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Chapter 83: Crush (1)


Tang Tianyuan finally encountered one of the great wonders of this world.

How could he like Tan Lingyin


Like most men, Tang Tianyuan's ideal wife was a lady of unflawed nature and appearance.

Tan Lingyin's ‘appearance’ was so-so, but what about ‘nature’


Well, if the word was taken apart and rearranged, she did stand for the word ‘eat’: with a clever mouth that could eat and drink.


She just wasn’t his type.


What's more, she was Miao Miao Sheng.


Thinking of her identity, Tang Tianyuan then thought of her famous book .

At first, he just wanted to teach her a lesson, but now it seemed that the various things Tang Feilong and Miao Miao did in that book were really bubbling with ambiguity.


Tang Tianyuan couldn't help but chuckle.

After laughing for a while, he stopped abruptly.

Why was he thinking of such a thing How foolish.

Let's think about something else.


In the end, everything on his mind was something related to Tan Lingyin.


What did he like about her Tang Tianyuan began to seriously and objectively explore the strong points of Tan Lingyin, and finally concluded that this woman was actually...

quite lackluster.

The only good thing about her was that she had pretty hands and feet, but that's not the main reason.


Tang Tianyuan knew himself very well, he was not a lustful person; it was impossible for him to be so attracted to another just because of their appearance.

For example, one of the pastimes in the brothels was to let women toast guests by holding the wine glasses with their bare feet; there were many similar opportunities.

If he was really a greedy person, it was impossible for him to live until now and not tried ***.


If not this, then what


Tang Tianyuan had to admit that he didn't know either.


It turned out that the feeling of ‘like’ was so magical.

You don't know when and how you become concerned about that person.

And by the time you realize, it’s already too late.

That person lives in your heart like an uninvited guest.

Although they are an uninvited guest, they fit just perfectly, as if they belonged there in the first place.

Can't get rid of them, no way to drive them out... 


Her every move, every frown, and every smile implicated him.

Whenever he thought of her, his heart would feel slightly warm, as if bathing in a warm spring.

Whenever he saw her cry, his heart felt as if it was being twisted by giant hands, and it hurt so much that he could barely breathe.


That feeling… tsk tsk.


Tang Tianyuan raised his hand and stroked his heart, and then finally smiled.


But he soon stopped smiling.

Because when he turned left after exiting this place, he could see Tan Lingyin's ex-fiancé.

Generally, a person with high intelligence like Tang Tianyuan liked to think deeply about all matters.

Not to mention, her ex-fiancé took the initiative to come to the door; even if he was beaten to death, Tang Tianyuan would still refuse to believe this was sheer coincidence.


Since Tan Lingyin ran away from this marriage, meaning that she did not like Zhu Dacong, which put Tang Tianyuan at ease.

But now that he figured out this issue, he had already consciously pulled Tan Lingyin into his bowl.

Naturally, he would not be happy knowing that someone was converting her.


While contemplating on how to drive Zhu Dacong away, Zhou Zhengdao came to him.


Zhou Zhengdao brought a handwritten letter from the prefect.

This was the second letter the prefecture magistrate had written to him since the body was found in the mine.

Tang Tianyuan opened the letter in front of Zhou Zhengdao and read it.

The content was similar to the first letter.

It was nothing more than a kind greeting to him and a reminder to not bear any troubles by himself.

The letter mentioned that if anything came up, to discuss it with his overhead superior first, ect ect, but this time the tone was a lot softer.


Tang Tianyuan put away the letter and asked Zhou Zhengdao, "Any progress on identifying the bodies"


Zhou Zhengdao shook his head, "At present, none of the bodies have been claimed.

My lord, I think it's better to put the bodies to rest now."


Tang Tianyuan looked conflicted, "Alright.

It's just that so many people died.

If this official doesn't find the murderer and punish them severely, I would be ashamed for the Tongling’s people."


"Don't blame yourself, my Lord, since they aren’t locals."


Tang Tianyuan's eyes flashed.

"How do you know they are not from here"


"I..." Zhou Zhengdao’s mind quickly turned, "If they were locals, someone should have already come to claim the bones."


"That's true," Tang Tianyuan sighed, "But to find five bodies at once, it’s hard to tell if there are more.

If this official ignores this problem and the court finds out in the future, not to mention my black gauze hat, I'm afraid that the superiors’ positions will also be endangered."


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