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Tan Lingyin could not have imagined that Tang Feilong would do and say such a thing.

This shameless lecher!


Ashamed and annoyed, she raised her hand, ready to ‘greet’ his face without hesitation.


Tang Tianyuan grabbed her wrist and clasped it tightly.

He had made a quick move just now, but he realized that he was a little too hasty.

He can only be considered secretly in love with Tan Lingyin now, and judging from her reaction just now, Tan Lingyin doesn't seem to be enlightened.

Therefore, he feared that if this continued, it would only scare her away.


Tan Lingyin's eyes were wide open, and she could not wait to breathe out fire.


Tang Tianyuan was a little frustrated.

What to do She really didn’t seem to have any thoughts about him.


He had made a blunder and it aroused her disgust.

Tang Tianyuan narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "I'm teaching you a lesson, so you know what all men are like." In a hurry, he didn’t realize that he had also scolded himself.


"You, you..." Tan Lingyin's face turned pale with anger.

This scoundrel, dare try to reason after playing hooligans! She pulled her hand back hard.


Tang Tianyuan let go of her, "Don't overthink."


"Overthink your uncle!" Tan Lingyin had traveled far and wide, and learned a lot of village dialects.

Now that she was in a state of rage, she let out some crude profanities.


She rubbed her wrists and ran away.


Tang Tianyuan stood there, staring blankly at her departing back.

He realized that he had really fallen deep.

Even though she spoke foul language, he still thought she was quite cute.


He helplessly supported his forehead in thought.

He liked a girl, but this girl didn't like him.

Not only did she not like him, but Tan Lingyin also had entanglements with other men.

Tan Qingchen and Zhu Dacong.

It can be said that these two people have an advantage over him in terms of time.

Not only that, there was also Zheng Shaofeng, who has gained the admiration of Tan Lingyin under the pseudonym of Tang Tianyuan.

Although he had little contact with Tan Lingyin, he should not be underestimated.


These were just what he knew.

Tan Lingyin was the best at provoking trouble, and maybe someone else was also thinking of her...


Well, unexpectedly this girl was quite popular.


The more sought-after the goods, the quicker one must make their move.

Tang Tianyuan naturally knew this.

But, what should his first move be


Aside from his competitors and just focusing on Tan Lingyin, Tang Tianyuan really didn't know how to please a girl, and how to make this certain girl like him.


He had always been called a prodigy since he was a child.

He was able to remember and recite anything after reading anything once; exams were effortless smooth-sailing.

Entering the officialdom and navigating the different schemes and ideas of different nobles was also an unchallenging feat.

This was all through analysis; these all are skills and methods that could be understood and mastered.

Even in the midst of complex human relationships, as long as he probed their people's thoughts, analyzed their interests, and consolidated at every step, it was not difficult to deal with.


But he had never learned or understood how to please a woman.


Fortunately, Tang Tianyuan was not muddleheaded.

One of the basic principles of winning over people was ‘adapt to their fancy’.

Presumably, this method may also be applied when trying to please a woman.



On the other end, Tan Lingyin was currently cursing Tang Feilong while walking.  Whatever foul language she could think of, she would use.

She even hoped he would marry a tigress in the future.


To be honest, one shouldn’t blame her for being slow.

Right from the beginning, Tang Feilong persuaded her not to get close to men.

He then gave her an example, and warned her.

At first glance, he wanted to express, ‘All men are perverts.

You are too close to men, others will certainly belittle you, just like what I am doing to you now.

Anyway, I'm just giving you a piece of advice, no need for thanks.’


But even if he did it out of good intentions, from the results, he still ‘humiliated’ her.

It was only him!


Tan Lingyin rubbed her lips hard, but to no avail.

His breath seemed to seep into her lips and couldn't be wiped off at all.

She said to herself, "Just wait! Just wait for my revenge!"


But how to get revenge on him ‘Humiliate’ him back It was obvious that it would still be her loss...


Then was there another way It was hard to think of a revenge plan that could relieve her anger.


Maybe find a muscular man to peek at him taking a bath



Tan Lingyin felt chills just thinking of that scene.

Tang Feilong was not kind, but she can't be so inhuman.


Alas, how could she be so unlucky Tan Lingyin felt that her horoscope augurs ill this year.

Maybe it was necessary to go to a temple and ask for a talisman to supplement her luck.


So she wanted to go out and relax.

As soon as Tan Lingyin walked out of the gate of the county government office and turned right, she saw Zhu Dacong was standing in front of his jewelry store.

He was also looking her way.


In fact, with Tan Lingyin's eyes, she could only see that it was a person, she could not make out their face.

But she was guilt ridden and just assumed it to be Zhu Dacong, so she immediately turned around and returned to the county government office.


Zhu Dacong, on the other end, had a panoramic view of all this.

He was pleased to see Tan Lingyin so nervous.

It showed that his words had a great influence on her.


But he was unhappy to see her avoiding him


His servant came out from inside.

He held a black woolen cloak in his hands, and said, "Young Master, it's cold today, please add another layer."


Zhu Dacong looked at the entrance of the county government office and sighed.


The little servant knew what was on his mind and asked, "Young Master, may you like this humble one to send something to Head Commissioner Tan"


Zhu Dacong shook his head and smiled.

"One must loosen and tighten, so that there is a sense of relaxation.

If she’s held too tight and runs again, where can I find her then"


The servant quickly agreed.


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