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Tan Lingyin was really happy when she saw the food in her hometown.

She hurriedly cleaned her hands and started eating.


Tan Qingchen's sharp eyes pointed to her fingers: Your nails are too long, it's time to trim them.


Before Tan Lingyin could speak, Tan Qingchen pulled out a small nail clipper and nail file.

He sat down and pulled Tan Lingyin's left hand and began to fix her nails.


It's really touching to have such a caring brother.

Tan Lingyin looked at Qingchen's focused eyes while eating, and suddenly asked, "Qingchen, do you have a crush"


Tan Qingchen looked up at her, smiled, and nodded.

There was tenderness in his bright and clear eyes, and his face was slightly embarrassed.


Tan Lingyin was very surprised that her younger brother had a crush.

She, as the older sister, didn't even know it! She threw away the dessert and said in surprise, "Who is it Who Who Why didn't you tell me How about I go to a matchmaker to help you ask for marriage"


Tan Qingchen smiled and shook his head.


"Don’t want to say"


He nodded.




He shook his head again.


Tan Lingyin was helpless.

"Qingchen, tell me the truth.

Don't you want to marry her Is it because she’s from a noble family, you are afraid that you can’t match her status"


Tan Qingchen thought for a while, then stretched out his hand and gestured: I hope my crush can marry her crush.


"How do you know she doesn't like you"


Tan Qingchen bowed his head and did not respond this time.


He must have already been rejected.

Tan Lingyin didn't know that Qingchen already had a history of love, and he was still so infatuated...

She sighed and patted his head, "Fool."


Tan Qingchen smiled at her, and then went back to carefully trimming her nails.


Tang Tianyuan walked to the entrance of the South Study and saw the situation inside through the wide open courtyard door.

Tan Qingchen was actually playing with Tan Lingyin's hand and the latter was letting him do whatever so easily.

This sight made Tang Tianyuan feel as if the braised pork in his bowl was being poked by an irrelevant person.

Tang Tianyuan put on a long face and stared at Tan Lingyin.


His eyes were so intense that Tan Lingyin couldn't help noticing him, "Sir, you need something"


Tan Qingchen looked up at him, but then quickly immersed himself in his work.


Tang Tang also ignored him.


Tang Tianyuan was in disarray, "Tan Lingyin, follow me to the Retreat Hall."


"Right now"




"That urgent"




Tan Qingchen looked up at him again, this time his eyes were not very friendly.


Tan Lingyin stood up.

"Qingchen, I'll go over first, and I'll be back in a while.

You are here to play with Tang Tang.

Wait for me."


Tang Tianyuan saw Tan Qingchen put away the manicure tools and interjected, "Don't wait, it’ll take a while."


So Tan Lingyin could only let Qingchen go back first.

She followed Tang Tianyuan to the Retreat Hall, "Sir, what's the matter"


Tang Tianyuan was not in a hurry to mention the "urgent and important" matter, but said, "Your nails have to be trimmed by someone else You are quite pampered."


Tan Lingyin was stunned for a moment.

What is this What’s going on She replied, "Qingchen does a good job." She was impatient and her eyes weren’t good, so when she clipped her nails, it was quite rough.

She would then have to wait for her nails to smooth out in time, it was just not as good as Qingchen's work.


Tang Tianyuan obviously did not accept such a reason, "How can an unwed maiden have a skin-to-skin relationship with others so easily"


Why was he lecturing her Tan Lingyin was displeased, "You are too overbearing."


Tang Tianyuan frowned, "It’s scandalous for a girl to be so close to men all the time.

What kind of manners is that And that Zhu Dacong—"


When he mentioned Zhu Dacong, Tan Lingyin became a little irritable and interrupted him, "I'm happy and I’m willing!"


"You...!" Tang Tianyuan was also a little frustrated, "Why are you so stubborn" What exactly do I even like about you


Tan Lingyin gave him a big eye roll, "I'm just like this! You wanna bite"


Tang Tianyuan's pupils darkened.



Tan Lingyin: "..."


Tang Tianyuan stepped forward, lowered his head, and pressed his lips to hers.

He opened his mouth and bit her lower lip gently.

After biting, he lingered and rubbed her lips lightly with his teeth.


Tan Lingyin felt a sudden clap of thunder in her head.

Dumbfounded, her body remained as motionless as a wooden chicken.


He quickly let go of her.

Tang Tianyuan licked the corner of his mouth with a serious expression.

"You told me to bite."


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