get to the bottom of this, I--"


"You are sick!" Tan Lingyin concluded.


Tang Tianyuan suddenly took a step back, his act on full blast as he shouted hoarsely, "Yes, I'm sick! You made me sick! I felt so uncomfortable when I saw Tan Qingchen looking at you! I don't want anyone to look at you that way! Except for me!"


Tan Lingyin was so scared that she was about to wet her pants.

What did he mean by that!!


"Why are you looking at me like that" Tang Tianyuan was unrelenting, with a bit of grievance in his tone, he continued, "Yesterday, you insisted on going to Tianmu Mountain to play, and insisted on climbing that mountain.

You found that broken well first.

Because of you, we fell together, but you..."


"Stop, stop," Tan Lingyin heard some key information from his crazy words.

"You were the one that insisted on climbing Tianmu Mountain."

translat ed by pure tl.

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Tang Tianyuan: "It was you."


Tan Lingyin: "It was you! You! You!"


"Fine, it was me then.

Anyway, don't make trouble."


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